Swamiji’s Sandesh … ‘ Nasihat ‘


Swamiji says…

“Instructions! Directions! Advice! Counsel! At times, I wonder whether it would have been possible for us to have done anything on our own, if it weren’t for the words of caution and wisdom that were directed at us, in the form of advice by our elders ! ‘Nasihat’…Advice before the commencement of our actions – and, compliments or criticism that came our way – at the conclusion of an endeavour. A thumbs-up sign would indicate their appreciation of our successful attempt, or an open discussion would ensue about how we could have gone about a particular thing properly and done it correctly, if our performance had not been satisfactory. And we learnt a lot from their advice ! We would constantly look at them for further guidance; made it a habit to follow their instructions and had obeyed every command given to us by our loved ones during our early childhood ; but, might have, foolishly, disobeyed a few instructions during our rebellious adolescence. We learnt from our mistakes quick and fast, and as we stepped into adulthood, we valued real advice, especially that which was timely and profound, and looked forward to receiving it from those whose advice had always counted and mattered! ”

“However, it is interesting to see that there are many, beyond the realm of family and friends, who consider that giving advice to anyone – any place and any time – is their birth-right and they are willing to advise us on everything possible under the Sun ; impervious to the fact, whether we had asked for it or not! Advice – take it from me – is their attitude ! Such people seem to have seen all shades of life and speak with such authority and conviction about leading our lives – ‘ If I were you , I would do that !’ ‘ No, no, no ! That approach wouldn’t be right ! You should go about it this way ! ‘ – that we feel like ticking them off for what now begins to look like interference. Since we are taught to be polite, we find it very difficult to tell them that we can do without their advice and it would be best if they could mind their own business and leave us to do things the way we wanted to.”

“One is filled with curiosity and left to wonder as to what is it that gives the other person that confidence, that air of certainty with which – ‘woh nasihat deta hai!’ It appears that he is talking about a terrain that has been traversed by him many times, and that too with such ease, that he has now taken upon himself the onus of making the lives of others simpler by sharing the skills that are needed to overcome day to day life situations.
When such a person shares his unwanted insight with us, on how he would have attended to a particular issue and gone about setting things right – we are convinced that this certainly must be a classic case of ‘practice what you preach‘ and this person would surely listen with patience to whoever tries to give him some advice, similar to the manner in which others had been listening to his advice in the past, as they feel it is warranted,now, for him to listen to them. But things are not as simple as they appear to be!”

” Astonishingly, when such a person comes in the line of fire – and perforce, has to listen to some advice that is given to him for a change by someone else, he or she changes colours and refuses to pay any heed to the smallest of suggestions and challenges the premise of any and all legitimate advice that is given to him. ‘Doosron ko ‘nasihat’ dena bahut aasaan hota hai …par ‘nasihat’ sun na aur uss par khud amal karna bahut mushkil hota hai !”

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  1. We should always try to choose the correct way in life instead giving others options (nasihat) for the same.

    Om Shri Swami Ajaye Gurudevaye Namah 🙏🙏💐💐

    1. Beautifully said!!!
      We should put ourselves into the listener’s shoes before giving him or her a Nasihat. Then only it will be authentic and it will also work. Otherwise it will y a hollow / impractical advice.
      Similarly we should develop equal patience when someone else is advising us on an issue.
      We will definitely get benifited by an advice that is patiently and devotedly listened to.
      Jai Gurudev.

      1. It is easy to advice than practice the advice given to us. The crux is practice before preaching. Thank you Swamiji for beautiful guidance. Jai Gurudev

  2. Absolutely correct, it is to advise but difficult to practice the same (Nasihat).
    Jai Gurudev

  3. Om Gurudevo Namaha.so true.its easy to say than doing on your own.It is a fact that people love giving advices. I totally agree what ever advice our parents or elders gave us were applicable in life becaur3they had experienced in life those things ,practice and with there results they would preach us or tell us in a humble way for our benefit.But these days people search on Google and give there advice which is mot authentic always.As Swamiji says and open your gyanandriya to empower us with facts of life.I really sit and wonder i only believe firmly that i should practice first and experience what the output is if i can practice then only i tell my fellow beings to practice.Actually speaking you need lot of patience,perseverance to practice in todays world it is better listen to Nashiat who has lit of knowledge and experienced it
    How truly said it is very difficult to practice it rather then just moving our tongue. Believe in action and start practicing what Swamijis says than overlooking on it as it has a very deeper insight and meaning
    Dhanyawad Gurudev.for another enlightening message.
    Prabhu kripa banaye rakhna.

  4. Yes it is true . The External world has many variations and it is its nature .

    Some people are more interested and curious in giving advises irresptive of it being practiced by them or not .

    However when any person takes a path of spirituality and devotion it is then the Devine nature of Guru , who always look at our actions and gives corrections whenever needed through the astral world and it is not visible to physical eye . Ultimately all these leads the devotee to get refined thoughts that leads to salvation if not now but in future births and we live at peace now .

    Before we attend any task or feel confuse and are in cross roads , only the guru,s advaise will make us clear . We just simply have dedicated approach towards the choosen guru and path.

    Hari om
    Sri matre namaha
    Om sri Ajay guru devaa ya namaha ,,:

  5. Trust your Guru, take his advice, march on with his words of wisdom and attain enlightment… Jai Swami Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha

  6. पर उपदेस कुशल बहुतेरे। जै आचरहिं तै नर न घनेरे।
    स्वामी जी ने इसके अर्थ को स्पष्ट कर दिया।बिना गुरू के ज्ञान नहीं।
    गुरु पूर्णिमा के पावन पर्व पर स्वामी जी के चरणों में मैं नमन करता हूँ।

  7. Unless one practices ones own preachings, it is not correct to preach others. It’s a waste of time and energy. Instead, one should put all of one’s efforts, time, skills and energy to lift up one’s own life for betterment.
    With Satguru’s shown principles one should live one’s precious life to its fullest.
    Thank you Swamiji for guiding us unceasingly…..

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