Preaching on Family Values

Our recent experiences with Swamyji:

Our family visited Delhi on 20th October, 2017, to seek the divine blessings of beloved Swamyji. This was one of those blessed meetings with Swamyji that I cannot resist sharing with all the devotees of Swamyji. At the end of the meeting, we were left with beautiful memories, lifted souls and divine blessings of Swamyji. Some of the experiences that I would like to share with other devotees of Swamyji are:

He gave us his precious time and discussed at length various matters relating to our welfare and future plans. He offered valuable guidance in various matters. He pampered our two little grand daughters and showered lot of love and blessings on them. Swamyji expressed his happiness to see all of us after a long time, particularly our grand daughters. He commented that – ‘You used to visit me at least once a fortnight while you were in Delhi; now it is months together that you visited me’. I felt that even Guru misses his devotees as much as the devotees miss the physical presence of their Guru. 

Swamyji said that the relationship between wife and husband is highly revered and plays a very important role in maintaining the family relations. Both should give their 100%, to keep the family going beautifully and smoothly. Just as our parents brought us up with utmost care, sacrifices and adjustments, it is now our duty also to follow their foot-prints in bringing up our offsprings. The PARAMPARA should go on.

Our family is ever indebted to the living and speaking GOD – our Swamyji, for His ever-lasting love, loads of blessings, providing a shield of protection and giving us strength to walk on the right path of life without any fear.

I felt that Swamyji’s preachings are very useful and pertinent to one and all in the society and hence all the devotees of Swamyji should take advantage of the same. 

It will be a good idea to share the essence of all such meetings with Swamyji, either through written posts or audio/video recordings.
Mrs. Vani Dattatrayam &

Dr. R. S. Dattatrayam

Hyderabad ( India )

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    1. Very true. As the saying goes, if you educate a lady, the entire family is educated. Swamiji said that it is the responsibility of the wife to make the house a peaceful place, by showing tolerance n showering love.

  1. All the females, mothers devote their life to upbring the families.
    Swamiji The Guru Mother has sacrificed the entire life for the welfare of His disciples. I am proud of my Swamiji.

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