From devotees’ diary – 2


Whatever I am writing and sharing with you all has become possible only because of the blessings of revered Babaji (Swamiji Shri Ajay ji). Doubtlessly, this is the fruit of His divine association which enlightened my heart and soul!

Today I recall the fortunate moment when I was blessed with the golden opportunity to see His radiant visage for the first time (in the beginning of 2003). At that time I was wandering aimlessly, desperately looking for directions and destinations, when Babaji bestowed his eternal grace on me! He held my hand and everything became calm and steady, stable and sound, with His loving and magical touch. The feeling is indescribable.

In the very first meeting he asked me ‘What do you want from me, my son?’ ‘Spontaneously I uttered, ‘Bhakti and Shakti (devotion and strength), Babaji.’ And to my surprise I was and am blessed abundantly with both.


Life is a mix of joys and sorrows. But in this phase of life I was going especially despaired. My wife has been suffering from severe ailment of kidney since 1994 (about 23 years now), a really long span of time. Both her kidneys are damaged. She is on hemodialysis (filtration of blood) since thirteen years. I have to take her to one of the most reputed hospitals in Delhi for dialysis at least ten times in a month. Undoubtedly, it is a costly affair and very time consuming also. In spite of the oddity of this chronic illness, my wife is leading a life as normal as any other human being. She is courageous and cheerful despite all the pain and problems. In the last few years her condition deteriorated badly and she came face to face with death many times, but the godly blessings of Babaji always saved her! In the history of medical science this is one of those rarest of the rare cases in India where a chronic patient like my wife has been surviving for more than 23 years with damaged kidneys.


I am reminded of another such miracle of Babaji which I would like to share. During this long illness my wife got another health hazard which worsened further and the attending doctor suggested removal of her uterus. When I made a mention of this before Babaji, His Holiness suggested me to consult some other more experienced doctor for the sake of second opinion. To our dismay the second doctor also suggested the same thing. Then Babaji asked us to perform some rituals and suggested a spiritual remedy. We followed all His instructions with utmost love and devotion. To my and everyone’s surprise my wife’s problem disappeared as if it never existed. What would you call this if not a ‘Miracle’, a divine, kind, loving miracle that none other than a self-realised godly soul– my Babaji– Swamiji Shri Ajay, could have made possible!

In the light of Babaji’s holy direction I have always been able to take right and timely decisions for my wife’s medical treatment. Only because of His grace she has been blessed with the courage to fight her physical challenges and keep her peace of mind and heart.

Whatever efforts I put in, for the betterment of my wife’s health, is my duty, but this fulfilment of duty has been made unerringly possible only because of Babaji’s unceasing support, His divine strength, His matchless inspiration, His affectionate care, His honest will for welfare of all alike, and His spirit of sacrifice for uplifting us mere mortals. I know it in my heart that Babaji takes all our pains and agonies on Himself (body, heart and soul) just to relieve us, and imparts comfort, joy and happiness to us always.

At every step in life I feel His presence by my side. There is not even a single moment, be it in sun or in rain, at home or away from home, morning or night, when I do not find Him by my side. I have immeasurable faith in Him, in His divine powers, which He uses to heal us of all the sufferings of life and guide us in afterlife, and this is the one and only mission of Babaji’s life.

As learnt from Babaji, I believe, when we have a family it becomes our responsibility to dedicatedly carry out all our duties towards every member young or old. We ought to take care of our parents, children, wife and all other members. We must try to provide them with all necessary comforts and look after them to the best of our ability. At the same time we must take care of our body too, which is, in fact, a temple where our soul resides.


Just remembered another incident, it was the month of August in 2004 and my wife was to be taken to the hospital for regular dialysis. The hospital was 20 kilometres from my house and the time slot given to us for her dialysis was 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. A dialysis session takes about 4 hours, and my presence as an attendant is a must in the hospital. Co-incidentally on the same day and time I had to reach a government office before 10.30 a.m.  to submit my tender application. For a moment I was in a big fix,- what to do? Both the tasks were very extremely important. It was an important tender and a matter of livelihood! Needless to say, Babaji came to my rescue for this predicament too. I meditated and asked Babaji silently in the heart of my heart. I immediately got the answer and the next moment I left for the hospital for my wife’s dialysis.

