Why do we at all need to meditate? So…..finally, Meditation is a “must”!


To be able to achieve the ‘ultimate’, viz. self-realisation, meditation is the stepping stone; it’s the only way through which one can understand and discover true self.

A person who meditates for ten days, daily an hour, is better than the one who has been going to temple for ten years every day, bowing in front of idols alone. This is not to demean the importance of going to temples/worshipping but just to say that merely visiting temples doesn’t help! It becomes fruitful only when that worship translates into an effort to recognise ‘self’ through meditation.

Meditation is a tool for cleansing our soul! We all are busy cleaning our physical body which is full of impurities inside out, instead we need to clean our soul which is also tarnished by unwanted pollutants like jealousy, greed, falsehood, anger, lust and more. Meditation helps us overcome these evils attached to our soul. If after meditation, a person loses temper even for a short while or gives in to one of the aforementioned evils, then the entire purpose of meditation is lost. If the ill habits remain despite practising meditation, then it is of no use. But lets not forget that it takes time, dedication and guidance to reach such a state!

Meditation is the ‘path’ as well as the ‘door’ to reach God. One needs to go blank, feel a state of nothingness and resort to total silence and then alone God will communicate with you, or in other words, only then will you be able to hear Him!

Since this path is beyond the comprehension of our mind and intellect, it is difficult to believe and understand. One has to go beyond the normal span of mind to acquire full appreciation of meditation which is the ultimate spiritual path to realise “self” which is “I”or the consciousness. The ultimate truth that one comes to know by searching within through meditation is the knowledge that “I am the absolute”!

If you taste this elixir called meditation even once you’ll feel ultimate bliss! It is an addiction one must have, an addiction one would never want to give up on.

Are you ready to start?


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