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Swamiji says …

“Anger … Fury…Rage…
Temper … All of us – without exception – have experienced these emotions whenever they raise their wicked little heads within us. They arise when the individual they reside in , has been scorned, insulted, abused or doubted by another person or people.
We will certainly get angry if we are held responsible or charged for doing something that has not been done by us ! It is normal to get angry. But the moot cause for this anger to brew within us is what needs to be looked into ! What needs a rethink is the issue, concern or problem that gets us all worked up and agitated. If these emotions of anger that rise from the core of our being , in the form of ‘warriors’, can be used positively to improve us, defend us from ‘stronger’ people, help us tide over our problems at home or workplace, correct and benefit another person – then there is no harm in getting angry. If we are being provoked or targeted unfairly, then too, anger as a retaliation is justified, in order to make the other person see the issue fairly and squarely.”

“However, if such strong negative emotions of anger take complete control over us – as though they have the right to ‘possess’ us at their will and fancy – and at the slightest of provocation, overrule our innate sense of logic , blinding us with their dark fury – ‘they’ will certainly have the last laugh, watching us succumb to ‘their’ dominance. It is so simple and easy to see red. The blinding speed at which rage takes possession of our heart and mind – transforming us into a vicious and seething being , makes us appear no less than puppets in the hands of these diabolical emotions.”

“Often we hear people say about a particular person – ‘Ussey bahut gussa aata hai ! ‘ ‘Woh bahut gussewala hai ! ‘ You can be pardoned if your anger was directed at improving a person, eliciting a better result in one’s academic or professional sphere, or turning someone into a new leaf; but none of us have the right to get angry at the drop of a hat – for no rhyme or reason. We cannot be forgiven for being unreasonably cross with someone for not agreeing with us – or for doing something contrary to our expectations, or for denying us something that could be harmful for us. If reasons as ridiculous as others not donning the clothes of our choice or for not having a palate for a cuisine savoured by us – can make us lose our cool, then something is certainly wrong with us. If our anger is making us aggressive, argumentative and causing altercations between us, our family members and acquaintances, then we need to keep our anger in check and take immediate remedial measures to control it.”

Swamiji shares His ‘vidya’ with us in tackling and overcoming those difficult , challenging moments when we are left with no option but to submit to anger. We too can benefit immensely and learn to manage, control and overcome anger – keep calm if we imbibe the following simple steps.

  1. ” The minute you feel the all so familiar emotion of anger surge through your being- difficult as it may seem – start counting backwards from 100 to 1. Count slowly and deliberately. Take your time while counting the numbers. Short pauses in between the numbers, will provide you with adequate time to calm yourself down, and to see the first light of reasoning.”

2.” An agitated and disturbed mind can play havoc with your health. Why do you want anger to trigger undesirable health problems? Try to extinguish the first spark of rage that ignites within you by pressing the thumb of your right hand with your index finger for two minutes at a time. You will immediately feel the heat that had ensconced your physical being begin to cool; your accelerated heart beat soon becomes normal and you experience a sense of peace shortly.”

  1. “You, at times, much like a volcano spew out everything that is within you, but the embers of fury within you refuse to die down. When you find yourself at the end of your tether, sit down, stretch your legs and look at your feet. Concentrate on them for three minutes. Let the entire scene that had taken place play out before you, but this time, observe it without any bias and prejudice – and come to a logical conclusion as to who and what was to be blamed for your outburst. Once you see a clear representation of your vitriolic self in a reflective state, you make an attempt to improve yourself, by trying to control your anger, and before long you will not only succeed in overcoming your anger but will also learn the art of controlling it too.”
  2. “A very simple way to extinguish the destructive fire of anger within you is by sipping on cold coffee or having a glass of water. You do not have to down the drink in one go – but rather linger over it – take some time, as you take one sip after another. You can stop fighting verbally, walk away from the unpleasant situation and while sipping on either one of the two, you get the time needed to suppress your anger and turn an ugly situation into a win-win situation.”
  3. Another effective measure that can be adopted by you to to counter anger – to soothe you when you are on the warpath – is to fill your mouth with air and then blow it out of your mouth. Repeat this five times.When you do this , you empty yourself – free yourself from all the toxic, angry words that were clamoring to be released from within you and unleash a verbal attack on the human target that ‘they’ had apparently thought would be standing in front of you. They are pleasantly surprised to see no one around you and ‘their’ anger too subsides. At the same time , the refreshing ’emptiness’ that you feel within you, is very liberating, as it reinforces the possibility of you gaining an upper hand over anger, by resisting it , in a short period of time.”
  4. ” ‘Man ko shaant kar ne ke liye aur gusse pe kaabu paa ne ke liye ‘vishuddhi chakra’ ko malo’… Rub the ‘vishuddhi chakra’ situated below the chin, with your right hand, in a downward motion, for three minutes, to be at peace with yourself. You will experience a sense of great relief at being finally released – from the tentacles of fiery temper – that had tried to pull and entwine you in the dark labyrinth of regret and shame, for having uttered words that can never be taken back by you, and for having behaved in a manner so unbecoming, that it can never be erased from people’s memories. But now you have an opportunity to put the past behind you and emerge as the new you , as you have bid a final adieu to your anger.”

