“Ishta Dev”

“Each one of you should cherish , treasure one particular deity as your ‘ishta dev’ and see Him – His form in all other dieties…”
” Har ek insaan ko ek ‘ dev ‘ ko apna ‘ishta dev’ zaroor maan kar chalna chahiye aur unhi ke roop mein aur sab ko dekhna chahiya !”

Swamiji says …

” God. The Absolute. All powerful. All pervading. Supreme. Majestic.Divine. Mysterious. Who is ‘He’ ? What is ‘He’ ? Where is ‘He’ ?

” These thoughts have played on our mind right from our early childhood , as we knew for sure, that there is ‘someone’ … some force – strong and powerful , as our parents unfailingly paid obeisance in a very special manner to this power , unknown to us.They would clean the area of the house where ‘He’ resided , light lamps and incense – sticks , offer food and fruits to Him, chant His name and sing in His honour and we would look at this process with wonder. We were little children then – could barely utter gibberish, crawl or totter on our feet – but one habit that we had formed was to fold our hands and bow our head to a power – supreme and awe – inspiring. To add to the beauty and wonder of this power was that we could see ‘His’ – ‘Her’ form and address them by personal names … Bhagwan Shiv ji , Vishnu ji , Ram ji , Krishna ji, Hanuman ji, Ma Kaali , Mahavir Swami.”

” It is but natural that you might have been puzzled and confused about the hierarchy and supremacy of Gods – since we worship many Gods and Goddesses as well as their incarnations. Questions and doubts could have arisen in your mind – Who is God ? Which God is the most powerful? Who should I worship and offer prayers to first ? In which God’s care should I place myself ? What makes Him God ? All these doubts and confusion can be laid to rest the moment you surrender yourself unconditionally to ‘the’ deity with whom you feel you have established a direct connect – a personal rapport – the deity you feel you love the most, who inspires you with His invisible presence around you and makes you feel that you are his chosen one. It is then that you should draw Him within you as your ‘Ishta Dev’. In order to experience true divine joy , it is extremely important and essential for you to do this at the earliest. ‘Ek ka ‘ishta’ ka hona bahut zaroori hai!”

“Once you succeed in focusing your attention and devotion to that one particular God and make Him your beloved deity, you should then look for ‘Him’ in all other Gods or ‘Om’ or a ‘ Guru’ or any other power – that you are most inclined towards – while you pray, worship or meditate.
‘Apne ‘ishta dev’ ka roop , sneh , prem … baki sab mein dekho’.The bond of pure love, deep affection and implicit trust that you form with your ‘ishta dev’ enhances your abilities to comprehend and absorb , the ritualistic and spiritual aspect of life , with maturity and wisdom. ‘Sab ko usi ke roop mein dekho. Aisa karne se ‘bhagwan’ aur ‘nirakar’ ki prapti jaldi hoti hai …’ You should rejoice that you have been gifted with an opportunity to bow your head in reverence and respect to a galaxy of Gods and Goddesses , and while doing so , you should look for your ‘ishta dev’ in them and understand that your ‘ishta dev’ and the other deities are one and the same. ‘Namaskar sab ko karo , ‘ishta’ ek ko maano! ‘

“The faith and belief that you repose in your ‘ishta dev’ gives you the strength to lead a life that stands firm on the foundation of an amalgamation of rituals and spirituality. His presence by your side spurs you to perform rituals with an open mind – until they lead you to your final destination – spiritual upliftment . ‘Tumhare ishta dev tumhein , tumhari manzil tak pahunchate hain.’ Your ‘ishta dev’ blesses you in ways unknown to you ; in ways , mysterious and magical. He responds to your selfless love , desireless prayers, earnest appeals and showers His Grace on you – by opening your ‘kundalini’ which enables you to progress on the Real path – The True Path of Spirituality – that leads to the enlightenment of the soul by opening your ‘Third’ Eye.”

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  1. Swamiji always tells us to keep one ‘ishta dev’ of our choice, be it Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, Lord Hanuman….and meditate upon Him. He will lead us to that “NIRAKAR”.
    This should be our ultimate goal to achieve.
    Swamiji….I bow my head on your lotus feet for leading us on the spiritual path.

  2. The most profound Truth that our Swamiji has told in such a simple way.
    Respect everyone, bow to everyone , after seeing our ishtdev , our beautiful form in that everyone. That should be the attitude…
    Jai Gurudev

  3. To find one’s Ishta Devata we have to look at the Atma Karaka planet in Navamsa, since the Navamsa shows blessings of God onto the native and the way in which the native communicates with God. Navamsa is also known as the dharma-amsa, since it is the 9th division (9th house signifies dharma).

    Thank you Swamiji for your guidance and blessings.

    Grateful as always.

  4. The simplest way to elaborate the Isht Dev is here in this another enlightened message.
    Swamiji is always and forever kind in leading His disciples to the goal of Spirituality.
    Words can never be enough to express His greatness.
    Jai Gurudev.

  5. Om gurudevo namaha. What a beautiful n enlighting message. How truly said. Swamiji always preaches us in a simple and beautiful maner. How true it is that we have one Isht to meditate on. Since I was born I saw my grandma doing lot of rituals and following God. I would see her praying and not eating till she offered bhog to the God. I inherited lot of spirituality from her and from Std I started following Lord Shiva and offer offerings to him. I was so inclined that I keept fast for good 16yrs. Till I encountered Swamiji. After meeting Swamiji I became more spiritual and started praying more. As I was fortunate enough to meet Swamiji and I got a right guru to preach me. Slowly and gradually my inclination started changing towards Swamiji. His love, compassion and lot of teachings started pulling me towards him more closer to him, things started changing in my life.i started to praying him earnestly with my whole soul and heart. Without asking him I would not do anything. Slowly he became my Isht. I would see Swamiji in form of Sai, shiv and everyone. I had so many experiences in this span of life from which in learnt so many things. I saw swamiji always with me. Which was the biggest achievement in my life. I am very fortunate to have Devta like Swamiji in my life who protects me in each and every way. He is my God, my life without him my life is incomplete. How truly he has said. The faith in him and his blessings on me keeps me going miles and miles. I am really blessed and thankful to him. For always being next to me. He is my true God, my life, and my Isht. I am ultimately fortunate to have him. Thanks Swamiji for being there.

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