From devotees’ diary – 3


When God is pleased, He comes in contact with us in the form of Sadguru. We (me and my family), are a few of those blessed ones to find God in the form of a Guru.

Swamy ji, as our Guru’s devotees call Him with great love & respect, is one of those great saints, who selflessly devoted His life to the spiritual upliftment of those, who really want to know about God. He never performs miracles to attract people, but He does miracles that touch the hearts of His devotees and cure ailments of any kind.

Our family was first introduced to Ajai Swamy ji by one of our family friends. Instantly, we realized that we’ve found our Guru. That moment was a turning point in our lives, although we were unaware of it at that time! Over two decades have passed since then; day by day, it has changed our lives for the better.

Though we belong to South India, we had been in Delhi over three decades. After a decade or so, we had the divine opportunity of meeting Swamy ji. At that time myself, my husband and our 3 children – Son and twin daughters, were all alone in Delhi with little worldly knowledge and without any elderly support. We were a confused and worried about life in north India, where the customs, language, traditions, weather, etc. are very much different. But, after we met our Guru ji, slowly one after the other, all our fears, troubles and worries vanished unnoticed. We found a new zeal and strength to lead a life full of energy. Happy and content smiles have become our permanent assets.

Our son was around 8 years and daughters around 4 – 5 years, when we first met Swamy ji. He is full of love and affection towards our children. We used to sing devotional Bhajans, which He likes very much. He guided us in every aspect of our lives. He used to assure us that He will always take full care of our family and see that nothing untoward happens in our lives. How can we express our gratitude to Him!


Once, we (five) were travelling in an auto-rickshaw on the busy Ring road, when suddenly, the driver informed us that the breaks have failed. We were so terrified that we did not know what to do. But, miraculously, the auto rickshaw stopped, as the driver somehow managed to put the vehicle behind a standing bus in a Bus stop. Not a scratch to any of us, including the driver!! Nothing, but Guru’s KRIPA saved us from what could have been a great mishap.


On another occasion, I was away from Delhi to attend a function in Hyderabad. My husband and son were in Delhi. At that time, a theft took place in our house. Gold and silver articles worth few lakhs were taken in that heist! Immediately, I rang up Swamy ji to inform about this incidence. After a moment of silence, He told me ‘not to worry at all as prosperity worth more than this loss is on its way to us’. In a week’s time, my son got a new job with a quantum jump in his salary. How could this be possible, but for Swamy ji’s blessings !!


At the time of my son’s marriage, my only brother-in-law (my husband’s younger brother) was seriously ill. We were very much worried about the situation and sought the blessings of Swamy ji. He assured us that He will take care of everything and made us to proceed with the marriage arrangements. Not only the marriage function went on well, but also the event on the 16th day of the marriage (according to the south Indian custom) was performed uninterruptedly. Unfortunately, my brother-in-law passed away the next day, i.e., on 17th day after the marriage. How was it possible and whose divine hands were on us??


Due to Swamy ji’s blessings, our three children are happily married and settled in life. Now, after my husband’s retirement, we are back to Hyderabad to join our children. Although we miss Swamy ji’s physical presence, we took this move as it was His order and follow it whole-heartedly. But, at every opportune time, we make it a point to visit Delhi and seek His blessings.

Now, with our hearts filled with Guru’s BHAKTI, we are happily and contentedly proceeding on the path of spiritualism.


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  1. Once we come in touch of Sadguru, our life begin to flow in right and meaningful direction.

  2. Very touching story. Swamiji’s grace is on all of us and we do feel it at every point of our lives.
    Such is the love of our Divine mother, constantly protecting us and giving us strength to fight any situation.

  3. Beautiful instance of the divinity😃
    Shield of our Swami ji keeps our fears at bay…….

  4. वैद्य वनस्पति को पहचान कर औषधी बना देते है, गुरू शिष्यों की जिग्यासा को पहचान कर उसे भक्ति मार्ग पर अग्रसर कर देते है,
    सदगुरू भक्ति को अपनी शक्ति देकर शिष्यों को मुक्ति (मोक्ष्) की ओर ले जाते है ।

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