Swami ji ‘s Sandesh – (Excerpts from ‘Divine Grace’ – a book authored by a devotee on Swami ji)

Swami ji ,once, in a reflective mood said

“I am very much aware of the changing needs and requirements of people at large today. As materialism is the order of the day, it is but natural that people’s goals and aspirations have also changed. It doesn’t surprise me to see that very few devotees come to the Darbar with a genuine desire to seek True Knowledge. Most of them come to me with the hope and expectation that I will be able to remove the obstacles that create difficulties for them and find a solution to their day to day problems… and as I am their Guru, my dharma is to give them what they want. I give them all that I can, but I have never given and done anything that my conscience does not allow me to give and do.”


”Have we ever considered or thought for a moment that everything that we perceive is perishable. When we look outwards…externally, every living thing that we see around us will, according to the law of nature, wear and tear away slowly, and surely. Our biggest folly is to get attached emotionally, and otherwise, with all and everything that is visible to our eye. We start believing that our life and existence depends on all that is seen by us, and the thought of leaving this world behind becomes unbearable.” 


“The body will continue to do its work in this lifetime according to the karma that it has accumulated in the previous lifetimes and finally perish without leaving any trace behind. Everything that you associate with your body will merge with the dust from which you have arisen… but your soul will have to reap the dividends of your karma, whether good or bad, of this lifetime and then take rebirth accordingly. One must always remember that it is the soul alone that is imperishable. Thus, it is imperative for an individual to draw his eyes inwards and see within himself… what he is like internally, to analyze and assess himself, and judge for himself whether his soul is pure or impure, and think of ways and means by which he can cleanse it.” 


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