“Rise above the dominance of your taste-buds, your palate…and your selfishness. Life has much more to offer than just these weaknesses !” ” Jeeb ke swaad… aur apne swaarth se upar utho…”

Swamiji says …

“Time is flying by and you are on a roller-coaster called ‘life’ – fast paced, demanding, and grueling… oscillating between time and your desires; between family , friends and foes. In this lifetime of yours you try to do everything that mostly – ‘only’ gratifies your senses. Do you devote a few seconds of your frenetic day in trying to understand the significance, the purpose of your birth? Do you have an aim in life or have you made up your mind to be aimless and waste away this golden opportunity of discovering who you are? Are you so busy in dreaming of scaling ‘materialistic’ heights that you forget to bow your head while crossing a temple, a mosque, a church, a gurudwara. Is it a case of – No time for The Divine.”

“I feel sorry to say that some people are so governed and controlled by their palate, that all they can think of is food and eating. They live to eat, expel excreta from their bodies and eat again. At times, a ninety year old person’s impulse and desire to eat is so strong, that the vice like grip that it has on his palate, prevents him from thinking of anything but food, and eating all the time. As he is unable to think of anything else apart from this, the end result is that – his mind also starts functioning like that of a ten year old child. Couldn’t he have improved his habits before being enslaved by his taste-buds and his tongue that was constantly craving for tasty food? Is this why God had given him a ‘manushya yoni’ in this birth? To waste it away? Couldn’t he have been judicious enough earlier? Taken some reformatory steps early on to save himself from the sad state in which he finds himself now. Unki ‘buddhi’ ko kya ho gaya tha tab?”

“Another detrimental feature raising its ugly head amongst most of us today is ‘swaarth’ – selfishness. It appears that we are ‘so clear’ about what we want that ‘everything’ and ‘all’ that we do is done with the intent of serving our primary vested interests first. Our behavior, inter-action and attitude with different people varies. We use sugar-coated words while speaking with people who could benefit us in some way and think we can wriggle our way through any situation with our smooth talk. Our honey laced words prove to be deceitful and over a period of time – ‘humare swaarthi shabd humein hi gumraah karde tein hain’. These glib talkers otherwise have the gall to abuse a ‘nek insaan’ in everyday life situations. An attentive, docile waiter in a restaurant can be pulled up by them and made to feel like a worm for serving them food that was not palatable. A hard – working parking attendant can be thrashed verbally for not attending to them and allotting them a parking space immediately. The society in which we live is willing to bury a good person, even a ‘sachcha sant’ under the earth by fabricating ‘wise’ reasons known only to it. If this world in which we live not dirty, then what is it?”

“Young couples married for a long period of time…six to ten years, refuse to have children as they are busy indulging themselves and only themselves constantly – their ambitions, their professional and personal goals; and are in a way acting against the very spirit of Mother Nature. Man was born to procreate. What is making us so selfish now? Would these very individuals have seen the light of day on Mother Earth, if their parents had adopted the same mentality, and given preference to their own priorities instead of giving birth to them and sacrificing selflessly for them? It is very disturbing to see such dark, negative trends developing in society; but, who is to be blamed? Are the parents to be blamed for their inability to comprehend what is that they wanted from life, and define how much is too much? Perhaps they ran helter-skelter in all directions … running for that ‘something’ about which they were clueless and now the children too are following suit.”

” It is time for us to retrace our steps from the wrong direction in which we have wandered, maybe unknowingly, and begin a confident walk on the path of selflessness and self-control.”

22 thoughts on ““Rise above the dominance of your taste-buds, your palate…and your selfishness. Life has much more to offer than just these weaknesses !” ” Jeeb ke swaad… aur apne swaarth se upar utho…”

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  1. We need to refresh and learn the basic rules again…thanku Swamiji for guiding us🙏🙏🙏

  2. Amazing Wisdom, as usual, Swamiji.!!
    Thanks a ton for reminding me again..and again..and again..

    Am obliged..
    Every day is better…
    Love you Swamiji

  3. In present materialistic world, we are are running blindly for our selfishness.
    We can walk unselfishly on true path under the guidance of Swamiji….Life will be full of blessings, grace and gratitude.

    1. *इज्जत और तारीफ*
      *मांगी नही जाती है*
      *कमाई जाती है*

      *नेत्र केवल दृष्टि प्रदान*
      *करते है*
      *परंतु हम कहाँ क्या देखते है*
      *यह हमारे मन की भावना*
      *पर निर्भर है*

  4. Thank you Swamiji for enlightening us with some of the key learnings of life: Self discovery, Attitude of Gratitude, Being a Giver, Being Selfless, Rising above beyond physical & materialistic boundaries, and most important the contentment & self-control.

  5. Samay samay per hamlogo ko sachhi rah dikhane ke liye swamiji ko koti koti Naman
    Pranam swamiji

  6. We must pause and start putting some time , everyday , in His name.
    We must meditate on Him everyday , regularly.
    Our Gurumaa will take care of everything else.
    Aum Swami Shri Ajay Guru Devaya Namah.

