” Your ‘Karma’ alone makes you who you are and creates your destiny ! “
‘ ‘Karma’ se ‘bhaagya’ banta hai ! “

Swamiji says….

” ‘Kismet ‘… ‘Taqdeer’ … ‘Bhaagya’ ! The air around us resonates with the warm conviction of these words – and boosts up our morale and confidence that our ‘ bhaagya’ … our ‘fate’ … has to be good. There are no two ways about it , we assure ourselves. It simply has to be good. ‘How can our ‘taqdeer’ not be good ? ‘ – We literally hammer these words deep within ourselves and the reverberation of these words convince us that our good ‘ taqdeer ‘ will always ensure that everything is hunky dory and perfect with us. But is it as simple as it appears to be ! Is it our ‘bhaagya’ alone that makes us what we are ? Are we in a tearing hurry to chase our illusionary ‘bhaagya’ – lest it slip by , and hold it accountable for every occurrence in our life – completely missing out on the ‘core’ issue that plays an integral role in enabling us to etch out a well defined destiny.”

” ‘Bhaagya’ – This word has unfailingly cast a spell on each one of us and none of us is spared from its intoxicating effect of living a life in an illusionary world of false hope where everything will work out fine – without us making any endeavour to better, alter or transform our ‘ bhaagya’… our ‘taqdeer’. We gape with awe and wonder on seeing a man wearing the stamp of success and achievement with elan , striding the world like a Colossus and on seeing anything and everything being touched by him turn into gold , we announce to the world – ‘Uska bhaagya kitna achcha hai ! ” But strangely , at the same time , these very words – the same words – ‘ ‘bhaagya’…’taqdeer’… ring out our despair and hopelessness – when we bemoan our fate on facing failure – ‘Mera ‘bhaagya’ … Meri ‘taqdeer’ hi kharab hai … Mera kabhi kuch achcha nahi ho sakta…!’ We give the entire credit or discredit to the ‘ taqdeer ‘ of both these individuals without trying to analyze the moot cause that makes one successful and the other not so successful. Does hard work , sincerity and perseverance or lack of it have anything to do with their ‘ bhaagya’ ?

” We blame our ‘taqdeer’ ! We curse it ! We rant and rave ! We play a no-holds barred blame game with our poor ‘bhaagya’ – which is accused unsparingly by the tirade of words that we attack it with ! A negative and pessimistic attitude and outlook of this kind will only beget more pessimism , and before long we end up losing all hope of achieving anything – and become very comfortable in slipping on a cloak of hopelessness … ‘Aur hummey har taraf niraasha hi dikhti hai ! ‘ We squarely blame our hapless ‘bhaagya’ for the smallest hindrance , problem and obstacle … ‘ choti , choti baatoin ke liye ‘ – that we have to face during the journey of our life – without pausing for a second to ponder over the personal initiative, interest and inclination that we have shown or taken in trying to overcome the problem…to throw a challenge to the ordeal that is looking complacently at us – as it knows that we will not put a fight , not even raise a finger – but sit quietly , clearly projecting the body language of a loser – with our hands tightly clasped , cursing the moment of our birth ; the planetary movements that are responsible for the mess that our life is in ; but we will neither act nor venture to do anything concrete to be the master of our own destiny ! We simply don’t want to do any ‘karma’ ! We refuse to make any effort to awaken ourselves from the lethargic stupor of unreality that we are in.We give ourselves false comfort by saying … ‘Yeh mere ‘bhaagya’ mein likha hai.’ – ‘This is written in my fate. Period. Why should I do anything when I am destined to live a life like this !’ We make our ‘fate’ a convenient scapegoat and accept everything that is happening with us – to us – by clinging to these words as a lifeline.”

