” ‘Anyaya’ karna aur ‘anyaya’ sehna, dono hi paap hai…”

Swamiji says …

” ‘ Certain individuals who have the knack of doing wrong; of being unjust and unfair, have always been looked upon with submissive, jaw-dropping awe, by those, who, unfortunately, are the meek, hapless, innocent victims of their vile temper and evil designs. Strangely, ‘Anyaya karte huey aise insaan…’ not only wear power-wielding traits with great ease and comfort, but are also backed by the powerful position, status and influence that they enjoy in society… ‘Aur iss liye jin par woh anyaya kartey hain, woh chup chap anyaya sehte rehtey hain ! Woh apni pareshani mein yeh bhool jatey hain ki ‘anyaya’ seh kar woh bahut badi galti kar rahey hain !’ as it encourages ‘anyaya karne walon ko ‘ to start believing that, since, there is no one to question or stop them, they can get away with anything.”

” ‘Anyaya karne wala insaan…’ tends to entertain false notions of his ‘greatness’  and ‘superiority’ over others. He revels in abusing the control that he holds over people! But, then, who has given him the right to scar a person forever with his acidic words or kill a person’s soul by torturing him emotionally or physically? Who has given him the authority to hold the happiness of other people to ransom, and, at his will, douse their laughter abruptly with his obnoxious and temperamental attitude ! Isn’t it we ourselves? ‘Jis insaan ke saath anyaya ho raha hai, woh chup kyun baitha hai? Woh uss sey puchta kyun nahi hai ki uska kasoor kya hai?’ “

“Why does the victimised, harassed, tortured person behave in such a subjugated, docile, servile manner? Why doesn’t he question the aggressor? Is it because he is terrified of the other person’s might or does his personal fear overshadow the moral courage and strength needed to counter the perpetrator’s devious doings? He feels that it is best for him to remain quiet; to adopt a silent stance; and, thus mute he becomes! “

“The marked absence of a volatile response or angry reaction from the victim, serves as a catalyst, in igniting the arbitrator’s delusions of grandeur further, and adds fuel to his vindictive and merciless streak. ‘Anyaya sehne wala’ fails to understand that his silence by choice; his unwillingness to get embroiled in heated, inconclusive arguments could  be misconstrued as a sign of weakness and submissiveness, by the offender, who seems to be oblivious to the fact that … ‘Joh paap woh karne jaa raha hai , uska phal ussey zaroor bhogna padega !’ He will have to face the consequences of his every word, action and thought one day!’ It is our ‘karma’ and ‘dharma’ to check the person right there and then! Stop the tirade of his abusive and abrasive words. Refuse to accept his violence. Make him powerless! ‘Woh insaan toh paap kar hi raha hai! Tum uss sey bhi bada paap karne jaa rahe ho, uske anyaya ko seh kar!” 

“Most of us have been taught to maintain a stoic silence in the most provoking situations; but, can we quieten the surging emotions that rise within us, questioning the gross injustice that has been meted out to us for no fault of ours? And, these thoughts do weigh heavy on our heart ! Can any burden be heavier to bear than a heart filled with sorrow, frustration and despair? No person should be given the power to disturb, in any way, the harmony that should co-exist between our heart, mind and body. The inner peace that enables us to feel the presence of God within us; shows us the path to attain liberation, one day, cannot be disturbed by the barbs hurled at us by nondescript people!”

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    1. True Swamiji.. injustice should never be tolerated and the urge has to come from within to fight against it. Jai Swami Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha

  1. Om Gurudevo Namaha. Bahut sundar sandesh.how true it is why should we do injustice to anyone and for what?Since i have been associated with you i have never done injustice intentionally or hurt intentionally as i never wanted to hurt anyone in any circumstances or any situation. But with my experiences and learning in life i have always suffered and taken and bared lot of pain being good when others have illtreated me.I always use to think forget and forgive as it is his or her Karma so what that person will do shall get it back,but times have really changed No one is bothered about his or her karma.They think if they have money and power they can rule the world and can treat anyone in any way. Whether it is your friend circle or your relatives, there are only ten percent of people left who are bothered about you today.With lot of experiences and humiliation i keept on gaining knowledge from Swamiji and started changing. The time has taught me to pray and do things constructively .As swamiji has always encouraged me to enhance my hidden potential. As the time has passed i have learnt a lot of things from him and have always taken his words seriously. That’s why till date i am living ,but with all this he has also taught me not to take any kind of ill treatment or injustice. As it is not justified and other person should also realize his or her mistake or karma so when someone tries to play with your feelings and doing injustice we need to snub.according to me it us an offence to tolerate injustice. With time i am trying to be bold and learn all these new aspects of life As people think they are superior then us .No one realizes we cane empty handed and we will go emptyhanded.
    Naa kuch laye they na kuch lejayengey.What ever good deeds and good name will only go with us.
    Thank you Swamiji for such wonderful message and enlightening us.
    Om Gurudevo Namaha

  2. ‘Nirbhay’ renna is one of the greatest virtues. Fear is the main reason for not standing against ‘anyaya’. But, one who has utmost faith in God need not fear for anything or anyone. We can take examples of Prahlaad and Ma Sita…
    As our dear Swamiji said, anyay sehna bhi paap hai.
    Have full faith in the lotus feet of Guru and be brave in every situation.
    My salutations to Swamiji for guiding us rightly at all times.

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