The dialysis started and a natural tension started growing in me for the submission of that important tender. I sat in my car in the parking of the hospital. It was almost 10 a.m. and I sat in the state of meditation, praying and seeking the blessing of Babaji for setting everything right. I felt a intense flow of positive energy and assurance deep inside my heart. After 25 minutes I had a strong yet unexplainable urge to call and apologize to the concerned government department for not submitting my tender in spite of complete preparations. I called, and to my utter surprise I was informed by the tender department that the deadline for the submission of tender had been extended till 3.30 p.m. owing to unavoidable reason!

After the dialysis, we reached home at 12.30 p.m. and after having a quick lunch I reached the venue to submit the tender very well in time.

*It is very important to share with you all that the time for tender submission usually remains fixed under normal circumstances, with few to nil exceptions. The reason why this delay happened is -‘My Babaji’! As always, He was taking care of my welfare in those trying moments too.* While I was lost in meditative trance in my car I had positive vibes of my beloved Babaji. He instructed my subconcious to ring and talk to the tender department. It wasn’t some co-incidence, as most people would think. It was my Babaji’s love and care for a simple devotee like me. His divine grace made everything favourable for me. Even today I can’t forget those moments. They are as vivid and clear in front of eyes as if it were just yesterday that I was sitting in my car, contemplating on Him! My Babaji has really filled even the minutest pore of me with endless joy and happiness, and has enriched and elevated me in every way. With every breath I take I wish to express my gratitude to His holiness!


Another experience of my life:

My son was in the first year of B.Tech. at a renowned engineering college in Uttrakhand. He fell ill there and since hilly areas of Uttrakhand did not have advance medical facilities, his condition kept worsening in spite of treatment. We had to shift him to a hospital in Delhi. Although the tests did not indicate any serious complication, his condition was worsening. Despite doctors’ best efforts there were no signs of improvement in his health. I was anxious and my wife and family were really worried. All through this difficult period Babaji was in touch with me even in the odd hours of midnight till dawn. He kept tight vigil in His own mysterious ways, and stood like a mountain that shielded me and my family from all metaphorical storms, negativity and evil forces.

He guided me to perform some ritualistic measures and I followed all the directions of Babaji faithfully. No sooner had I done that, that my son started showing signs of improvement and after few days he was completely cured and discharged from the hospital. His cure from something that couldn’t even be diagnosed properly, remains a mystery even today for those who are yet to meet a self-realised soul! Only we know that a divine soul alone could have done this!

I owe the life of my son to the godly soul that my Babaji is, who incessantly kept on sending his life’s savings (and no, I don’t mean the one we have in banks), and sacred vibes to the victimized being of my son and finally endowed him with even better than before health. Such is the magnanimity of Babaji. He cures and heals all those who come to Him. Anyone who surrenders to Him is blessed forever! Babaji keeps showering his blessings not only on His disciples, but their kin and kin alike too.


I would like to share another instance of his benevolence which goes like this:

My sister-in-law (bhabhi, wife of my elder brother) was diagnosed with some nasal disease which ran upto her brain. According to the doctors one side of her brain was choked 50 percent. Considering her ailment the doctors advised a surgery of nose and brain. She was frightened and entire family was concerned about her health. My elder brother started making arrangements for her surgery.

Amidst all this, I tried to talk to my bhabhi and brother about the healing powers of Babaji and fortunately they felt inspired to seek His blessings on this critical medical issue. I accompanied them to His holy abode. My Babaji is Kalpataru, ever giving, ever loving! Anyone who comes to His durbar is blessed! Their problems disappear instantly.

First question Babaji asked my Bhabhi was whether she had ever sneezed. “No–never”, was her reply. My bhabhi had never sneezed in last 27 years (27 years since we became family). Surprisingly, though we live in joint family, none of us ever noticed this! Babaji made some more enquiries and then as usual He very politely and calmly prescribed her some herbs and natural therapy. His Holiness asked her to perform some spiritual and ritualistic remedy through cathartic means. After few days she began to sneeze like people normally do. She is much better now and many months have passed, and she did not have to go through any nose/brain surgery. Since then she has been leading a happy normal life. She owes her good health to the mystical and curing powers of Babaji.