  7. हम किस ओर जा रहे है? हमारी पीढ़ी किस रास्ते पर चल पड़ी है? बस भ्रम है स्वयं को ज्यादा समझदार मानने का। ऊँची उड़ान के लिऐ नयी पीढ़ी त्याग कर रही है संतान के न पैदा करने का और सारा सामर्थ्य लगा रही है भौतिक सुखों के अर्जन करने में। हम भूल जाते हैं कि इकट्ठे किऐ गये भौतिक साधनों का भोग कौन करेगा? त्याग करें विषयों का, त्याग करें जरूरत से अधिक भौतिक साधनों को जुटाने का।हम ईश्वर की संरचना हैं और आगे भी अनवरत बनाना है, सनातन बनाऐ रखना है। स्वामी जी का संदेश हमारी आँखें खोलता है।
    स्वामी जी के चरणों में नमन करता हूँ।

  8. Jai gurudev.what a beautiful message once again. It’s really a pleasure to have a guru like you. Who is always showing the right path and a good way of leading life. I totally agree with you that we all are born with a purpose in life as discussed with u earlier God has sent us into this world to do something unique in life which is called our purpose. Being ur daughter I totally follow this rule and never forget that I have been bought into this world with a purpose in life, which I always do teaching, helping the needy, solving others problems, doing sewa which is been instilled by you. These 25yrs of my life with u has changed the perspective of my life. I am really greatful n blessed to have a such a compassionate guru, who has always been part of my life and has transformed 360degrees. Let’s all concentrate on gurujis teachings and do wonders in this world as we all have some purpose or the other. Let’s not concentrate on the materialistic World. Let’s use our potential to do our best to serve our guru by using our lives to prove our purpose, which will really bring him happiness n feel proud of his children n family. His each word is valuable n have a deeper meaning which one realizes when one listens to him carefully n follow him. I am really blessed to have Swamiji in life, as it is incomplete without him. I am like a fish who is swimming in the ocean, he is the source of my life who has taught me how to survive n swim in his love filled ocean and always taught me how to survive. Without his guidance my life would have been impossible n incomplete. He is the world to me. My day starts with him n ends with him. Thank you soooooo much Swamiji for showering ur blessings. Aap ko koti koti Pranam.

  9. “Time is flying by”….जी हाँ,समय किसी के लिए व किसी कारण वश रुकता नहीं ।ईश्वर ही काल स्वरूप है । वो महाकाल है । समय को व्यर्थ गवाने का मतलब ईश्वर का तौहीन करना ही है ।इस मनुष्य योनि का परमार्थ है ईश्वर को पाना,स्वयं को जानना।
    In hindu dharm, the one and only reason for marriage is to take the ‘vamsh’ further by having offspring. As Swamiji said, nowadays no one is thinking in that connection. People should realize and act accordingly. घर चलाने के लिए व आराम से जीवन बिताने के लिए जितना जरुरी पैसे कमाना सही है। पर पैसे कमाने के चक्कर में और career को बढ़ाने के चक्कर में बच्चे पैदा ना करना गलत है । मानव यौनि मिलना बहुत दुर्लभ है । इसे यूँ ही गवाना मूर्खता है। पता नहीं,फिर कितने जन्मों में यह मानव यौनि प्राप्त होगी। इसे ईश्वर चिंतन में सार्थक बनाना है। इसकेलिए पहला इन्द्रियों को control में रखना पडेगा। जीभ को सर्व प्रथम काबू में लाना होगा। नियम के अनुसार खाना, स्वच्छ खाना, अच्छा खाना, सात्विक खाना,कम खाना …with practice one can attain this.
    एक बार कांची महा स्वामी श्री चन्द्रसेकरेंद्र सरस्वती किसी व्यंजन को पसंद किया था। तुरंत यह बात सब भक्तों में फैल गई,और बहुत ज्यादा मात्रा में उस पदार्थ का आश्रम में ढ़ेर लग गया। यह देखकर स्वामी बहुत दुखी हो गये। एक सन्यास होके खुद जीभ को control नहीं कर सका सोच के उनहोंने एक पूरा हफ्ता अपने जीभ में गाय का गोबर को लगाके रखा था। अन्न का एक दाना भी नहीं ग्रहण किया । इससे हमें सीख लेना चाहिए ।
    One should be very kind towards servants and subordinates. If we ill-treat them, the fruit of the act will bounce back to us in manifold.
    May Swamiji give strength to all of us to take right steps all the time!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  10. As Swamiji says, self realization is extremely important to reach the ultimate goal of merging with Paramathma… for this, first step is to start understanding oneself by focusing on inner conscience… to cultivate it, we need to get rid of selfishness and start looking yourself in others… this will enable us to get rid of “I” and replace with “We” factor and eventually opening the door of enlightenness… let’s all practice and enjoy the bliss under Swamiji’s guidance… jai Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha

  11. Another marvellous message by our beloved Swamiji. This is not only for the youngsters, but also to the elders (parents) for guiding the younger generation to follow the path shown by Swamiji.

    Thank you very much Swamiji for enlightening us.

    🙏🙏🙏ॐ स्वामी श्री अजय गुरूदेवाऐ नम: 🙏🙏🙏

  12. Self control and praying to divine is the key to happiness. Well said and guided by our dear Swamiji. Jai gurudev.

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