‘Parmatma’ aur ‘Guru’ humein kshama karte jaate hain …’

In Spanish Dios y el Guru nos perdonan repetidamente In French Dieu et Guru nous pardonnent à plusieurs reprises In Japanese 神と達人は私達を繰り返し許しますKami to tatsujin wa watashitachi o kurikaeshi yurushimasu In Arabic الله وغورو اغفر لنا مرارا وتكراراallah waghuru aghfir lana miraraan watakrarana Swamiji's Sandesh ... ' 'Parmatma' aur 'Guru' humein kshama karte jaate hain ...... Continue Reading →

All about meditation – Part 2

In continuation to - All about meditation - Part 1 Swamiji has made it very Simple. You need not specifically do any preparation for starting meditation. It is not necessary to take a bath before meditation. There is no fixed time during the day and it can be done anytime as per convenience. There is no... Continue Reading →

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