From devotees’ diary – 5

AJAY SWAMY JI – He came into our lives as a ‘Living God’. I was a child, when I first got the opportunity to see Him. Although I did not know the real meaning of “GURU” at that time, I eventually got to know how blessed I am. It was the biggest opportunity of my life – to have the blessings of a “GURU” from such a young age.

He narrates mythological stories and anecdotes that carry messages which one can relate to in their real lives and learn from. He would suggest powerful mantras to chant so as to lead a peaceful life that is free of negative energies.

He likes listening to devotional BHAJANS and we (our family members) enjoy singing for Him. That is the time when we completely dedicate ourselves to GOD. On one such occasion, He told us that He saw Sri Shirdi Sai Baba putting VIBHUDI on the forehead of one of the devotees (also called as BHAKTS by Him). On one other occasion, He saw Sri Hanuman Ji dancing to the tunes of one of our bhajans. We felt inexplicably blessed to hear that GOD himself was present in the same room where we were singing BHAJANS. After this incident, we never missed any chance of singing in his darbaar, to make our GURU and GOD happy.

It is this staunch faith in Him which helped me take some of the most important decisions in my life – Be it about education, getting into a job and even marriage. I feel extremely happy for my little daughter who is lucky to have His blessings right from her birth. He has always supported us and showered abundant blessings on us and our extended families. Each one of us has seen growth and only growth in our lives.

He never expects anything from his devotees. The only motive of his life is to motivate us to follow the right path and make us have unshakable faith in GOD. His only expectation from us is – to be a good and truthful human being.

He preaches us to treat animals (and all living beings) at the same level as human beings. Someone may kill an animal but the one who eats it is to be blamed equally. He warns us to not get into any bad habits and also tells us to spread this message. I feel good when I share his messages with my fellow colleagues and will continue doing so.

I, myself, will follow His teachings throughout my life and will try my best to bring awareness amongst the younger generation. I pray that I am always connected to Him, and that I get more opportunities to sing Bhajans and listen to His preachings.


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  1. सम्पूर्ण सत्य है,
    मुझे भी शिव नटराजन का दर्शन हुआ जब स्वामीजी भजन सुन रहे थे ।
    जय गुरुदेव

  2. Guru Kripa 🙂
    Totally agree that Swami Ji is a Living God who abridge the gap between us and the supreme. 🙏🙏

  3. सब्र का फल मीठा होता है, लाभदायक होता है,
    कितनी पुरानी और सरल सी कहावत है,
    किन्तु इसे समझने में जीवन लग जाता है ।
    स्वामीजी के सानिध्य में ये तुरन्त समझ आता है ।

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