Swami ji’s Sandesh…

( Excerpts from ‘Divine Grace’ – a book authored by a devotee on Swami ji)

” At times, a person accumulates unimaginable wealth, lives in the lap of luxury and enjoys all material comforts of life. He receives all this due to God’s blessings. But, if such an individual continues to remain preoccupied only with gold, worldly matters and fails to use this lifetime to make God a part of himself, by cleansing his soul, the entire purpose of receiving God’s blessings in the form of lucre is lost. We have to enrich our soul and if we make a genuine and honest attempt to do so, nothing can stop us from reaching our divine destination. God’s love for us is not affected by the glitter of gold that we place at His Holy Feet. All that ‘He’ needs from us is true love and respect, from our heart and mind. The minute ‘He’ receives this in its purest form, from us, ‘He’ opens His heart and gives us His all; showers us with His blessings and ‘Divine Grace’.”

” The number of houses we own; the acres of land that we acquire; the power that we wield in society; all these tangible things are immaterial if we fail to sense and feel the presence of God within us, and, do not make any attempt, whatsoever, to draw ‘Him’ within us.Time alone teaches us the irrelevance of the race that we run chasing to acquire name, fame, power and wealth. All these ‘terms’ which we hold so close to our heart are not only inconsequential, but also extremely deceptive, so much so, that once they take over our mind completely, they have an uncanny ability to take us away from God. It is only a matter of time before our distracted senses and mental deterioration make it difficult for us to concentrate on God, as, the sheen of silver appears to be more attractive. Self-analysis in terms of one’s monetary worth has to match a perfect score set by our own expectations, and, thus, the attention, time and energy that needs to be directed towards ‘self-realisation’ are reduced and divested to the minimum, as we are not satisfied with its immediate returns.”

” The ‘soul’ waits impatiently for its cleansing process to begin at the earliest by the individual within whose body it is enrobed. It knows very well about the dire consequences that it will have to undergo on account of the wicked deeds committed by the individual within whose body it resides. We need to be cautious of the misdeeds that are committed by us. Reflect before doing anything that fills us with regret later, makes us feel guilty and pricks our conscience, and, instead, perform ‘karma’ which works towards the elevation and enrichment of our soul. We cannot deceive ourselves into believing that we are someone that we know we are not , as , we are the only ones who truly know what we are, and, always remember that the mute spectator of every act of ours is our ‘atman’.”

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  1. True…
    The excessive wealth has the uncanny ability to take us away from God.
    We need to remember that and keep our priority of putting God before everything else.
    Jai Gurudev

    1. Om Gurudevo Namaha. Lovely guidance. We should always keep God first before anything else.its always an enlightening message which touches my heart and soul

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