“Do not backstab others”

Swamiji’s Sandesh…

‘Do not backstab others!’

“Do not ever back stab other people. Always be loyal to those people , in particular , who have helped and supported you, to reach where you have reached in life today. Be grateful to them!”
“Jis thaali mein khaate ho, ussi mein ched mat karo ! “

Swamiji says …

“Caprice, avarice, greed, vested interests! Putting yourself above others at all times! – is a saddening behavioral attitude – rampant in today’s society – and none of us are strong enough to stand up to, and disbar the entry of such nefarious emotions within us. ‘After all we are human beings and must think about ourselves ‘ – we counter sheepishly; and reason with ourselves as to how could one remain impervious to these ‘very normal’ emotions – and the cunning, conniving means that one resorts to, to benefit the most , personally or otherwise.”

“We could not be bothered about who we hurt or whose trust we break , as we callously set the wheels of our selfish designs in motion. We are set on our intent of doing only what we want to do – even if it involves betraying the faith and maligning the name of that very person , who had offered us everything within, and beyond his means – when we had absolutely nothing. This is how we repay the good soul who had extended a helping hand to us during our plight.
Another Samaritan who had come to our financial aid – when we were squeezed for the capital required to nurture our dream enterprise – meets the same fate. We scheme to take over the entire business through fraudulent means. The considerate person, who had offered us a job – for which we were not qualified – out of pity for us and our family , is hoodwinked by us, as we start stealing money from those very cash drawers that we were made in charge of. We completely forget to be grateful and thankful to such people who had helped us , when everyone else had slammed their doors on us. Gratitude is replaced by the ominously frightening words – ‘ How can I get more out of this situation or person? ‘ – and then we allow the Devil to take control of our senses, and the rest as they say is History.”

“Henceforth, it doesn’t matter to us whether the person we plan to back-stab is our family member or our best friend. Just about anybody who could spoil our ‘plans’ – could be the unsuspecting victim of the brutal onslaught of our evil intentions. Emotions of love, affection or camaraderie are dusted under the carpet as we plan to broker a deal that could shatter the foundation of the very house in which our extended family and we live. We forget that it was the same eldest sibling – who we could be evicting from the house today , had paid for our education and made us who we are today. No amount of persuasion, tear filled eyes, or earnest pleas can make us see reason and sway us from the dubious goal that we have set to achieve – as our eyes are veiled by a blind of sheer greed. Since most of us find it extremely difficult to abide by the principles of honesty, caring and sharing – we surrender to the glitter of gold and the fetching fragrance of freshly minted notes and tinkling coins in order to ‘move on in life’.”

“On the other hand ‘ek achcha , saccha insaan ‘ remains unaffected by the ill-treatment meted out to him by his family, friends and others; by the materialistic world that beckons him and beguiles him to enjoy life in the manner in which it should be. No amount of riches can attract him; lure him – as the magnetic pull of a life of ‘principles and goodness’ … ‘unke siddhant’ … keeps him rooted to his ideals and he does not deviate from the ‘Righteous Path’. He prefers to remain in a reflective state , thinking about the welfare of others and refuses to attack a person, either verbally or physically, who is taking him for a ride and trying to fool him. His silence and goodness are mistaken as signs of weakness, and people are encouraged further, to speak ill of him behind his back. People misinterpret his calm and cool outwardly appearance and think that he lacks the guts and courage to question them and put up a fight against them. This is far from the truth , as this good soul understands everything , but wants to avoid a conflict with his loved ones , at all cost – and wants to devote time in serving and helping others…’Woh doosron ki bhalai karne mein lagay rahtein hain.’

“It is an unfortunate truth that the society in which we live today, derives senseless pleasure in troubling and causing great anguish to simple and honest people. ‘Aaj ka samaaj achche , sacche insaan ko tang kar ke anand leta hai!’ Irrespective of the fact that this simple , quiet , good person in a family might have neither bothered nor shared his sorrow and suffering with any other family member – continues to bear abuse and mistreatment from them silently. ‘Wo uski ninda kartey hain’ – demean him, talk disparagingly about him , behind his back , and backstab him smilingly , as and when it suits them ; but he remains unperturbed , as he knows that His Savior , who is always by his side , will give him the strength needed to bear the slights, insults and jibes – without retaliating in any way and behave in a manner befitting an individual who was not willing to compromise on his principles.”

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  1. The current state of affairs is such that we are losing our values each day and there is no place for righteousness and emotions in this swift mechanical life. Swamiji’s sandesh is an awakening for us….correct yurself now before its too late….not for others but for ourselves.

  2. Jai Gurudev, very minutely breifed the nature of present evils in our society.
    Back stabing is heinous and should be disallowed by everyone

  3. किसी के उपकार का बदला कोई भी यदि धोखा देकर करता है तो यह पाप तो पीठ में खञ्जर घोंपने से भी ज्यादा घृणित है। समाज में कोई भी अपने आप में परिपूर्ण नहीं है इसलिए साथी हाथ बढा़ना,साथी हाथ बढा़ना वाली भावना के रास्ते पर आगे बढ़ना चाहिए।
    स्वामी जी के चरणों में नमन करता हूँ।

  4. This is the story of all of us. This is not a story, rather it’s a plight of all of us.
    Let’s strive and come out of it. Earlier the better.
    Jai Guru Dev

  5. If you are on a spiritual journey, then drop deliberately all the vices including backstabbing. It takes us away from our destiny. With great love and bhakti on Swamiji, we can achieve our goal by practicing his teachings.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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