Musical ode to beloved Swamiji

सत्य की विजय

जहाँ गाय होती है वहाँ राक्षस जरूर आता है, लेकिन वहाँ गाय की रक्षा के लिए, उसे बचाने के लिये श्री कृष्ण परमात्मा भी आते है । तातपर्य यह है कि जब कोई इन्सान नेकी के रास्ते पर चलता है तो उसमें अनेकों विघ्न आते है फिर भी हमें सत्य मार्ग पर ही चलते रहना चाहिये ।परमात्मा नेकी का ही हमेशा साथ देते है तथा सच्चे इन्सान को अपने नजदीक रखता है । सत्य की सदा जीत होती है ।

State of Mind

One day while imparting knowledge to us Swamiji said, “What exactly does a person converse or talk about with another person ?” He further said , ” A person mostly talks about the thoughts that are on his mind and the emotions that reign supreme in his heart at that particular moment of his conversation. Thus , if he is sad or unhappy he expresses his sadness, unhappiness and in a way makes the listener…the receiver of his unhappiness. If he is depresed, he talks about his problem with the other person making the listener also feel depressed.                On the other hand, if one is happy and in a joyful state, he makes the person listening to him also feel the same….joyful and happy. Hence, the speaker becomes a distributor of the thoughts and emotions that govern him at that particular moment. Our thoughts and  emotions , whether positive or negative, have a similar effect on the people around us , from the smallest unit viz.a family….to the largest unit viz. society. Such is the power of your thoughts and emotions ! In which state should you always be ? “Depressed or happy ?”……                                 While reflecting deeply on Swamiji ‘s words later I was filled with guilt as we, inspite of being Swamiji’s devotees , at times , draw great comfort in remaining unhappy and depressed. Our Gurudev has blessed us with good health and everything we need and desire. In comparison, Swamiji continues to spread happiness, joy, cheer , positivity and optimism , irrespective of the physical ailments that He is suffering from due to the karma that He has taken of His devotees.  Shouldn’t we always remember that as His torch – bearers it becomes our foremost duty to stay happy, calm and cheerful in all situations and spread joy everywhere , all the time , keeping depression and unhappiness at bay, aware of the fact that we are affecting people around us with the same  emotion that we experience ?  Stay happy and keep others around you happy is Swamiji’s simple but extremely relevant message.


ज़िन्दगी का दूसरा नाम संघर्ष है| निरंतर, अविराम चलने वाला संघर्ष| परंतु उससे भी बड़ा संघर्ष है हर स्थिति और परस्थिति में खुश रहना|
हर सुख और दुःख में समभाव रहना| सदा अपने आप को यह याद दिलाते रहना कि वो नीली छत्तरी वाला  सारा हिसाब-किताब रख रहा है, पुराना भी और नया भी| कभी जीवन से हार मत मानो|
किसी का बुरा न सोचो, खुश रहो और दूसरों को खुश करने की कोशिश करो, क्योंकि हम नहीं जानते कि कौन किस दौर से गुज़र रहा है! ठगे जाओ पर कभी किसी को ठगो मत| सत्य के लिए लड़ो परंतु अपनी विनम्रता मत छोड़ो| संघर्ष करना मत छोड़ो| जो यहां (जीवन में) हार गया, वो वहां (जीवनोपरांत) क्या लड़ेगा?

Discipline & Routine!

sun and clouds-1.jpg

Swamiji often tells us how important it is to be disciplined in one’s life. He emphasises on following a routine no matter how simple it may be. Continuity, especially when it comes to spiritual matters, proves immensely beneficial in the longer run. Meditation, for example, is one such thing that just keeps getting better and better with time. Sticking to a 10-15 minute routine too, gives astonishing results sooner rather than later. Chanting or repetition, of any mantra or ritual should also be a disciplined and dedicated act. To expound this further He once told us this motivating anecdote that we’ve shared below.


“Once upon a time there was a devotee whose day started with offering water to Sun (Surya Dev), as obeisance. 40 years passed and he never ever even once missed or forgo his routine ritual. Once he fell severely ill and was unable to wake up at his usual time. Nonetheless he got up when he could, and just as he began moving towards the window to make his ritual offerings to the Sun, his wife informed him that it’s a gloomy cloudy day outside and that he may not be able to make the intended offering. He looked at her, smiled and said – ” For the past 40 years of my life, every morning I have waited patiently and lovingly for HIM ( the Sun ), I’m quite sure He’s waiting as eagerly for me today.” Just as he said that, the clouds parted and the Sun smiled down upon him, shining a million times brighter, as if reconfirming what the man already knew. Such is the power and such is the beauty of discipline. Add to it a bit of love and devotion and lo! you have the perfect recipe for bliss!”

*** Om Swamiji Sri Ajay Guru Devaya Namah ***

From devotees’ diary – 6


At an age, when I did not even know that there is someone called ‘God’, I first met our Guru – Ajai Swamy ji. It was at the young age of 4, when I first saw Swamy ji. I, of course, do not remember those first few meetings with Him, until I grew up gradually realizing who He actually is.

As time passed, the experiences of meeting Him nurtured a refreshed sense of goodness and harmony within me. I started realizing – how important it is, just to be good in our lives; how important it is, not to hurt any living being, and to just keep performing one’s duties. Everyone tries to learn from what has been taught by their parents & elders. But, our family is blessed and fortunate enough to have had Swamy ji’s blessings and support as well, all through.

Many people in the world still do not believe in God. In real sense, what is God? He has many forms. Which form do you want to consider as Real God? After hearing Swamy ji’s preachings, I developed a strong belief that God exists, but not in temples or churches; He is within you. I believe that the purity and goodness you bring within yourself would connect you with God within you!

His preachings about goodness, and the stories that He used to narrate of His own experiences have always inspired and enlightened us much. Because, they are not class-room type lectures; they are something that bring out the hidden light within us. I enjoy sitting for hours, listening to His experiences about life, and apply them in my life, so that the mistakes we do knowingly or unknowingly are not repeated. Whenever Swamy ji talks to us, I pray for that moment to never end! I forget all pains and worries when I sit in front of Him. There is something about Him, His aura, that does not let me take my eyes off Him. Some negative thoughts, which creep into my mind sometimes, disappear when I am in front of Him. This is the divine feeling which I get in His company.

I feel, I did some really good KARMAS in the past, that I got this opportunity to meet God in His form. His talks had always had an impact on our day-to-day life in some or the other way & that have always inspired and helped me to be a better version of me. His assurances to me during my failures in life, gave me a hope that there is another door opening somewhere for me. Through His nectarine talks, He has cultivated patience, goodness and positive attitude in life, in me. I feel I am very fortunate, and I pledge to myself to follow and practise each and every preaching He has given us and also, to strive hard to teach the next generation about the same.

Swamy ji ! You are not just a Guru; You are a feeling of hope, positivity and the quintessential meaning of life. We love you!!


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