“Pariksha se bhaybheet na ho…”

Swamiji says …

“‘ ‘Pariksha’ … Exams… Tests … Viva … Assessments ! These words have always sounded formidable, frightening and formal ! We became very familiar with these words – exams, ‘parkisha’ – very early on in life ; perhaps from the tender age of five or six – and the mere mention of them filled us with dread. The stern intonation of these words; the intrinsic accompaniment of the note of an unmistakable warning and strictness in them – was never lost on us ; and that is what made us feel all the more scared and frightened. The thought of appearing for an exam filled us with a sense of foreboding – that our life, our future and destiny depended on the outcome of the result of our exams. We were expected to perform very well in them; outdo others – and as the time to the exams got closer, this caused us greater worry, as we knew there was no running away from them!”

“Ironically, despite our great aversion for exams, they played a great role in helping us, analyse our scholastic intelligence, ability to study and work hard. They were also clear indicators of our academic standing in school, and in our family – all of which was judged by our performance in the exams ; the end result of a year’s hard work. Excelling in exams earned us laurels, certificates and awards ; but the same exams could cause us humiliation and embarrassment, too – in the form of a dressing down, a verbal thrashing and a whole lot of sniggering that could be directed at us – on being labelled a failure!”

“’Pariksha’ … A simple enough word – but, strangely, this very word succeeds in eliciting extremely different responses and reactions from different individuals. At times, the mere thought of sitting for an exam or an interview – triggers an emotion, that could be highly volatile and could cause panic and anxiety in some of us; while a few remain unaffected, unperturbed and sail through exams, without as much as a grimace.”

“Butterflies in the stomach, pangs of nervousness ; a pounding heart in one’s mouth ; the deafening replay of the terrifying word – ‘exams’ – drowns the sound of the memorized subject matter, that our memory desperately tries to recapitulate, during an exam – which raises the worrying concern – ‘ Zyaadatar , jo bhi insaan pariksha deta hai , woh ghabrata hai … uss mein darr , bhay utpann ho jaata hai !’ Why is one so fearful, terrified of exams ? Why do we allow ‘fear’- a negative emotion to make an uninterrupted foray into our mental faculties ; and rule over us to such an extent that it succeeds in erasing the relevant, required subject matter from our memory during those essential moments when needed the most, while taking an exam.”

” ‘Insaan ko bhay nahi hona chahiye! Ussey apma ‘karma’ karna chahiye!’ We have to do our ‘karma’ and thus … ‘Pariksha’ ko apna karma maan kar, bina darrey karo!’ Vidyarthiyon mein kissi bhi cheez se bhay utpann ho jaata hai!’ – and this is something that should not happen. The younger lot should be happy that they are being given an opportunity to prove their mettle and showcase their capabilities…be it in academics, sports or in their professional life. Redundancy and rusting of the mind can only be fought off by testing ourselves; both, our physical and mental skills – and thus, it is important for us to look forward to exams, with confidence and positivity.”

” The solution to this problem lies within us … and believe me it is very simple find a solution for this. We cannot remain foot soldiers for ever and listen to every order and instruction that is issued by our ‘mind’ blindly. No! We have to take charge; adopt the role of a commander and eject these self – damaging thoughts out of our mind…’Bhay ko apne andar se, apne dimaag se har haalat mein nikaalna chahiye!’ We might be completely unaware of the detrimental effect that fear or exam phobia has on us. Time that should have been utilized in preparation and revision for exams is wasted in dwelling on the horrifying anticipation of the exams. Rather than thinking of a way out of the sticky situation, and improving things for ourselves, we spend hours getting all knotted up ; forgetting the right answers at the crucial moment of our exams. Many a times we draw a blank during the exams and realize later that we could have solved the problem easily, but by then it is too late and our fate is sealed.”

” The earlier we accept the reality of the fact that exams too fall in the gambit of our ‘karma’, the better it would be for all of us. Every test and exam that we clear, helps us in inching closer towards our final goal. We have to face them ! We don’t have a choice ! Exams spare none ! An enlightened ‘guru’, too, has to pass the ‘exams’ and ‘tests’ that his devotees expect him to clear ; before they express their willingness to accept Him as their ‘guru’. Can he be fearful of the ‘exams’ set for him by his devotees?”

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  1. Awesome last few lines… made me read again and again… lucky to have you as my Guru Swamiji… Jai Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha

  2. So motivating thought.
    When our Guru is willing to subscribe to the tests that devotees set for Him , then why should devotees be afraid of tests that their Guru sets for them.
    There is no progress without movement.
    Never we should get scared of movement or change.
    We should remember that even the water gets stinky if it stops moving.
    So , we have to decide that whether we want be a stinky water of a pond or we want to become a gushing river. The choice is ours.!!!

  3. Practical sharing of knowledge by enlightened soul, Swamiji your views are so absorbing that one can feel the power of immense bliss.
    Jai Gurudev

  4. Indeed, awesome last few lines! Even Swami Vivekananda tested Sri Ramakrushna Paramhansa many a time in many ways and accepted Him as his Param Guru .
    A very enlightened message for all to follow in life.
    Pranam Swamiji!!!

  5. गुरुदेव का वाणी से निकला एक एक वचन हमे जीवन मे आगे और आगे बढ़ने की प्रेरणा देता है।
    ऊॅ स्वामी अजय गुरुदेवाय नमः

  6. Jai Guru ji 🙏🙏 I have always been a timid one always scared and never had self confidence. But after connecting with Guruji, especially talking to him, I overcome my fear and have build self confidence . Guruji, your blessing is keeping me strong and brave . 🙏🙏

  7. परीक्षा से डरना नहीं, परीक्षा के बिना सफलता नहीं मिल सकती | धन्यवाद स्वामीजी 🙏🙏🙏

  8. Jai Gurudevo Namaha. Such a beautiful and enlightening teachings of life.its so apt and perfect for all of us.I am really glad that i make a determination to fight with all the situations despite whatever the circumstances may be.
    Our dearest Swamiji does soo much for us cant we do what he is preaching us.Its soo true.”we need to have control over our minds,the mind cannot govern our bodies”if we let this happen we will fall into a state of great misery and depression. So we should work with our mind and always be allert.
    Its an amazing and inspiring lesson for the day which has really opened my mind that what i am doing today because of the pandemic is not right.i need to be brave enough to face the situation head on. When i always have a protective force of Swamiji with me .why fear from any situation when i am doing my karma properly. My thoughts my actions and my deeds give to the word “karma”when my intentions are clear then why let any type of doubt eclipse my mind.
    Wonderful our the words of Swamiji,they are extremely heart touching and has awakened my heart,soul and mind tobwork in the right direction and lead a life of integrity.
    Swamiji i am indebted to you for teaching how to live our lives without fear and have full confidence in onself and pass all the examinations in life when we are blessed with devine soul whom i call Swamiji.
    My heartfelt gratitude towards you forever.
    I would like to quote
    “A Guru is like a candle-it consumes itself to livht the way for others The best Guru teach from the heart,not from the books The heart of a Guru is filled with unsurpassed love and cou3to share and teach his descoples .To the world you must be just a Guru,but to me you are everything. Swamiji you are my world aound which my life restates ”
    Shath shath koti pranam priya Swamiji.

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