‘Parmatma’ aur ‘Guru’ humein kshama karte jaate hain …’

In Spanish

Dios y el Guru nos perdonan repetidamente

In French

Dieu et Guru nous pardonnent à plusieurs reprises

In Japanese

Kami to tatsujin wa watashitachi o kurikaeshi yurushimasu

In Arabic

الله وغورو اغفر لنا مرارا وتكرارا
allah waghuru aghfir lana miraraan watakrarana

Swamiji’s Sandesh …

‘ ‘Parmatma’ aur ‘Guru’ humein kshama karte jaate hain …

Swamiji says …

” God and Guru forgive us repeatedly … but we should rise above our ignorance and improve ourselves at the earliest ! “

” ‘Forgive & Forget ! We share a strong, but ephemeral bond with both these words. Can we forget the manner in which the other person had maligned us – how he tainted our image in our friends circle – and slandered our name for some secret ulterior motive ? No , never ! We can never ever forget the harm that he caused us. So the question of forgiving him just doesn’t arise ! We are not willing to give a chance to hear him out and know his side of the story. And more than anything we are furious with him… Mad with anger !Our anger , at his mistakes , blinds us to such an extent that we are not ready to offer him any opportunity to clear the air that could have wrongly whipped up the currents of misunderstanding between us. The question of giving such a person that one chance does not arise – I convince myself…and stick to my decision of neither forgetting nor forgiving him for what he had done.”

” But we expect God and our Guru to forgive us for our sins ; for every wrong done by us ; to turn a blind eye to the repeated mistakes that we make. Do we ever spare some time to be grateful for the role that God and Guru play in shaping us , moulding us and making us what we are ? The ‘invisible’ manner in which they do this on a regular basis is known only to them – but we are most certainly aware of every blessing of ‘ Theirs ‘ when we see things around us improve for the better. We are at a loss to understand the painstaking effort , time and single – minded focus that is put in by ‘ Them’ to make us better individuals – by giving us unlimited chances and new opportunities , repeatedly , to improve ourselves , mend our ways , correct our follies. We would be lying if we said that we failed to observe , did not realise, did not see miracles unfold before our eyes , because when we direct our senses , sincerely and whole – heartedly towards ‘ Them’ , we will see only ‘Their’ Divine Plan play out , in every moment of our lives.”

“But there are always a few different individuals amongst us , who refuse to change, unwilling to see the love , care and mercy that is constantly being showered on them by their Creator and their Friend , Philosopher and Guide – their Guru. The all seeing , omnipresent God and Guru forgive the errant devotee, hoping that ‘ woh aaj sudhar jaega ‘ ‘ woh kal sudhar jaega’ – and thus ‘They’ forgive him for his indifference, lax attitude and flippancy in continuing to walk on a goal – less path , with no final destination in mind. A ‘guru’, undettered, continues to invest time in such devotees – as His positive approach makes Him feel that a day will dawn when the prodigal son will return home. But the devotee refuses to change.”

” A ‘guru’s’ divine love and magnanimous temperament for errant devotees – makes him extra patient and forgiving. His genuine desire to help them makes him forgive them for their disinterest and lack of initiative in correcting themselves. Their ‘guru’ selflessly disregards his personal requirements, health , comfort , and sidelines his daily routine completely – to welcome these devotees warmly and interacts with them smilingly – not letting them know by any untoward mannerism ; viz. a cold demeanor or by projecting the inconvenience that could have been caused to Him – by the unexpected arrival of His devotees – seeking His ‘darshan’ – without taking a prior appointment from Him.”

“A ‘ guru ‘ lives and breathes only for the welfare of his devotees and He continues to interact with such devotees in particular, with the hope , that this one particular interaction with them, could be a life changing moment in their lives. He always gives topmost priority to the possibility of his devotees benefiting from ‘all’ that he gives them to ‘hold’, to absorb , to imbibe and implement. From there it is then left to the devotees whether they ‘hold’ every grain of ‘gyaan’ that their ‘guru’ imparts to them and shares with them or discards the ‘ gyaan ‘ that He tries to enrich them with. But a ‘guru ‘ tries His level best to ignore the present ‘slippery’ state in which the devotee is , hoping that the distracted devotee will allow the ignorance – ‘ agaanyta ‘ that appears to have become a permanent resident of his mind and heart , to vacate the area one day, and be replaced with the light of True Knowledge – and they will then correct themselves and follow the ‘ Right Path ‘ – ‘nek raaste pe chalenge ‘ , ‘ achche aadmi baneinge ! ‘
But they will do so only if the they realize the tremendous worth and value of the priceless knowledge that their ‘ guru’ imparts to them and shares with them.”

” We need to always remember that an attitude that is too carefree , deludes us to find a haven of excuse in words like – ‘I don’t care’ – ‘ I couldn’t be bothered ‘ – which shortly turn out to be a deceptive mirage and we are sure to stumble and fall flat on our face – and believe me , fall we definitely will ! ‘Aise insaan ko thokar zaroor lagti hai ! ‘ They tend to misinterpret the freedom that God and Guru give them – as ‘their’ love for them prevents them from imposing restrictions of ‘ Do that.’ …’ Do not do that ! ‘ ‘ You must obey me ! ‘ and thus they feel that they are their own Lord and Master and can do anything that they wish to do – to the extent of disregarding the words of wisdom heard personally from their ‘guru’.”

