Musical ode to beloved Swamiji

Preaching on Family Values

Our recent experiences with Swamyji:

Our family visited Delhi on 20th October, 2017, to seek the divine blessings of beloved Swamyji. This was one of those blessed meetings with Swamyji that I cannot resist sharing with all the devotees of Swamyji. At the end of the meeting, we were left with beautiful memories, lifted souls and divine blessings of Swamyji. Some of the experiences that I would like to share with other devotees of Swamyji are:

He gave us his precious time and discussed at length various matters relating to our welfare and future plans. He offered valuable guidance in various matters. He pampered our two little grand daughters and showered lot of love and blessings on them. Swamyji expressed his happiness to see all of us after a long time, particularly our grand daughters. He commented that – ‘You used to visit me at least once a fortnight while you were in Delhi; now it is months together that you visited me’. I felt that even Guru misses his devotees as much as the devotees miss the physical presence of their Guru. 

Swamyji said that the relationship between wife and husband is highly revered and plays a very important role in maintaining the family relations. Both should give their 100%, to keep the family going beautifully and smoothly. Just as our parents brought us up with utmost care, sacrifices and adjustments, it is now our duty also to follow their foot-prints in bringing up our offsprings. The PARAMPARA should go on.

Our family is ever indebted to the living and speaking GOD – our Swamyji, for His ever-lasting love, loads of blessings, providing a shield of protection and giving us strength to walk on the right path of life without any fear.

I felt that Swamyji’s preachings are very useful and pertinent to one and all in the society and hence all the devotees of Swamyji should take advantage of the same. 

It will be a good idea to share the essence of all such meetings with Swamyji, either through written posts or audio/video recordings.
Mrs. Vani Dattatrayam &

Dr. R. S. Dattatrayam

Hyderabad ( India )

Grace of Revered Babaji – Swamiji

25 years ago, I was working in BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited) a Nav Ratana Government Company at Nagpur.

By the grace of respected Babaji – Swamiji Shri Ajay Jain Ji, I got a book written on Him. I read the book and became very eager to meet Him. I gave telephone call which Babaji received with affectionate sweet voice. Honourable Babaji told me to meet Him at His residence in Delhi.

It was my good luck and Babaji’s grace that i got an official tour of New Delhi.

I met respected Babaji at His residence, He was waiting for me. This happened 25 years ago.

In my first meeting He gave me His immense love and deep heart touching teachings. My most of the doubts were cleared.

Honourable, Revered Babaji told that He gives Jag (Worldly matters) and Jagdish (God) both. Since then I was talking to Him almost every day on phone. He was guiding me for my spiritual progress and looking after family welfare.

Being very honest I was getting problems for my promotion and It was Babaji’s grace that I got number of promotions and reached to the level of General Manager (BHEL).

Now I was able to meet Babaji every month. My son was not progressing well in his engineering college. Babaji gave His blessings and my son became Engineer and was selected of nice job in IT company.

After my retirement from BHEL Babaji directed me to be with Him and meet weekly. He blessed me and I got respectable assignment in joint venture of NTPC Ltd. at Dadri (UP) 40 Km from His residence.

My wife was sick and going under medical treatment. She became better and now also living heathy life. My son got married, having one son (my grand son) and serving at very senior position in Computer design in very respectable company at Noida (UP). My son’s family life is very satisfactory and grandson is doing well in studies.

In summing up I submit that Babaji is fully merged in divinity and though He has many health problems, He overcomes His illness by remembering God 24 hours. He has solved most complicated problems of all devotees and gives unconditional blessings.

How lucky I am and other devotees to get such a Kind hearted, Loving, Spiritual soul, who only gives His blessings to keep us happy.

I pray to Babaji to live long so we may get His physical presence. He is merged in God and gives His blessings to all the devotees.




