“Have we ever given a thought to the extremely important role that our ‘charan’ … our ‘Feet’ play in our lives ? Why are the ‘Holy Feet’ of ‘mahapurush’ worshipped?”

Swamiji says… " None of us have any memory of the day, the moment, when we had taken our first baby steps, and after many failed and successful attempts, had gradually learned to walk. The excitement and joy that had been derived by the elders of our family during those moments is reflected as they... Continue Reading →

” Do not blindly believe everything that your eyes see, and, all that your ears hear …Aankhon dekhi , kanno suni har baat par, bina parkhey , bina jaane vishwas nahi karna chahiye…”

Swamiji says … "Your eyes and ears open the doors and windows of your vision and mind, and introduce you to the sights and sounds of the world in which you are born. Your eyes see your loving parents who have given birth to you and all the other people who love you and take... Continue Reading →

“Rise above the dominance of your taste-buds, your palate…and your selfishness. Life has much more to offer than just these weaknesses !” ” Jeeb ke swaad… aur apne swaarth se upar utho…”

Swamiji says … "Time is flying by and you are on a roller-coaster called 'life' - fast paced, demanding, and grueling… oscillating between time and your desires; between family , friends and foes. In this lifetime of yours you try to do everything that mostly - 'only' gratifies your senses. Do you devote a few... Continue Reading →

“Respect, value and treasure your parents, elders and grand-parents. Cherish their presence in your life, their advice and opinions.”

Swamiji says… "Neglect, Humiliate, Insult, Mock, Avoid…Ridicule! Just imagine how traumatized and saddened you’d feel if you were made to literally experience any of these negative terms, in your home, by your loved ones. This is exactly what is happening in most of our homes today, where old parents - whose longevity has increased with... Continue Reading →

“The world would be a beautiful place to live in if our intention and motive is always good and pure …” “Niyat saaf , toh jag bhi saaf…”

"The society in which we live, unfortunately, measures us on a scale of materialism today, and discusses in hushed tones an individual's status, his financial worth, market value; whether he is affluent or not ? Can he be bought? Can his 'conscience' be sold? We are looked upon as objects now as we have changed... Continue Reading →

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