Grace of Revered Babaji – Swamiji

25 years ago, I was working in BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited) a Nav Ratana Government Company at Nagpur.

By the grace of respected Babaji – Swamiji Shri Ajay Jain Ji, I got a book written on Him. I read the book and became very eager to meet Him. I gave telephone call which Babaji received with affectionate sweet voice. Honourable Babaji told me to meet Him at His residence in Delhi.

It was my good luck and Babaji’s grace that i got an official tour of New Delhi.

I met respected Babaji at His residence, He was waiting for me. This happened 25 years ago.

In my first meeting He gave me His immense love and deep heart touching teachings. My most of the doubts were cleared.

Honourable, Revered Babaji told that He gives Jag (Worldly matters) and Jagdish (God) both. Since then I was talking to Him almost every day on phone. He was guiding me for my spiritual progress and looking after family welfare.

Being very honest I was getting problems for my promotion and It was Babaji’s grace that I got number of promotions and reached to the level of General Manager (BHEL).

Now I was able to meet Babaji every month. My son was not progressing well in his engineering college. Babaji gave His blessings and my son became Engineer and was selected of nice job in IT company.

After my retirement from BHEL Babaji directed me to be with Him and meet weekly. He blessed me and I got respectable assignment in joint venture of NTPC Ltd. at Dadri (UP) 40 Km from His residence.

My wife was sick and going under medical treatment. She became better and now also living heathy life. My son got married, having one son (my grand son) and serving at very senior position in Computer design in very respectable company at Noida (UP). My son’s family life is very satisfactory and grandson is doing well in studies.

In summing up I submit that Babaji is fully merged in divinity and though He has many health problems, He overcomes His illness by remembering God 24 hours. He has solved most complicated problems of all devotees and gives unconditional blessings.

How lucky I am and other devotees to get such a Kind hearted, Loving, Spiritual soul, who only gives His blessings to keep us happy.

I pray to Babaji to live long so we may get His physical presence. He is merged in God and gives His blessings to all the devotees.




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  1. Swami Ji never leaves our hand once we handover us to him for guidance. Such is the love of our Swami Ji.

  2. So true ….it is the story of many devotees….rather all the devotees. We all have physical , mental and spiritual needs and Gurudev fills the void in all these areas.

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