From devotees’ diary – 2

Whatever I am writing and sharing with you all has become possible only because of the blessings of revered Babaji (Swamiji Shri Ajay ji). Doubtlessly, this is the fruit of His divine association which enlightened my heart and soul! Today I recall the fortunate moment when I was blessed with the golden opportunity to see His radiant visage for... Continue Reading →

कष्ट और गुरु!

जो कष्ट आये और ठहर जाये वो कष्ट कष्ट होता है ! जो कष्ट आकर कट जाये वो कष्ट कष्ट नहीं होता ! गुरु बिन ज्ञान नहीं ! गुरु कृपा से पहाड़ सा कष्ट भी पानी बन निकल जाता है!

From devotees’ diary – 1

'Her eyes will be beautiful' is what Swamiji said while I was still in the womb. My birth was a miracle indeed. My mother was in a very serious condition before and during my conception. Having suffered four miscarriages it was nothing but a miracle that she could conceive me. I believe I could not... Continue Reading →

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