” Believe me , it is our ‘karma’ alone – our motivational plans – our innovative ideas – our clearly defined intent – the determination with which we can swing the tide in our favour – that can make us carve our ‘bhaagya’. The minute we start working – doing our ‘karma’ with a positive bent of mind – we are filled with new hope – enthused to achieve what we have set our heart and mind at – our work gets result oriented , and we see a marked course correction in our life that was otherwise, meandering aimlessly, previously. We must deliberate somberly – ‘Are we doing the ‘karma’ that we should be doing in order to improve our ‘taqdeer ; better the circumstances in which we live? ‘ ‘Are we making any effort to change our way of thinking ? Are we striving hard to discard the lackadaisical attitude of the past – the age old notions that we have fed into our system – of blaming everything around us – our ‘bhaagya’, our circumstances. Everything , but ourselves. What we need to change urgently is our way of thinking and to work to the best of our ability – to put in everything that we possess to make our ‘taqdeer’ ourselves. ‘Karma’ aasha jagaati hai ‘ – and it is this hope that should encourage us to step out of the comfort zone in which we have cocooned ourselves, and rather than waiting for our ‘bhaagya’ to turn on its head , for our benefit – so that we may prosper – we must play a pivotal role in creating our own destiny.”

” While making repeated attempts to change our ‘ taqdeer’ , we also have to learn the skill of being patient. Remember , our fight to change our life pattern has just begun.We might take some time , maybe a few years to attain our goal , but at no point should we lose patience and switch over , midway , to the fulfillment of another unfulfilled dream – but exhibit patience in real life situations…’Choti choti cheezon mein dhairya nahi kho na chahiye … Ussey jeevan nahi chal sakta hai !”

” The temptation of knowing well in advance what the future holds for us entices us to have the lines on our hands read , and we happily make a beeline to know what our ‘bhaagya’ has in store for us. We soak in every ‘happy’ word that is said to us and wait with bated breath for the promised excting times to unravel before us and thank our stars for our wonderful ‘ bhaagya’. But do we spare a minute to think about the ‘ bhaagya’ of a person who cannot have the lines criss – crossing on his hands read as sadly , unfortunately he does not have hands ! “

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  1. Well elaborated by the writer, the words of Dear Swamiji are soaked with eternity, His guidance to lead our Karma is very simple.
    The master stroke is the final paragraph of this another somber article.
    Jai Swamiji

  2. Your karma decides how your destiny will be…so don’t just sit around and blame destiny for all the ills but work around to turn destiny in your favour. Thanku Swamiji for the enlightenment.

  3. So true!!! Well explained and guided to do our karma. As karma alone can make or change your destiny. Positive thinking and staying happy is very important in shaping our destiny. Thank you Swamiji for such divine piece of knowledge.

  4. Thank you very much swami ji. The way you explain us that everyone can change our destiny by doing good karmas and have patience and good time will come. Really we appreciate your lesson and blessings.

  5. Om gurudevo namaha. How beautiful and enlighting the teachings of Gurudev are, they are mind blowing and there is soooooo much to learn from his each and every word. It has so much of depth and touches the soul and heart. I have learnt from him not to blame anyone, who are we to blame anyone and our taqdeer. It is our deeds that we have to face boldly. Whether good or bad. One thing I have learnt from Swamiji is enjoy what you have and suffer what you have to. So don’t curse ur self or anybody. As winter always turns to spring every cloud has a silver lining, so these are phases of life. Thank you Swamiji for awakening our thoughts once more. I shall always follow the path of righteousness and Bhakti. I just want u To be always there with us with both ur hands on us. What I need is your blessings and grace on all of us as you have always done for us. I owe my gratitude to you and owe my life to walk on ur teachings. Jai gurudevo namaha.

  6. Swamiji makes the Vedic Aphorisms so simple.
    Make effort > have patience>create bhagya.
    How beautifully simple.

    Pranam Swamiji.


  7. Khudi ko kar buland itna ki har taqdeer se pehle Khuda khud bande se puche bata teri raza kya hai.
    When we become part of the spiritual education given by dear Swamiji and inculcate the values in our lives, we make ourselves so powerful with the help of divinity that even God Shiva is bound to help us by asking ‘bata teri raza kya hai ‘.
    When we follow the path of truth and purity and knowledge being given by Swamiji, we can take from God Shiva whatever we want.
    Swamiji ke sri charanom me shat shat naman.

  8. Very simple words but powerful and in depth meaning stating that hardwork and efforts always reap rewards…thank you Swamiji… Jai Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha

  9. Karam karte ja, phal ki chinta na kar…. First put forward all your efforts to make things happen, then think about the results… But mankind always tends to think ONLY about the latter… Pranam Swamiji for enlightening on this so beautifully…..

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