” It is saddening to see that concrete advice fails to have any positive effect on such devotees. They need to be very careful of the fact that the darkness of ignorance in which they blissfully lead their lives , might one day cause them to face a bleak situation – a point of no return … ‘Jab woh kaheen ke nahi rehte.’ They develop the habit of taking everything very lightly, casually – ‘ har cheez ko woh ek khel samajhta hai ‘ – and they feel that real life challenges are just a game that can be played with an air of nonchalance and disdain … ‘aur phir woh na oopar ke rehte hain , na neeche ke…!’ “

” Individuals who fail to see the unlimited number of times when their Guru and God have forgiven them , pardoned them and tried to turn them into better individuals – will feel miserable, at some point in life, for not having made the most of the sound words of advice that were addressed to them. Let us avoid testing God’s and Guru’s patience constantly. After all none of us would want ‘Them’ to become unforgiving and turn away from us ! It is time for us to make the most of the chance that we get to do what is right … to become honest individuals and men of integrity. There are no second chances in life. So why do we expect forgiveness and chances galore from God and Guru all the time ? “

Swamiji’s message translated in Spanish

“Dios y el Gurú nos perdonan repetidamente … ¡pero deberíamos superar nuestra ignorancia y mejorarnos lo antes posible!”

“¡Perdona y olvida! Compartimos un vínculo fuerte, pero efímero con ambas palabras. ¿Podemos olvidar la forma en que la otra persona nos había difamado? ¿Cómo contaminó nuestra imagen en nuestro círculo de amigos? ¿Motivo oculto? ¡No, nunca! Nunca podremos olvidar el daño que nos causó. ¡Así que la cuestión de perdonarlo simplemente no surge! No estamos dispuestos a darle la oportunidad de escucharlo y conocer su versión de la historia. Y, más que nada, estamos furiosos con él … ¡Locos por la ira! Nuestra ira, ante sus errores, nos ciega a tal punto que no estamos listos para ofrecerle ninguna oportunidad de limpiar el aire que podría haber provocado un error. las corrientes de malentendidos entre nosotros. La cuestión de darle a esa persona una oportunidad no surge: me convenzo a mí mismo … y mantengo mi decisión de no olvidarlo ni perdonarlo por lo que hizo “.

“Pero siempre hay unas pocas personas diferentes entre nosotros, que se niegan a cambiar, no están dispuestas a ver el amor, la atención y la misericordia que su Creador y su Amigo, Filósofo y Guía, su Gurú, les está constantemente regalando. , Dios omnipresente y Guru perdonan al devoto errante, con la esperanza de que ‘woh aaj sudhar jaega’ ‘woh kal sudhar jaega’ – y así ‘Ellos’ lo perdonan por su indiferencia, actitud laxa y la ligereza en seguir caminando por un camino sin objetivos , sin un destino final en mente. Un ‘gurú’, sin inmutarse, continúa invirtiendo tiempo en tales devotos, ya que su enfoque positivo le hace sentir que llegará un día en que el hijo pródigo volverá a casa. Pero el devoto se niega a cambiar. “

“El amor divino y el temperamento magnánimo de un ‘gurú’ para los devotos errantes – lo hace más paciente y perdonador. Su genuino deseo de ayudarlos lo hace perdonarlos por su desinterés y falta de iniciativa para corregirse a sí mismos. Su ‘gurú’ desprecia desinteresadamente su personal los requisitos, la salud, la comodidad y el margen de su rutina diaria por completo, dar la bienvenida a estos devotos con entusiasmo e interactuar con ellos con una sonrisa, sin dejarles saber por ningún tipo de mala conducta, es decir, un comportamiento frío o proyectando las molestias que podrían haberle causado. – por la inesperada llegada de sus devotos – buscando su ‘darshan’ – sin tener una cita previa de él “.

“Un ‘gurú’ vive y respira solo por el bienestar de sus devotos y continúa interactuando con tales devotos en particular, con la esperanza de que esta interacción particular con ellos pueda ser un momento de cambio en sus vidas. Siempre otorga la máxima prioridad a la posibilidad de que sus devotos se beneficien de “todo” que les da para “sostener”, absorber, embeber e implementar. A partir de ahí, se deja a los devotos si “retienen” cada grano de “gyaan” ‘que su’ guru ‘les imparte y comparta con ellos o descarte el’ gyaan ‘con el que trata de enriquecerlos. Pero un’ guru ‘hace todo lo posible para ignorar el estado actual’ resbaladizo ‘en el que se encuentra el devoto, con la esperanza de que el devoto distraído permita la ignorancia, ‘agaanyta’ que parece haberse convertido en un residente permanente de su mente y corazón, para desalojar el área un día y ser reemplazado por la luz del Conocimiento Verdadero, y luego se corregirán y sigue el ‘Camino correcto’ – ‘ nek raaste pe chalenge ‘,’ achche aadmi baneinge! ‘ Pero lo harán solo si se dan cuenta del tremendo valor y el valor del conocimiento invaluable que su ‘gurú’ les imparte y comparte con ellos “.

