From devotees’ diary – 4


It gives me immense pleasure to share my feelings about my Guru – Shri Ajay Swami ji.

Let me begin with a thought provoking irony of the life. People of this generation believe that there is “THE GOD” but fail to accept or believe, when they listen to any sort of miracles happening to others. They consider these deeds by the GOD as a mere coincidence and move on.

To remove those illusions and myths within us, to bridge that gap in our thoughts and finally to create a connection with the supreme power is, where the GURU’s role comes into picture.

I was not a firm believer of GOD, until I met SWAMI JI. His wonderful preachings, epic stories and talks about goodness and kindness can only be heard in his DARBAAR. His love towards Keertans and Bhajans, his enticing and amicable smile and the peaceful ambience in his DARBAAR, is no less than a DIVINE HOME. The unconventional love, support and guidance showered upon us is indefinable.


It would not be an exaggeration if I say that my life has changed and now I am a firm theist. I don’t want to miss the opportunity of saying that miracles do happen and can happen to anybody, who has firm belief and faith, follow what your GURU says and ultimately follow the philosophy of ‘BE GOOD’ and ‘DO GOOD’.

Do you want to know what miracles happened to me? I have seen myself becoming a better me with each day passing. And that is what I ultimately seek.

Thank You Swami ji for everything!


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  1. U r still ancient in his experiences
    Meet him more. Know him more
    A lot is still waiting to happen

  2. Precisely laid down..
    Becoming better day by day is what we should seek
    Words by Swami ji soothes our souls and helps us to connect with the supreme 🙏

  3. Despite so much science and success, Human being can not make a grain of Wheat or Rice.
    Then who is the creater ?
    True answer is God ..
    One will have faith in God, sooner is better .

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