Divine Love

Divine Love – Our Swamiji !!
Faith in God had always kept me going, today if I have the courage to pen down something it’s only because of Swamiji’s immense confidence and blessings that he has showered upon me and my family.
Prior to meeting Swamiji, Peace, Benevolence, Contentment, Sadhana, were mere bookish terminologies for me, which had almost rare or no practical implications in today’s scenario.
I fail short of words describing my experience the day I entered Swamiji’s darbaar and met him for the very first time 7 years back. His aura and angelic appearance fairly dazzled me. The sense of belongingness that I felt was superfluous, he seemed an absolute and divine incarnation of purity. “Mai sab theek kar dunga beta“,  just as a divine mother would console a child, Swamiji uttered these words and blessed me with both his hands. Ever since then I have been blessed in his divine chattra chhaya.
My life and tremulous attitude took a 360 degree shift from an indifferent frame of mind after meeting Swamiji. Surrendering to my divine guru brought total rest from all anxities, desires & wants. Such is his healing charm & aura; absolutely imperceptible. Everything started falling into place in a miraculous way, though he always emphasised on taking good care of health as I was a little sensitive at that time.
In today’s world where every relation or connection is backed by some sort of opportunity or returns, Swamiji without any discrimination works selflessly 24×7 for the upliftment of his devotees, taking all the sufferings upon himself with an effervescent smile and compassion expecting nothing in return. The unconditonal love and support he imparts on all his devotees neither can be expressed in words and is irrefragable.
As part of our wordly responsibilities in terms of career growth, development and progress, with Swamiji’s blessings me & my husband moved to Myanmar in Dec 2014. The journey so far has been fruitful and is expected to be a great one ahead. But there are times when I have conflicts in my mind and negativity does pull me down. Many a times I grieved for Swamiji’s physical presence, just wanted to have a glimpse of his luminous face & touch his feet. Swamiji came to my rescue either verbally through phone calls or guidance through meditation.
During one of our conversations I asked Swamiji how to refrain from poignant thoughts crippling my mind, to which he humbly replied  “Sirf khush raho bete aur mann me hi ishwar ka naam japte raho…mai sab theek kar dunga beta”. And that was it,  I didn’t have to put much effort that very moment onwards,  as if my brain was accustomed to say ‘Om Swami Ajay Guru Devaya Namah’.  I was ecstatic….!!  I understood that it is just a matter of Acceptance; Swamiji is omnipresent, dwelling in our minds, our heart, the air we breathe in, our souls…you just have to surrender yourself at the lotus feet of revered Swamiji…  Divine love will start flowing and you will be crowned!!! 🙏🙏🙏

:- Tanu Srivastava

Such is Guru’s love and love for Guru!


My humble pranams at the beloved feet of my Guru!

A very beautiful instance happened today which made me realize the purpose and significance of life. It was a very strong and over-whelming feeling more than anything!

I live in the US and am always saddened about how many earth miles away I am from my Guru and that I can’t go see Him, meet Him, and be in His physical presence more often. I came to the US  2 years ago. As against one’s (including my own) expectations, I wasn’t enveloped and carried away by the comforts and leisure of this first world country. I did not sway from my devotion for my guru. I would hate parting from him every time I visited India. Yet, I stayed in the US, as that was His command.

Today, while sitting in a café I heard the song “bas tum hi ho” playing in the background. This was the song I would sing for Swamiji in his Darbaar. My eyes brimmed with tears of love for Swamiji and at my misfortune that I’m so very far from Him. I realized in that moment that all the happiness I have ever felt in my life can never even come close to the feeling of bliss I feel at His feet. We waste our entire lives trying to build a name in this temporary world, a world of illusions where everything built is a mound of sand, blown away with passing time. Instead, we should spend this gifted birth in service of our lord. Our hearts should be overflowing with love for our Guru and not with pride for our materialistic possessions because they are nothing but temporary.

The only permanent solution to any of life’s distressing situations is surrender at the loving feet of Swamiji. Tears shed in His memory are more precious than a thousand smiles. A life lived with your Guru is like living in heaven on earth. I feel honored and proud to be worthy of Swamji’s grace. I doubt there is anyone as selfless and pure as our Swamiji. There isn’t a person who has gone empty-handed from Swamiji’s darbar, there isn’t a person whose eyes haven’t brimmed with tears of pure love by a mere look at our divine mother. To Him who protects us like the eyelids protect the eyes, I offer my humble salutations!

Our Guru!

He who has spent his entire life in a simple 4-walled room… who is unable to walk… who has happily given up whatever he earned in his life for the betterment of others, and who has smiled through all of life’s hardships… is Our guru our Lord who has always taught us by example! 

He has bestowed his unstinted grace on all his devotees without ever accepting a single grain from anyone! He has only ever given and never taken – Our extremely beloved Guru! We earnestly pray to you to let our hearts brim with love for you ceaselessly. Our ever merciful Lord – our humble Pranams at your loving feet!