There are countless such experiences I have had in the divine association of my incomparable Babaji, few of which I have shared with you. I can go on and on about Him, tirelessly. Even talking about Him and contemplating on Him makes me ecstatic.


I feel obliged to share some of Babaji’s teachings and more here:

  • Body is the dwelling place of soul and soul is the abode of God. Therefore, it is our sacred duty to keep our body neat, clean, fragrant and healthy, where the supreme Commander, the Almighty resides. He is always present in our innermost self.
  • God is invisible but ever present in us, like butter in milk! When we churn milk/curd arduously, we are rewarded with butter. In the same way when we churn our soul with the churing rod of fervent guru bhakti, sincere prayers, good deeds and service to humanity, God appears and quenches our thirst for wisdom, and calms our restless heart and soul with His grace. But this holy union with God is possible only by absolute devotion towards one’s Guru, like my Babaji, who is blessed with divine powers and guides us towards the enlightened path. My soul is ever committed to the service of my Babaji who is always guiding and preparing me for that ultimate union, the supreme bliss!
  • My Babaji leads a very simple life. He does not own a huge hermitage or a large house. He is the ultimate embodiment of love and simplicity, and lives in a small sparsely furnished room where He sits in meditative trance for hours, with His gaze Godwards and with the divine ability of becoming one with Omnipresent by dissolving his existence like a river in an ocean, like an ice cube in water. He never attends worldly functions like marriages, birthday parties, celebrations or even funerals. He takes very simple food in small quantities to abide by the laws of nature. He does not read books, newspapers, magazines and is does not use modern gadgets or technology, yet He knows everything. I have had the ultimate fortune of spending many days and nights in His divine association and have closely observed all above mentioned facts.


Some very interesting and meaningful sermons of Babaji:

  • Every morning, as soon as you get up, should pay obeisance to the ‘Mother Earth’ because she provides us with everything we need for our life here.
  • Every work should be done with utmost dedication and interest. This way your self-confidence can be honed.
  • Parents are the first teachers of a newly born, and as the child grows, he comes in contact with his Acharya/Guru or mentor who guides him towards the right path. The mentor educates him, trains him and establishes this delicate child into a mighty tree, standing tall against all that is wrong! Therefore, always respect your parents and elders. Always keep your mentor in your heart and soul. It is our mentor/guru only who enlightens the dark corners of our life.
  • When you were born, you were delicate and helpless. You were given nourishment, provided education and made capable of creating a life for yourself. You ought to be vigilant and protect your own rights along with the rights of your family and society. Life has blessed us with so many things. Therefore, it is our moral duty to do something for the welfare of society and this world. Always keep this in mind!
  • The past is gone and it cannot be undone. The future is uncertain. We know our present to a great extent because everything is taking place before our eyes. Therefore, live in present considering it to be the best time and strive for its perfection!
  • Day dreaming does not serve any purpose! Be constructive. This beautiful life is slipping like sand from our hands while we are busy building air castles. We are not gaining anything from it. Come out of the imaginary unreal world and do something  meaningful and constructive to realize your dreams.
  • Everybody should work hard and on the task more than the outcome. If you gain something desirable thence, enjoy it fully. If you dont, still try leading your life happily and thanking God for what you already have. Life goes on no matter what! ‘Time and tide wait for none’, we should not stop living because of an unfulfilled desire, instead we should try making most of what we have.
  • Sometimes we have difference of opinion with others. One mustn’t start arguing over such things. Rather its always better to speak less, listen more and understand most. Be soft spoken and polite with a pleasing demeanour. Do not indulge yourself in excessive argument with anyone. First listen to others, think through everything deeply and only then make comments. As the saying goes ‘First weigh, then say’.
  • Dont be an escapist, i.e. do not run away from the vicissitudes of life, instead, face them boldly. Try to understand the nature of the problem logically and you will be able to resolve it. This will also fuel your self-confidence and you will gradually rise in life. Do not forget ‘Quitters can never be winners’.
  • The hardships of life makes one strong! The one who bears and perseveres in the journey of life, ultimately becomes victorious and successful. Success and failures are 2 sides of the same coin, in this case called ‘life’, and anyone who works hard, dedicatedly, in spite of repeated failures, eventually makes his mark.
  • Harsh and bitter words certainly wound our heart and soul and sometimes result into resentment towards the speaker. It is very natural but we should not allow the bitter feeling to stay in our heart for long, it should be momentary otherwise it will rob us of our mental peace and paralyse us with anxiety. This prolonged condition makes us  victims of stress and depression. Therefore, bitter feelings or any kind of resentment must be given up sooner rather than later. It is indeed a rule to live by! By doing so, we benefit ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • The treasure of education and knowledge can neither be destroyed nor stolen. Therefore, strive to achieve the highest in education. Education plays the most significant role in establishing our identity. Keep yourself neat and clean. Maintain good hygiene and pay attention to your surroundings. Contribute towards environmental causes in anyway possible. Do plant a few saplings which will grow into mighty and shady trees one day for the welfare of this planet.
  • Earn money, be wealthy, spend it on your family, but don’t forget to spend some part of your earnings for the less fortunate people, for the upliftment of society. God helps those who help the needy!
  • Every breath which comes in and goes out just re-emphasizes God’s existence. Always remember Him and be thankful, be ever grateful for His generosity and kindness. Let the indelible imprint of Almighty be felt in every pore of your body, heart and soul in every living moment.


