‘ Moksha … Jannat ‘

Swamiji says …

” ‘Moksha’ … ‘self realization’ is attained not only by the child who walks the spiritual path , but his parents too benefit from their child’s spiritual bent of mind and attain ‘moksha’.

” ‘Moksha’ … ‘jannat’…uss insaan ko hi praapt nahi hoti hai jo ‘aadhyatmik’ marg par chalta hain, parantu unke mata-pita ka bhi uddhaar ho jata hai aur unhe bhi ‘moksha’ praapt hota hai …”

“As we evolve from a young child into an adult, each one of us gets acquainted and intimately involved with the teachings, rituals and practices of our religion. We are familiarised with the importance of worshiping God in either a temple, a mosque, a church, a ‘gurudwara’, a synagogue or any other place of worship and we learn to pray regularly and reverentially, to Our Creator. We learn that wonders can be achieved by talking to Him; forgiveness can be sought by confessing to Him and that we will be provided with what is right and suitable for us, miraculously, when we ask Him for what we desire.”

“Apart from a few great, noble, enlightened souls, none of us have seen God but we do know ‘of ‘ Him. We have heard about Him – His greatness, His glory, His strength, His forgiving nature, His love for us and we too love Him … but do we make a genuine attempt to know who He is?”

” A child – inquisitive and constantly seeking to clear the never-ending stream of doubts that arise in his mind – questions the relevance of the rituals involved in honouring, pleasing and appeasing God. He expresses his eagerness to learn more about the possibility of gaining proximity to God by adopting a different, simpler approach – to establish a closer, individual personal rapport with Him. And in order to do so, he begins a journey on a path unknown and mysterious to him. The firm resolve in the child’s mind makes him adventurous, resilient and patient. He wants to rise above the immediate gains and rewards that are showered on him by the Grace of God and craves, instead, for Divine Grace to allow him to get a glimpse of God, to be accepted by Him, enfolded in His embrace and to be merged in Him forever.”

” Fortunate and blessed is a child who lives a life based on the strong foundation of good values, abides by his sacred, religious institutions, performs the required rituals and decides to veer off from the road taken by all – as the sense of peace and contentment experienced by chanting ‘mantras’, and reciting prayers motivates him to further develop a spiritual bent of mind. He places his undying faith at the Lotus Feet of His Supreme Master certain, that his spiritual thirst of wanting to ‘know’ God, will be quenched,one day, and that God will reveal Himself to him, in all His splendour and magnificence.”

“The earnest effort made by a child or any other member of a family – to make his life meaningful by experimenting with the spiritual dimension by constantly focussing on thoughts of God … Bhagwan, Allah, Jesus Christ, Guru Nanak ji – by serving Him selflessly, loving Him unconditionally, do not go unrecognized and unrewarded by God, and He not only guides them towards the portals of ‘ jannat ‘, but also ensures that the parents of such a blessed child too are rewarded by Him in an equal measure.”

” ‘Insaan ka vishwas jab ‘parmatma’ par atoot hota hai, aur ‘bhakt’ Bhagwan ki aaradhna mein samay vyatit karta hai, tab woh sirf apna hi nahi , parantu apne mata-pita ka bhi udhdhaar karwa deta hai.’ “The divine cord that binds the spiritual connection between ‘ iss tarah ke nek jeev’ and ‘parmatma’ is so strong, that God takes upon Himself the responsibility of ensuring that not only is his ‘bhakt’ given the rarest of rare privileges of rejoicing in the visual delight of His glorious presence, welcomed by Him personally in ‘jannat’, allowed to merge with Him and attain liberation from the countless cycles of birth and death; but his parents also, attain the very same blessing of ‘moksha’.”

“The world would certainly be a much better place if more of us opted to tread the spiritual path with tenacity and sincerity, determined to live a simple, pure, purposeful life and merge with Him finally.”

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  1. We must work with a heart and mind having God within and overhead.
    Pranaam Swamiji🙏🏻

  2. Very true I guess very less people in today’s world get moksha, it’s just we need to follow the right path in life!!!!

    Om Shri Swami Ajaye Gurudevaye Namah 🙏🙏🙏💐💐💐

  3. Dear Swamiji,

    Thank you for taking us into your divine embrace. Don’t know for how long I have waited but alas you presented yourself and took care of my life. Everything is received through you divine grace swamiji, and the heart is full of love. Thank you swamiji! Shat Koti naman Dear Swami!!🙏🏼🌹🙏🏼🌹🙏🏼

  4. Swamiji is our Spiritual Master, we came to know this path only and only due to Him.
    Jai Gurudev

  5. गुरुज्ञान ही मोक्षदायिनी है

  6. Thanks Swamiji for giving us the boon to have such spiritually advanced children.
    Pranam Swamiji 🙏🙏🙏

  7. Thank you Swamiji for everything.. really feel enlightened after reading through the context.. Jai Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha

  8. Swamiji,
    Thank you for accepting me as yr child in this life birth itself, else i do not know, how many more lifetimes i would have searched for you.
    Plz forever grant me a place in yr heart, in yr eyes, at yr feet…
    I love you swamiji..
    i cane never say this enough..
    I wish, i could keep saying ..I love you swamiji” throught out the day…
    and days to come ..as ever after..

  9. Om Gurudevo Namaha what a beautiful teaching and guidance. I am sure the person who comes closer to God and earnestly follows his rituals and knows what parmeshwar is definitely becomes one with him.As I can relate,when a mother conceive and keep the child in her womb and is constantly taking care of the child for those 9 months who is linked with her cord and thereafter gives the birth to the child in this humongous world,then also she never leaves the child and constantly takes care and need of the child.In the same manner when we get connected to God he does everything for us.For me my Swamiji is the world to me my God,my Guru,my mother,sister ,brother a friend to me.He is the one who means everything to me.His word is the last word for me.He takes care of my feelings and keeps on guiding me which is a boon in my life.Woh hi hey jo mujhey marg dikhlatey hai week khush Jeewan ka. He is the only one who has been taking care of my life every moment. I am sure and know he is my God who always help in my good and bad times and keeps on guiding me to walk on the path of righteousness to attain Moksha.i should Say we all are extremely lucky to be born in this life and to have a guru who selflessly keeps on taking care of each one of us who steps in darbar .what else could I have asked.To be attached and linked with him is my ahubhagya.
    I can keep on writing for him but I fall short of words when I start speaking of his Mahima

  10. One more pearl from Swamiji’s divine mala . It reminded me of the story of Hari bhakti Dhruv. Really we have done something very good that God Almighty is pleased with us and He bestowed his grace by giving us Swamiji as our Guru, guide, mentor who is giving us सात मावों का प्यार।
    Swamiji ,shat shat koti pranams on your lotus feet.

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