”Niswaarth ‘kaam’ aur ‘seva'”

Swamiji says …

“Niswaarth kaam alaukik anand deta hai …”
“The rewards of selfless service are divine in nature …”

” I am sure most of us remember the days, when as stubborn tiny tots, almost all of us had selfishly conveyed our annoyance, on being distracted from whatever it was that we were doing, and said the words – ‘Ruk jao, main abhi ‘kaam’ kar raha hoon ! ‘ – very often , and had actually appeared to be very busy with the task that we had set for ourselves. So deeply engrossed would we be with the issue at hand, that we had neither paid heed to what was being said to us by others, nor had we shown any inclination in changing our mind from the set task. The message was clear. We had to give topmost priority to the all important ‘kaam’ that we had set out to do as we were deriving pleasure in doing so. Our ‘kaam’ might have been as mundane as dressing up a doll or adjusting the carriages of a toy train on a track, but we had remained steadfast in our efforts and budged from our objective only after giving it the final touch. The heart-warming innocence and naive simplicity of the words uttered by us, then, had always brought a smile of joy to our parents’ face. We would do our ‘kaam’ putting our heart and mind to it, as that is what we had wanted to do, and it was attended to perfectly by us, since it was done out of our own choice and will.The end result had to be good as we would get a reward, in some form, from our elders on completion of that task.”

” It is here that we need to reflect deeply and think – ‘Will we work with the same drive, the same sense of involvement and pleasure – while doing some good for someone else, without gaining any benefit from it, without a selfish motive.’ Can we truly serve others selflessly, without looking for anything in return? Can we make ‘Service, before self’ our motto? Can we motivate ourselves to help others with enthusiasm and eagerness knowing very well that we will not benefit in any way by either helping them or serving them? Can we stop being selfish ?”

“Our attitude, mental make – up and outlook towards life and others can undergo a tremendous transformation the very minute we understand that –
” ‘Niswaarth kaam hamesha alaukik anand deta hai.’ Once the essence of these words is absorbed and implemented by us, then any act, or any work done by us for someone else, irrespective of its nature, can make us experience the Divinity that lies behind the sacred purpose of making us do something for someone else. Our entire perspective changes when we see God’s hand in everything that He makes us do for someone – using us as His instruments in His Master Plan of assisting and serving our parents, siblings, friends, acquaintances and even strangers. Every opportunity given to us by Him, to help others should be welcomed humbly, with open arms and a bowed head, thankful to Him for making us balance out our ‘karmic’ account – putting the needs and requirements if others before ours, and responding to their call for physical, emotional or financial help. No matter how busy we are, we must find that enriching, self – satisfying, rewarding time – to extend a helping hand to others, without looking at the economics ; the profit or loss involved in the time invested, in doing whatever we can do for others, selflessly. Remember, we serve God whenever we help any other living being, and the bountiful blessings that we receive from Him take us closer to Him.We experience pure bliss when our old, aged parents bless us in quivering voices for taking care of them selflessly…for our ‘seva bhava’. Could anything be more rewarding than their blessings? “

“Humein niswaarth kaam karne mein joh adbhut anand praapt hota hai, uska bayaan karna mushkil hota hai! ‘ Let us think for a moment whether it is possible for us to describe all that our body, mind and soul experience while worshipping Vaishno Devi Ma! Can mere words do justice to the vibrations, the energy, the blessings that are received by us in Her divine presence? Similar to the manner in which we find it difficult to describe the emotions that are experienced by us when we are enveloped in Her divine aura; we fall short of words to express the immense satisfaction, pleasure and genuine happiness that is experienced by us when we do anything for someone else. But , yes , there is a common factor between the emotions that are experienced at the divine ‘darshan’ of the Goddess – and on being selfless, ‘aur niswaarth ‘seva’ or ‘ karma’ karna!’ The intensity of pure, divine joy and true happiness that is derived by us,in both instances, is one and the same.”

“Selfless acts take us a step closer in understanding that Divinity is an inherent part of each one of us and since we have originated from the same consciousness – there is no difference between us.Thus, it becomes easier for us to empathize with the concerns that plague others and on visualizing and placing ourselves in the difficult situation in which the others find themselves, we go all out to draw them out of their discomfort, by forgetting about our personal comfort for once – be unmindful and uncaring of our personal gain, but serve others generously and selflessly. Finally, selflessness wins over selfishness !”

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  1. Dear Swamiji, you are an exemplar of the essence of this message; selfless service. Thank you for leading us by your example. Om swami shri Ajay Gurudevaya namah🌹🙏🏽🌹🙏🏽🌹

  2. Another guidance from Swamiji, who is busy 27X7, in leading us for a meaningful life.
    Swamiji is The Best example of selfless service.
    Jai Gurudev.

  3. It is true that through selfless service eternal peace is obtained. Thank you Swamiji for your guidance.

    Grateful as always.

  4. The rewards of selfless service are indeed divine in nature. Selfless service elevates ones’ soul. Everybody, purposefully engage themselves in such activities. Especially those, who want to progress in the path of divinity. With the blessings of our dear Swamiji, we all should lead a life filled with divine deeds, thoughts and words.
    Jai Swamiji.

  5. स्वहित साधन से परे पर सेवार्थ किया गया कर्म स्व आनन्द कारक होता है।स्वामी जी स्वयं ऐसे व्यक्तित्व हैं, यही कारण है कि हम सब अपने आप को स्वामी जी के निकट महसूस करते हैं।
    स्वामी जी के चरणों में नमन करता हूँ।

  6. “Those who do seva with no ulterior motives, simply in the love of God, they shall obtain Union with God”

    Gratitude Swamijee

  7. Swamiji is a living example of selfless service. He is tirelessly working for the welfare of His bhakta’s and for all the living beings. He is leading us by His example. Hence keeping Him and His teachings in mind we must follow the path of selfless service.

  8. This is the essence of all spiritual learning.
    And Swamiji is teaching this to us through His own example.
    Pranam Swamiji

  9. Dear Swamiji, until some significant impact happens, this soul tend to ignore the unconditional love and affection that you shower upon every minute in my life in spite of being aware of all my short comings. Thank you for being my savior and please accept my namaskarams. Jai Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha..

  10. Jai Gurudevo Namaha. Swamiji is the biggest example and role model for me.I have seen him doing this task 24×7 without thinking of his health,whether he he is well or not well but he is always serving everyone. What bigger example can be then him.How truly said when we do sewa without thinking of materialistic things ?life starts changing on it’s own .when ever we do sewa thinking about others whether in the form of praying for others welfare our outlook of life starts changing. We get more into sewa bhava then into worldly things.The biggest example today is of covid -19.The world has started realizing that everything is temporary. What is universal is the path of the lord.To reach there you have to work selflessly .In today’s scenario we all are watching on television how doctors are working without thinking about themselves day and night.At the time of crisis I would now on your lotus feet to give such a wonderful gyan.
    Thank you Swamiji for enlightening our inner self and work for the cause of humanity and society and help our selves to grow spiritually.

  11. Kitna Sundar Bhav hai..
    “Finally we all are form the same consciousness and hence there is no difference bewteen us…”

    i think it s only because of this it is said…” Guru Gobind Dou Khade..”

    Swamiji….You are our true master, true beloved..

    As the song goes..
    ” Kuch dena ho toh, agle janam mein bhi saath dena Swami…”

    Love you swamiji..forever..

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