Whatever I have said about Babaji is barely enough description of His Godly personality. Words cannot describe His magnificence and glory. He is a reservoir of wisdom. He is the lighthouse which shows path to the wandering boats and ships of mere mortals like us.

He is like Pole Star which prevents the sailors who have set on the journey of life, from going astray. He is unique and matchless in his divinity. When He addresses or speaks, He drenches us with the shower of His holy insights. His words mesmerise me and I find myself lost in the fragrant valley of ecstatic bliss. In his association I feel the presence of God. His presence and his holy words make me experience what a pilgrim might feel on sacred journey. I have found the blessings of all religions’ through heavenly glimpses of all gods and goddesses and holy places, in lotus feet.

My wandering soul has become, calm, pacified and peaceful since I have surrendered to Him completely. He has taught me the art of living peacefully and joyfully even in the face of hardships. Every moment of my life is full of joy, happiness and peace now.

In nutshell, I have surrendered myself heart, mind, body and soul, to the worship of my Babaji. Every breath I take, is given by Him and is devoted to Him. I feel myself to be His humble servant and it is His generosity that he has accepted me as his disciple. For me, He is like a banyan that shelters me from the scorching heat of life. He is the oasis where I have quenched my spiritual thirst. Nothing I write can ever do justice in describing who He is and what He means to me.

He is an ocean of love, peace, compassion, kindness and generosity and I am just a rivulet desperate to merge and be one with Him. I adore my Babaji Swamiji Shri Ajay ji more than I can express. He is far from petty worldly desires like name and fame and is an epitome of simple living and high thinking. He is silently busy in healing everyone, devotee or not, alike.


Jai Babaji Swamiji Shri Ajay!

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  1. Truth from a devotee.
    The devotion is way to reach into the lotus feet of Enlightened soul Swamiji

  2. Rightly said – “He is silently busy in healing everyone”
    Swami ji leads us to the right path at every moment of life
    Grateful for being in contact with such a divine figure….

  3. प्यार,सम्मान, आत्मविश्वास और आस्था का जीवन्त स्वरूप है हमारे स्वामीजी ।

  4. Yes we are fortunate enough to be under the umbrella of Swamiji’s blessings, love and care. In 2016 I was also facing a difficult situation totally helpless and Swamiji brought me out monitoring every minute to minute detail.
    I have no words to describe Swamiji’s grace on us.
    Thank you Swamiji 🙏🏻😊

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