“Necesitamos recordar siempre que una actitud demasiado despreocupada nos engaña para encontrar un refugio de excusas en palabras como – ‘No me importa’ – ‘No podría ser molestado’ – que en poco tiempo se convirtió en un ¡espejismo engañoso y estamos seguros de tropezar y caer de bruces – y créeme, caemos definitivamente lo haremos! ‘¡Aise insaan ko thokar zaroor lagti hai!’ Tienden a malinterpretar la libertad que Dios y Guru les dan, como ‘su ‘amarlos les impide imponer restricciones de’ Haz eso ‘. … “¡No hagas eso!” “¡Debes obedecerme!” Y por eso sienten que son su propio Señor y Maestro y que pueden hacer cualquier cosa que deseen, hasta el punto de ignorar las palabras de sabiduría que se escuchan personalmente. de su ‘gurú’ “.

“Es triste ver que los consejos concretos no tienen ningún efecto positivo en esos devotos. Deben tener mucho cuidado con el hecho de que la oscuridad de la ignorancia en la que llevan sus vidas felizmente, algún día podría hacer que se enfrenten a una situación sombría”. situación: un punto de no retorno … ‘Jab woh kaheen ke nahi rehte’. Desarrollan el hábito de tomar todo muy a la ligera, casualmente – ‘har cheez ko woh ek khel samajhta hai’ – y sienten que los desafíos de la vida real son solo un juego que se puede jugar con un aire de despreocupación y desdén … ‘aur phir woh na oopar ke rehte hain, na neeche ke …! “

“Las personas que no ven la cantidad ilimitada de veces que su Guru y Dios los perdonaron, los perdonaron y trataron de convertirlos en mejores personas, se sentirán miserables, en algún momento de la vida, por no haber aprovechado al máximo el sonido. palabras de consejo dirigidas a ellos. Evitemos probar constantemente la paciencia de Dios y del Gurú. Después de todo, ninguno de nosotros querría que “Ellos” se vuelvan implacables y se aparten de nosotros. Es hora de que aprovechemos al máximo la oportunidad que podemos hacer lo correcto … convertirnos en individuos honestos y hombres íntegros. No hay segundas oportunidades en la vida. Entonces, ¿por qué esperamos perdón y muchas oportunidades de parte de Dios y Guru todo el tiempo? “

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  1. The best and appropriate is to follow the guidance of Guru, the life will become full of aim .
    Jai Swamiji .

  2. Always indebted to the Guru for his forgiveness and patience ….let us not take this for granted ever🙏

  3. The way we ask for pardon from our Guru , same way we should pardon others too as others are also like us.
    We need to nurture empathy.
    Pranam Swamiji

  4. The Lord and the Guru are slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love, forgiving inequity and transgression, but it would certainly be foolishness on our part to test their patience endlessly.

    Thank you Swamiji for all your love.

    Grateful as always.

  5. God’s and Guru’s patience isn’t without limit. Even though Guru is impatient, once we realize our mistake and take refuge in the lotus feet of Guru, HE is ready to accept us to better us. We should try to be spotless from within. With the blessings of Guru, we can achieve the ultimate bliss.
    And try to see the ‘Divine Plan’ of Guru for us. We should try to be grateful for the much valued time invested on us by our Guru.
    I sincerely feel to have some discipline atleast to take Guru’s permission to visit him beforehand. We should never be a cause of inconvenience to our Guru.
    We should nurture the relationship with our Guru very carefully.
    Not everyone is blessed with a Guru. We can’t afford to slip this Golden blessing and to be ignorant!

  6. We must honour the teachings of our Guru and try to follow them wholeheartedly.
    Pranaam Swamiji 🙏🏻

  7. Thank you Swamiji for your selfless love and blessings on us.
    Realising one’s own mistake is the first step towards not repeating them again. And therefore, that is the way to stop testing God’s patience with us, else we will definitely fall one day..

  8. Thank you Swamiji 🙏🙏 again for being our constant guide of light and helping us ignorant souls in walking the path of spirituality with perseverance and patience 🙏🙏

  9. om gurudevo namaha. What an enlighting message. It is Sooo true it reminds me of a Doha “Guru Gobind dono kharey, ka ke lago paav, Balihari guru aapney Govind diyo bataye, yeh tan vish ke beel RI, guru amrit ki khan, it is the Guru who shows us the right path to forget and forgive. He is the one who shows us, the right way to enlighten us. Both Guru and God has a humongous power to always overlook over our faults and forgive us. We all must learn this art of forgetting n forgiving whether we are right or wrong. There is nothing wrong in asking for shamma I am sure a person who always do it is like a branch which bear fruits. What a blessing and beUtoful teaching. Shukriya Gurudev.

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