How long should one meditate & How do you know that you are progressing?


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How long should one meditate?

Meditation can be done for any duration from 10 minutes to one hour. However, the best way to do it, is to remember God at all times. One subtle way of getting into this mode is to see positive side of every aspect/every situation in life and to thank God for everything you get. Whenever you see beautiful and bountiful nature around you like the trees, the flowers, the lakes, the clouds… thank God for His creation. This not only helps in spiritual progress of the person but also eliminates negative thoughts and brings about positivity in ones life.

Before starting off with your meditation in the morning, one should pray for five minutes around these thoughts –

  • I pray to God to give knowledge, wisdom and success to all children studying in schools.
  • I pray to God for early recovery and healing of all patients in hospitals and everywhere.
  • I pray to God to guide and show the right path to all the prisoners and to all those who have ventured out on the wrong path.
  • I pray to God for all living beings on earth, to keep them happy and blissful.

Once you start meditating and are able to concentrate, you start enjoying it and then duration is no dimension at all.

When you start meditating, God’s response is invariably quick. It comes in different forms like viewing of lights, fragrance or rhythm or tal etc. You suddenly start realising that there is something beyond your five senses. One gradually starts realising that meditation helps in solving the daily life problems as well. Though one may feel that we have to give up the materialistic pleasures for spiritual goals but Swamiji says that detachment from materialistic life does not mean that one gives up ones wealth and possessions. It is basically a mental exercise and you need to ensure that your mind is not always occupied in the pursuit of material things in life.

Feelings of peace and bliss start developing from within and one feels a level above as one progresses in meditation.

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