‘Khudgarz aur swaarthi matt bano…acchi vaani bolo!’

Swamiji says…

” We are God’s most intriguing and fascinating creations – wearing the distinctive colors that God had chosen for us, while creating us lovingly, with different shades of individuality for each one of us ; thus making every individual special, in a unique way. Some of us are kind, selfless, generous; while a few could be just the opposite – selfish, self-centred, unkind. We march to different tunes. Some dance to the lively and exhilarating beat of life ; others seek comfort, as they struggle and stumble, in a life devoid of music and rhythm.That’s what we are – different folks imbued with varied traits and characteristics. It is very rare to find two individuals with an identical visage and vision and – it is the interesting interaction with people of different temperaments and nature that makes the journey of life riveting and enthralling.”

” A few traits inevitably inherent in each one of us are selfishness and self – centeredness. Again, nobody teaches us anything about these fallacious characteristics , but we just know how to be so. We want every event or situation that occurs around us, to pan out in such a manner that it adheres cent percent to the ‘suit me ‘ policy that has been framed by us. After all, everything should suit us – our interests and motives. We never pause to think for a moment about the outcome of our actions, our behaviour, our attitude ; whether they have an adverse or detrimental effect on those who bear the brunt of our egoistic and ‘only we matter’ mindset. In fact, a few of us, unfortunately, derive some kind of sadistic pleasure in displaying a behaviour as unbecoming as this – all the time – in the harsh, bitter way in which we speak, communicate and conduct ourselves with others – impervious to the impression that they form about us.”

“It is a sad, veritable truth – ‘Insaan bahut khudgarz aur swaarthi hota hai. Usey har dum apna hi apna dikhta hai.’ His inability to get rid of these undesirable traits can create a situation so sad and tragic for him that – ‘Agar woh achchi vaani bhi bolna chahata hai, toh woh bol hi nahi paata hai , kyunki uss sey vaise shabd hi nahi niklenge.’ It is nearly next to impossible for him to behave in any other manner than the one known to him, and he effortlessly fools himself into believing that the right way to flourish in life is by being notoriously selfish and outwitting others, and thus, this self-centerdness craftily, becomes an inseparable part of his personality.”

“Since he has been successful,so far, in living a life on his mean terms and conditions , he deliberately sees no reason to change his modus operandi. Humility is alien to him and if, for a moment, better sense prevails and he tries to speak in a different vein , it appears as though he is at a loss for words – generous, respectful, meaningful words, which seem to get lodged in his throat as tries to utter them and he is unable to voice them. What a pity ! ‘ Unke muh se achchi vaani nikal hi nahi sakti hai !’ How can one be so unaware of the trap into which he is falling? ‘Woh dheere dheere khai ki ore ja raha hai !’ “

” ‘ ‘Khudgarzi’ aur ‘swaarth’ uske andar itna koot koot kar bhar jaata hai ki woh uske jeevan ko hee thugg leti hai ! ‘ He reaches a point in time when he has no inhibitions in behaving in this narcissistic – ‘ I only care for myself … Nobody else matters to me’ – attitude ; and even if he tries his level best to behave in a manner contrary to his unbearing attitude, he is unable to do so, as these habits have embedded themselves firmly into his system. He entertains illogical notions in his mind and feels that he can behave in this egotistical manner with everyone around him , no matter who it is. Nobody is spared from his the whiplash of his stinging tongue and shocking behaviour. Parents , Guru and God – are all dealt and tackled with in the same selfish manner. He is unable to change his behaviour even in front of ‘Them’. ‘Use and discard them ‘ – is what he has been deluded into believing and that is exactly what he does with clinical precision.”

” Is there a ray of hope of overcoming the odds or the distant possibility of taking a u – return for such individuals? It appears to be very difficult , as try as they might, they are unable to shrug off the cloak of selfishness that now clings to them like a body suit. But again, where there is a will there is a way , and they must do so with utmost urgency. Change themselves into new leaves.
And a few individuals do try to make amends and improve themselves – ‘Woh achcha karna chahte hain, bhalai ki baat karna chahte hain , magar tab tak bahut der ho jaati hai !’ – as people feel that there has to be a selfish personal agenda behind his brand new behavioral pattern. They find it difficult to believe that a transformation of this kind is possible in a person as ungenerous as him…’ aur uski bhalai ki baat mein bhi unhe uski makkari dikhti hai ! ‘ So, do you want to remain wrapped up only in yourself or, on the contrary, open your arms wide and embrace all the goodness that others selflessly want to share with you ?

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  1. One has to take refuge in Sri Guru’s lotus feet to shed all vices of life. That is the one and only boat which takes us to the other side of bhavsagar. Sri Gurubhyo namaha.

  2. Another pearl of article.
    Timely correction of evil deeds may improve future of a person.
    The right path of kind behavior is always possible, provided we follow the directions and guidance of our Spiritual Sadguru Swamiji.
    Jai Gurudev.

  3. So true.
    When we have benevolence in our thoughts , we have sweetness in our voice.
    Jai Guru Dev for giving me the intimate counsel.

  4. Om Gurudevo Namaha.such a beautiful thought and preaching.with your blessings and guidance, I have never thought of myself as a small child I must have been selfish about my things.since I have grown up I started seeing change in my life.After coming to the darbar,listening to Experiences my perspective towards life changed 360 degrees.I confess somce I have meet you things changed.i have never thought of myself and being worki6for everybody’s happiness and welfare.sometimes I feel I am not fit to be the part of this world. I love to stay in peace,harmony and see everybody happy.With your guidance and blessings I am neither selfish nor self centered. I can never become a saint but I have always lived for others happiness. I need to let my detachment happen so I can be of use to the welfare of people and society with ur blessings and make you feel proud as my mother,father,guru,god whatever you may name it. I n ur teachings there is lot of love ,compassion and peace.I seek for your blessings always and never leave me alone in this world.
    Pranam and Charan sparsh.

  5. Thank you Swamiji for reminding us time and again to act without selfish motive… Jai Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha

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