Truth of Life – Part 1


Most of us, sometime or the other in our life, especially when facing lows, wonder as to Who exactly are we? Why are we here? Why such miseries in this world? Is there anything called God or Superpower? How is it that despite so many inefficiencies and irregularities apparent in day-to-day lives is the Universe/world continuing? When did it all start and how and by whom? Is there an end to it? What is the ultimate objective of our origin?

All the above questions are not new and arise in each one’s mind in different phases of our lives!

When we pose these questions to Swamiji, He is very glad and states that His journey also started with similar queries from His own self and He was fortunate to have unravelled these mysteries for Himself, and now intends to share and spread the same with everyone.

To be continued…


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