Swamiji’s Sandesh… ‘Abhimaan’ aur ‘ahankar’ se kisi ka achcha nahi hua hai ! Patan hi hua hai ! ‘

Swamiji says…

“The proverbial saying, ‘Pride comes before a fall’ – is a warning that haughtiness and hubris lead to failure and loss. But man pays no heed to the underlying message of these words ; and shrugs them off without as much as giving them a second thought, as he believes that he has a lot to be proud about. Pride and arrogance – his twin enemies – make him gloat over his superior knowledge, skills and powers, and instigate him to develop an ego; inflated and self-opinionated, by constantly hammering into his being that there is none other more powerful or stronger than him;  and within no time, supremacy and smugness encase themselves over such persons.”

“Conceit makes them forget that they are flesh and blood, just like their brethren, and that their position in society ; the wealth that has been accumulated by them ; the power that their position has brought them, is all transient. People filled with pride and arrogance see themselves superior to others, and, thus are unable to feel empathy or a sense of kinship with others, which makes it more difficult for them to understand and alleviate the pain and suffering of others, thus taking them further away from God. It is no wonder that Man’s ego is identified as the biggest obstacle in the path to self-realization. They fail to understand that
pride and arrogance will be the cause of their undoing one day and take them towards their downfall ! “

” Jis insaan mein ‘abhimaan’ aur ‘ahankaar’ aaya hai, ussey woh patan ki oer hi legaya hai ! Ravan  kitna vidwan tha ! Agar woh apni ‘vidya’ aur ‘gyan’ ka achcha upyog karta, toh sab uski pooja karte !’ Ravan’s egotistical behaviour and pride in his knowledge, powers and strength had made him commit unpardonable acts of ‘adharma’ which had brought him in the crosshairs of Shri Ram’s bow. Similarly, it was King Parikshit’s ego and pride in being a great king that were used by ‘Kaal’ to compel him to commit senseless acts of atrocity that had ultimately resulted in his death.None can be spared from an ignominious end, if, they and pride become  inseparable or always walk side by side.Their time of glory; of shining in the Sun; is
obliterated swiftly due to their own doing.The sense of false pride that one begins to nurture within himself makes him rigid and stubborn and he starts assuming wrongly that he is way above others and looks down on others condescendingly. He alludes himself into believing that it is his decisions alone that are always right and leaves no space for others to express themselves. Arrogance is that treacherous quality – ‘joh ki ek baar jab kisi pe hawi ho jaata hai, toh woh uss insaan ko patan ki oer hi le jaati hai !’ and he himself is responsible for his ruin.”

” Insaan ne ussi ko maana hai jo ‘satya’ pe, vinamrata se chala hai ! Jiss ne jan kalyan ke baare mein socha hai !” Don’t we remember only those from the annals of history who had seamlessly won over the hearts of people and society, at large, with their humility and simplicity ; as not only did their selfless work speak for itself ; but also the exemplary way in which they took others along with themselves, to bring about social reforms and change in society, conveys volumes about their character.The names of all those who had only worked to fulfil their own personal ambitions and done as demanded by their ego, to satisfy the megalomaniac streak in them, is taken with great dislike and resentment even today.”

” Remember – Pride, an inflated ego and arrogance bring the mightiest, the richest and most powerful of men to their knees. Such is the potency of pride and arrogance.”

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      1. Thanks Swamiji for the beautiful advice.
        Every success , every gain …let’s take it as a gift from Swamiji and stay rooted o humbleness. Then only the blessings will continue.
        Mera mujh mein kuchh nahi jo kuchh hai so tera..
        Pranam Swamiji 🙏🙏🙏

  1. Pride is the mask of one’s own fault. Remove it, stay grounded and feel blessed.. Jai Swami Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha

  2. Thank you Swamiji for reminding us of such meaningful lessons in life.

    “Pride, arrogance, conceit, anger, harshness and ignorance – these qualities belong to those of demoniac nature” Bhagavad Gita

    Grateful as always !

    Puneet n Vineet

  3. Pranam SwamiJi,
    Thank you for your words of wisdom and enlightning us to make us better human beings.
    thank you for every thing.

    1. Om Gurudevo Namaha. Very enlightening message. Its such a common saying in Hindi “Vinash kaley viprat Budhi”.when a person utilizes his ego and ptide in wrong sense it always happens in life.I have been a victim of person who had made me in the life of hell because of his ego and pride.I have no shame in saying so becsuse of Our dear Swamijis blessings i was able to fight a life afresh snd lived a life of love and compassion. As i had gone through the pain ,so i was how pain feels………………If i get an opportunity in this lifetime and blessings of my Guru,My father my life they all are my words for my only and only parmeshwar SWAMIJI. I shall impart and write a book or make a small video on what “Ahankar” can do to a person. I would like to quote.”Jo tan lagey wohbtan janey”.Thank you Swamiji to remind me of how are acharan of living should be.Your devine love has given me immense insight to see the world from your perspective.
      And live a life of dignity.
      Prabhu kripa.OM Gurudevo Namaha.

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