Why does man forget that he has a life to live in the other world too when he gives up his body !

Swamiji says …

“You need to be aware of the fact that you have another life to live once your soul ceases to live encased in the robe that it has donned in this lifetime…ie. your body. Your association with your body is so strong that you feel that you will live forever … that you have an eternal lease of life, but this assumption of yours is far from real … as you are living in a body that has been ‘rented’ to you by Him and the lease of your life is exclusively in His Hands. Is it possible for you to express your gratitude to Him by taking His name and thanking Him for every Grace and blessing as you traverse your journey of this lifetime? Repay your debt to Him in small instalments by doing good and only good … as that is what He expects from His most magnificent creation … you, a human being.

The karma that you have accumulated in your previous lifetimes determines whether you are born as a king’s offspring and enjoy the luxury of playing with golden toys … or take birth as a pauper’s child and play with clay toys…although the happiness derived by both the infants is of the same measure. What is of relevance is that irrespective of your standing in society every ‘karma’ of yours should enable you to be the King of that other beautiful world which you will inhabit after departing from this world … as He allows you to merge with Him … His reward for you, for your untiring, selfless, noteworthy ‘karma’. Aspire to be the King … the Ruler of the ‘Real’ world one day … by being humane and an exemplary human being in this ‘illusionary’ world which we take for ‘Real’ … as it the only way to reach there.

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  1. Our body is a “rented” with its “lease” in the hands of God!….we need to remember this always….thank you Swamiji for waking us up🙏

  2. Times again, Swami ji reminds us to remember God, perform righteous Karma, be humain.
    Our Gross body is mortal and temporary, the permanent Astral body is real. I bow in your lotus feet Swamiji for this message, an awakening call.

  3. Our body is a temple of God .. as we have heard ! We must use it the best way to serve the society and earn good karma.. so our lives after this mortal one is beautiful and fruitful too !!

  4. ये आपके अनमोल वचन है, है प्रभु स्वामीजी आपके श्री चरणों में कोटि कोटि नमन ।

  5. Swamiji’s messages are our alarm clock. They are our wake up calls and also constant reminders.
    We must do good karmas to salvage ourselves. Good karma is what gives us satisfaction. Our inner being , our Atma confirms whether what we are doing is good or not.
    Thanks Gurudev for coaching us.

  6. Just like constant coaching required for employee’s professional uplift, Guru’s constant message thru sandesh is necessary to cleanse and uplift our soul. Thank you Swamiji for your relentless effort in ensuring we are keeping our deeds straight.

  7. ‘Good Karma’ is the currency which one will spend in the ‘real’ world and has to be earned in this world. As one strives to earn money in this world one must not forget that he/she has to also live a life after ‘life’ and rather a more important one than this. So strive to be rich in a wholesome way rather than running after just the worldly pleasures and loosing sight of the true pleasure that is to be one with the almighty.
    Pranaam Swamiji 🙏🏻

  8. Whatever situation we face in life, good or bad is the result of our karma from our thoughts, actions and words.
    Swamiji has rightly given us the message to repay our debt to almighty by doing good and only good…
    We must introspect ourselves and follow Swamiji’s teachings.
    Pranaam Swamiji 🙏🏻

  9. Every week we look forward to pearl of timeless wisdom, that comes our way encased in a very different perspective, that we typically don’t see-as we are busy assembling material here , for permanent residency.
    It was a great wake up call today. We also we need to remind ourselves-the real import of this most important message …. and bring peace , tranquility and happiness in our life.
    Thank you Swamiji , for another wake call…. truly blessed to have heard you in person too….
    Best regards

  10. Superb message by Swami Ji
    Got back to the reality from the illusion. The body is not ours, we just have soul and for it we should be good and do good.
    Shukriya swami ji

  11. Swamiji’s words are truely a treasure house of wondrous wisdom for all of us..Thank you again Swamiji 🙏🙏🙏 for enlightening us with these soul stirring messages. Will surely follow and repay the almighty by doing good and good only!!!
    Tanu & Rajesh
    Auckland – New Zealand

  12. Jai Gurudevo namaha. How truely said. What one sows shall reap. I am aware of our previous karma n the present life cycle. As said by swamiji. We shall always make our weaknesses our strength n work on those guidelines

  13. Yet another strong message by Swamiji, highlighting the importance of doing good KARMAS, towards becoming “king of the ‘Real’ world.,”( life after death).
    Regarding life after death there may be several opinions or debates in the world. But in Bhagavad Gita, Lord Sri Krishna says (9-12), those who don’t believe in anything regarding God, their nature is Asura Swabhav, i.e. tamasa pravrithi.
    Thus, those who believe in God, should always aim at doing sat-karmas towards securing a better life after death.
    Thank you Swamiji for reiterating the importance of good KARMAS, through your wonderful message.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  14. Our body is a “rented” in the hands of God!….we need to remember this always and do some work always

  15. Thank you Swamiji once again for making us realize the importance of being good and doing good to people around us.. It’s not just for a secure life after death but it eventually brings a lot of positive change to the people surrounding us.. Doing good karma will have positive effect on everybody surrounding us.. Swamiji’s golden words do not just awaken and enlighten us but following them will take us towards the path of becoming a better human day by day… Swamiji ko koti koti naman…

  16. Each word of Swamiji”s message is like sector flowing through my soul.
    Koti Koti Naman Swamiji

  17. Our body is temple of God. We have to take utmost care to keep it healthy by doing good deeds. Having swamiji with us in this life is the result of our good karmas done in previous births.

  18. Another brilliant message by our beloved swamiji and the fantastic wordings used “as you are living in a body that has been ‘rented’ to you by Him and the lease of your life is exclusively in His Hands.”
    There are no words to express. Simply marvellous.

    Thank you very much Swamiji for enlightening us once again.

    🙏🙏🙏ॐ स्वामीजी श्री अजय गुरूदेवाऐ नम: 🙏🙏🙏

  19. Om gurudevaya namah.. Swamiji’s thought provoking messages makes us look deep inside. We are blessed to have someone who showers his unconditional love and wisdom to rectify our Karmas. With his sayings we realise that our journey is not limited to one life.. It’s eternal and with Swamiji’s blessing we may shorten it and unite with Almighty…

  20. In the materialistic world, everyone is busy working very hard to earn and save money, property, etc. for the future. In the spiritual world also, we need to earn something (let us call it, PUNYA) so that our life after death is better and peaceful. Whether we believe it or not, there are a good number of examples in Vedas as well as in real life, citing existence of life after death. It is also said that the God only expects good deeds (KARMA) from us in return to what He has offered all through our life. Is it not a selfless expectation from the God? Also, doing good KARMA not only repays back our debt to Him, but also makes sure of a better life after death. I am very thankful to our Guru – Swamyji, for his constant endeavour to make his devotees realize about good things in the world.

  21. Swami ji Ko Pranam🙏…
    Humpr apna aashirwad bnaye rakhna or humein aise hi rasta dikhate rehna bas yahi anurodh h🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😇😇😇😇..

  22. Profound knowledge . Please bless us Swamiji to be able to live up to your words . Thankyou . Jai Sairam .

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