Swamiji’s message translated in Spanish

“Ira … furia … ira …
Temperamento … Todos nosotros, sin excepción, hemos experimentado estas emociones cada vez que levantan sus pequeñas cabezas malvadas dentro de nosotros. Surgen cuando el individuo en el que residen, ha sido despreciado, insultado, abusado o puesto en duda por otra persona o personas.
¡Sin duda nos enojaremos si somos responsables o acusados ​​de hacer algo que no hemos hecho! Es normal enojarse. ¡Pero la causa discutible para que esta ira se forme dentro de nosotros es lo que hay que tener en cuenta! Lo que necesita un replanteamiento es el problema, la preocupación o el problema que nos inquieta y agita a todos. Si estas emociones de ira que surgen del núcleo de nuestro ser, en forma de ‘guerreros’, pueden usarse positivamente para mejorarnos, defendernos de personas ‘más fuertes’, ayudarnos a superar nuestros problemas en el hogar o el lugar de trabajo, corregir y beneficiar a otra persona, entonces no hay daño en enojarse. Si estamos siendo provocados o atacados injustamente, también se justifica la ira como represalia, para que la otra persona vea el problema de manera justa y directa “.

“Sin embargo, si tales fuertes emociones negativas de ira toman el control total sobre nosotros, como si tuvieran el derecho de ‘poseernos’ a su voluntad y fantasía, y ante la más mínima provocación, anulan nuestro sentido innato de lógica, cegándonos con su furia oscura: “ellos” sin duda tendrán la última risa, viéndonos sucumbir a “su” dominio. Es tan simple y fácil ver rojo. La velocidad cegadora a la que la ira se apodera de nuestro corazón y nuestra mente, transformándonos en un ser vicioso y hirviente nos hace aparecer no menos que títeres en manos de estas emociones diabólicas “.

“‘Se te puede perdonar si tu enojo se dirigió a mejorar a una persona, a obtener un mejor resultado en la esfera académica o profesional de uno, o a convertir a alguien en una nueva hoja; pero ninguno de nosotros tiene derecho a enojarse por la caída de un sombrero – sin rima ni razón. No podemos ser perdonados por estar injustificadamente enfadados con alguien por no estar de acuerdo con nosotros – o por hacer algo contrario a nuestras expectativas, o por negarnos algo que podría ser perjudicial para nosotros. Si razones tan ridículas como otros que no se ponen la ropa de nuestra elección o que no tienen un paladar para una cocina saboreada por nosotros pueden hacernos perder la calma, entonces algo está mal con nosotros. Si nuestra ira nos está volviendo agresivos, discutidores y causando altercados entre nosotros , nuestros familiares y conocidos, entonces debemos controlar nuestra ira y tomar medidas correctivas inmediatas para controlarla “.

Swamiji comparte su “conocimiento” con nosotros para abordar y superar esos momentos difíciles y desafiantes en los que no nos queda otra opción que someternos a la ira. Nosotros también podemos beneficiarnos inmensamente y aprender a manejar, controlar y vencer la ira; mantén la calma si asimilamos los siguientes pasos simples.

1.”En el momento en que sientes la emoción tan familiar de la ira surgir a través de tu ser, por difícil que parezca, comienza a contar hacia atrás de 100 a 1. Cuenta lentamente y deliberadamente. Tómate tu tiempo mientras cuentas los números. Pausas cortas entre los números , le proporcionará el tiempo adecuado para calmarse y ver la primera luz del razonamiento “.

2.”Una mente agitada y perturbada puede causar estragos en su salud. ¿Por qué quieres que la ira desencadene problemas de salud indeseables? Intenta extinguir la primera chispa de ira que se enciende dentro de ti presionando el pulgar de la mano derecha con el dedo índice durante dos minutos a la vez. Inmediatamente sentirá que el calor que había instalado su ser físico comenzó a enfriarse; su latido cardíaco acelerado pronto se normaliza y experimenta una sensación de paz en breve “.

