Respect Women & Womanhood

It is said that God resides where women are revered and respected.

Women have always played a pivotal role in our society. It is vital for us to understand the strength and power of women. The extraordinary strength that women posses can be surmised from the simple example given below. Man cries out in pain on suffering the discomfort caused by a minor stone problem. In sharp contrast, a woman bears her child in her womb for nine months and endures gut -wrenching labour pain with great tolerance and forbearance.
Man should learn from women the art of smiling through every adversity, develop the amazing ability to face every crisis confidently and learn to accept sorrow and grief with fortitude.
The ease, elan and grace with which she plays the myriad roles of raising and taking care of her family, making society cultured and refined or imparting education is remarkable and noteworthy.

In modern times, women have played leading, monumental roles in all professions and all walks of life . A woman is a symbol of power. The onus of her safety, security and well-being lies purely with the society of which she is an integral part.

Mrs. Neema and Devotees

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