Cover Song – Tumhi Mere Mandir Tumhi Meri Pooja

Sung by – Jyoti (Varanasi)

Picturised by – Shashwat

3 thoughts on “Cover Song – Tumhi Mere Mandir Tumhi Meri Pooja

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  1. Beautiful efforts by Jyotima Sinha and Shashwat .Thanks a lot for this beautiful video,it wouldnt have been possible without Swamijis blessings.
    May Swamiji Shower his blessings on each one of us like this only singing in Mahima and devotion..
    Thanks once again Jyotiji and Shaswatji.
    Prabhu aap ko koti koti pranam.

  2. By Swamiji’s grace, Jyotima has sung with full devotion and Shashwat has again picturized above expectations.

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