3.”Usted, a veces, como un volcán arroja todo lo que está dentro de usted, pero las brasas de furia dentro de usted se niegan a morir. Cuando se encuentre al final de su cuerda, siéntese, estire las piernas y mire sus pies. Concéntrese en ellos durante tres minutos. Deje que toda la escena que tuvo lugar se desarrolle antes que usted, pero esta vez, obsérvela sin prejuicios ni prejuicios, y llegue a una conclusión lógica sobre a quién y qué culpar. para su arrebato Una vez que vea una representación clara de su ser vitriólico en un estado reflexivo, intentará mejorar, tratando de controlar su ira, y en poco tiempo no solo logrará superar su ira, sino que también aprenderá el arte de controlarlo también “.
4. “Una forma muy simple de extinguir el fuego destructivo de la ira dentro de ti es tomando café frío o tomando un vaso de agua. No tienes que beber la bebida de una vez, sino detenerte, tómate un tiempo, como tomas un sorbo tras otro. Puedes dejar de pelear verbalmente, alejarte de la situación desagradable y mientras bebes uno de los dos, obtienes el tiempo necesario para reprimir tu ira y convertir una situación fea en una situación en la que todos ganan. “
5. Otra medida efectiva que puede adoptar para contrarrestar la ira, para calmarlo cuando está en el camino de guerra, es llenar la boca con aire y luego expulsarla de la boca. Repita esto cinco veces. Cuando haga esto, se vaciará, libérese de todas las palabras tóxicas y enojadas que clamaban por ser liberadas dentro de usted y desate un ataque verbal al objetivo humano que ‘ellos’ aparentemente pensaron que sería parado frente a ti Están gratamente sorprendidos de no ver a nadie a tu alrededor y ‘su’ ira también disminuye. Al mismo tiempo, el refrescante ‘vacío’ que sientes dentro de ti es muy liberador, ya que refuerza la posibilidad de que puedas ganar ventaja sobre la ira, al resistirla, en un corto período de tiempo “.
6. “‘Frota el ‘vishuddhi chakra’ situado debajo de la barbilla, con la mano derecha, en un movimiento hacia abajo, durante tres minutos, para estar en paz contigo mismo. Experimentarás una sensación de gran alivio al ser finalmente liberado, de los tentáculos de temperamento ardiente, que había tratado de jalarte y entrelazarte en el oscuro laberinto de pesar y vergüenza, por haber pronunciado palabras que pueden nunca será recuperado por usted y por haberse comportado de una manera tan impropia que nunca podrá borrarse de los recuerdos de las personas, pero ahora tiene la oportunidad de dejar atrás el pasado y emerger como el nuevo yo, tal como lo ha pedido un adiós final a tu ira “.

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  1. If fire is within us then even the extinguishers reside within, we need to ensure that extinguishers are activated in a timely manner so that this fire in the form of anger is not able to ruin us. Small techniques given by Swamiji to control our anger there and then can become our handy tools. Thanku Swamiji🙏🙏🙏

  2. Thank You Swamiji for enlightening us on this aspect of life !!!!

    Om Shri Swami Ajaye Gurudevaye Namah 🙏🙏

  3. Control your anger as it is only one letter away from danger. Give up anger, give up pride and free yourself by treading on the path and techniques outlined by swamiji.

    Thank you Swamiji for you guidance.

    Grateful as always.

  4. Anger is worldwide problem, with Swamiji’s blessings and methods all can win over this human enemy -the anger.

  5. Beautiful.
    Even during anger , keep it in check and don’t let it take control over you.
    Jai Guru Dev

  6. I am amazed at the divine timing of this message…feeling so relieved after reading this message..Thank you Swamiji for enlightening us once again🙏🙏🙏 you are omnipresent!!

  7. We should all ponder over this topic seriously. Because anger is a very big vice which ruins the relationships, ruins families, even ruins nations.
    When we lack love and peace from within, the frustration comes in the form of anger. We want others to behave according to our desire. Sometimes we get angry for silly reasons. One should express one’s feelings in a right way instead of getting angry. We should improve our level of inner satisfaction by introspection, self analysis, positive thinking and contemplation. Keep your thoughts positive, because thoughts become words. Keep words positive because words become actions.
    Swamiji has shown many ways to control anger. By following His shown path, we can lead a peaceful life.
    Thank you Swamiji for your divinely guidance. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  8. Anger is a normal emotion that everyone experiences from time to time. However, anger can become problematic if it leads to aggression, outbursts or even physical altercations. It is then that you need to implement healthy ways as suggested by Swamiji to address it.

    Swamiji, thank you so very much for guiding us always. 🙏🏻

  9. They say “ For Every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind”. The techniques as suggested by Swamiji to control anger are easy to understand and simple to practise.

    Thank you Swamiji for everything🙏

    With Gratitude

  10. Thank you very much Swamiji for guiding us with simple methods and messages yet powerful mechanism to practice and reap rewards… Jai Swami Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha

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