“The world would be a beautiful place to live in if our intention and motive is always good and pure …” “Niyat saaf , toh jag bhi saaf…”

“The society in which we live, unfortunately, measures us on a scale of materialism today, and discusses in hushed tones an individual’s status, his financial worth, market value; whether he is affluent or not ? Can he be bought? Can his ‘conscience’ be sold? We are looked upon as objects now as we have changed ourselves drastically. Mean, emotionless and materialistc. ”

“Sadly, there are hundreds and thousands of educated ‘conscience holders’ like us; who, rather than not indulging in any activity that could cast a shadow and scar their conscience forever … readily ‘sell’ their ‘conscience’ to the highest bidder without any resistance. And gullible and foolish that we are, we fall prey to this ‘social syndrome’, in our urgency and desperation to prove to the world that we are no less than the other richie rich. We show our willingness to touch the lowest and darkest depths of corrupt practices and crime, in order to make quick money. We adopt any short- cut to rub shoulders with the rich and powerful at any cost, as we convince ourselves that the manner in which we make money is immaterial, we simply have to make money – ‘aur is tarah humaari niyat mein khot aa jaata hai’.”

” In order to climb the rungs of the social ladder, in order to meet our unlimited expenditure, to maintain our pretentious, ostentatious lifestyle, to accumulate and amass wealth, we become unscrupulous and, without batting an eyelid, resort to looting, fooling , both, people and the organizations that we work in. Believe me, once we feel that we have been successful in fooling a simple, hapless person… and fleecing his home from him or his entire lifetime’s earnings or savings, we gain a sense of false confidence in our ability to take away everything from individuals who had blindly trusted us with everything that they had rightfully believed to be their own. In addition, we gradually become masters of this crafty art and start hunting for our next prey without as much as turning around to see the anguish and pain that we have caused the individuals who we have fooled. The victims, unable to endure the emotional trauma of seeing us destroy the faith that they had in us, and the tension of whether they would receive a part payment of the land/house deal or not, the unending tragic events that follow such hardships, compel them to end their lives by committing suicide.”

“Humaari niyat … Our intention, our motive from the very beginning was layered with greed and caprice. We hungered to take away everything that belonged to the other person…his property, his money, any other profitable asset either by force, forgery or any other fraudulent tactic. We play with the emotions of others in a cold emotionless manner. And we call ourselves human beings.”

‘Niyat mein barkat honi chahiye…!’ When you help another person or do something for him, you should do it with the sole intention of helping him without expecting anything in return. Such selfless acts are always rewarded by Him.”

“We are living in a state of blind ignorance if we think even for a minute that money made by us in this manner will benefit us in any way at all. This money will be the cause of our downfall one day, but by then it will be too late for us to make amends. Rather, we should be prepared to face hardships and calamities that we solely have created for ourselves by our whimsical, mindless acts of greed.”

” It is possible for only a true saint … a ‘sachcha sant’ to bear the consequences of such fraud and fraudsters as He is only interested in matters related to His soul…and He alone has the ability to forgive and not bear a grudge against all those who had hood-winked and deceived Him.He takes the loss in his stride without complaining. Ordinary people find it very difficult to rise from the debris of the destruction of their dreams.”

26 thoughts on ““The world would be a beautiful place to live in if our intention and motive is always good and pure …” “Niyat saaf , toh jag bhi saaf…”

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    1. *आत्मा और परमात्मा के रिश्ते के सिवाय।*दूसरा।*
      *कोई भी रिश्ता सदा के लिए नहीं होता।*

      1. *संघर्ष थकाता ज़रूर है,*
        *पर हमें सुंदर भी बनाता है;*
        *अंदर से मजबूत भी।*

  1. Very true Swamyji. Bas Aadmi ka NIYAT theek hona chaahiye, baaki sab apne aap theek hojaayenge.🙏🙏🙏

  2. True our intentions (Niyat) should always be clear!!
    Om Shri Swami Ajaye Gurudevaye Namah 🙏🙏🙏

  3. Intention and act are two things correlated to each other. Any act done with good intention always gives us peace and satisfaction, and every sane
    person knows the intention of their act.
    यदि हम साफ़ नीयत से कोई काम करते हैं तो उसका परिणाम भी अच्छा मिलता है ।
    प्रणाम स्वामीजी 🙏🏻

  4. Intentions should always be helpful, serving for true cause and assisting to downtrodden.
    Marvel guidance , Jai Swami ji

  5. आप ठगाये सुख उपजे और ठगे दुःख होय।
    स्वामी जी के चरणों में नमन करता हूँ।

  6. आप की कृपा बानी रहे, हमारी नियत सच्ची रहे,
    हम किन्ही गलत कर्मों में भागिदार ना बनें, ऐसी कृप दृष्टि आपकी हम सब पर बानी रहे, स्वामीजी

    आप को कोटि नमन स्वामीजी

  7. Beautiful phrase… keep intentions and thoughts pure, do good deeds and nature reciprocates its kindness by elevating you high enough to follow your paths… with Swamiji’s blessings let’s try to imbibe it… Jai Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha

  8. Pranam Swamiji. Beautiful n heart touching words. It’s soo true if our intention is clear everything seems to be beautiful. Bura jo dekhan mein Challa, Bura na milya koye jo dill khoja apna, mujhhey Bura na koye. Kitna Satya. Aap ney meri gyanendriyo ko aur ujjala dey diya hai. If we really see ourselves if we stop criticizing others, n looking others n competing with them. Our lives will become very simpler n better. For this we need to clear n clean our subconscious n conscious mind. We need to see positive in every body. Swamiji since the day i have learnt Sooo many things. Everyday is a new day for me. Everyday is a new experience for me. I am really blessed to have a such a wonderful guru in my life who is constantly working on us n enlighting us. Fortunate are those who visit ur Darbar n bow their heads on ur lotus feet. Once we do that I am sure everybody is blessed in abundance. I am sure I will walk only on what you preach as Bhakti mein hee Shakti hai. Aur aap ho tu Kya dukh hai. Prabhu keep on showering ur blessings on me n my family. Shath Shath kotti Pranam.
    Aapki Betti.

  9. “नीयत साफ है तो बरकत है”
    कितने अच्छे शब्द हैं!!!अच्छे नीयत से ही इस संसार चलता है न! अच्छी नीयत से ईश्वर की कृपा बरसती है ।
    Some people do charity for attaining self praise. Their intention is not pure. If we do charity, we should do it with utmost humility. We should think that it is a golden opportunity given by God to be kind towards those who are less fortunate.
    Swamiji said many a times that…”in this janam one maybe a Rajkumar. But who knows in a different janam he may be a pauper. So, one should not be proud of his wealth. If you have more than your needs, give it immediately in charity. This is the way to liberation. ”
    I bow my head before Swamiji, who put all of us in the right path that leads us to our ultimate goal. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  10. Any act done with pure intentions will give us a good night’s sleep.. If we go wrong in any of our deeds, our conscience will tell us at some point and that’s when we should immediately act upon to correct it. Situations arise where we are confused and think if we are doing right or wrong but then, when we stand in the other persons shoes and look from their viewpoint, we will get our answer. Thank you Swamiji for repeatedly making us realize the importance of goodness and its effects on ourselves and people around us.
    Koti Koti Pranam Swamiji…

  11. Pure thoughts and intentions can help us win the toughest battles of life..Thank you again Swamiji for reminding us all..

    Tanu & Rajesh

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