Your Education should teach you to be civilised



Swamiji says …

At times we come across people who are highly educated… hold degrees from the most prestigious institutions in the world, but, sadly, their behaviour with the ‘less’ educated and those who they consider ‘inferior’ to them … is anything but refined … and speaks volumes about their misplaced ethics and values.

Modesty, humility and grace are replaced by arrogance, impatience and intolerance. At times, they conduct themselves in a manner most disgraceful and deplorable.
Their inexcusable misbehaviour with others, at times, exhibits their ignorance of the right knowledge and lack of ‘true’ education. They have the gall to use foul language and behave in an inhuman manner with the less fortunate person…who on the other hand stands firmly on the foundation of his values and principles, speaks patiently to this ‘superior being’ with his hands folded in a manner more polite and refined than his.

Such educated individuals seem to forget that they are being watched by ‘Him’ all the time and it is impossible for them to escape ‘the’ moment when they will face ‘Him’ and wait for the final verdict to be delivered to them in the Almighty’s Court … Complete and absolute justice… from which there is no running away. None of his influential and illustrious contacts can come to his aid at that moment.

In what state do you see yourself on that particular day? How many people do you hurt with your razor – sharp tongue and your rude behaviour day after day? Is there any point in calling yourself educated if you behave in such a callous manner? Are you educated in the true sense of the world?

You still have time to change yourself if you have the will to do so …

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  1. Our attitude towards others reflect the true character that we have imbibed… Guru’s constant guidance and blessings are the only means to keep our thoughts and deeds straight…

  2. With folded hand I pray to Swamiji to bless me to remain human, cultured and mannered person.
    I express my gratitude to Swamiji for this timely, striking and awakening message

  3. Yes Swamiji, apart from gaining education we must become polite, humble and show humility to one and all, specially to the ones having shortfalls of something in this life.
    Jai Gurudev

  4. Excellent message from our Swami ji.
    This is absolutely true, as true as Almighty..
    We still have time in this life to change ourselves and become graceful, humble and polite.
    Our behavior should be refined, humility must prevail in us.

  5. स्वामीजी का सन्देश अतिउत्तम है ।
    स्वामीजी की जय ।

  6. Great message by Swamiji 🙏🙏!! It’s so true.. having being justified in the eyes of God with your behaviour and attitude is of paramount importance !!…I shall always strive for the same Swamiji 🙏🙏

  7. Thank you Swamiji for awenenking our conscious time n time again. I am very grateful to you for your wonderful n blessed teachings. How truely it is put,that education plays in important role in our lives,if it is utelitised in a proper way. The way we behave with others is the reflection of our thoughts n action. It reflects how we are? It is a mirror image of us. I shall always be humble n kind to everyone what ever the situation may be. It’s my Gurujis teaching n blessings showered on me. I shall be worthy of replying to God my Swamiji n bring him proud with showing my utmost respect n humbleness towards the people all around. I seek for ur blessings n guidance to always walk on the right path. Om gurudevo namaha.

  8. Thanks Swamiji for constantly reminding us of our good behavior. You are our GURU…. the dispeller of darkness.
    Jai Guru Dev

  9. Swsmiji it is all ur blessings n teachings which gives us enlightenment to walk always on a new path. Om gurudevo namaha.

  10. विद्या ददाति विनयं
    विनयाद् याति पात्रतां।
    पात्रत्वात् धनमाप्नोति
    धनाद् धर्मं ततह सुखमय।।
    According to our shastras, one’s education should lead one to be more n more modest n graceful. Instead of that, today’s so called educated ones are becoming arrogant, impatient n intolerable. How ignorant are they!!
    As Swamiji said, they have to face the Almighty’s court. Be aware of that oh! educated ones. You have still time to correct yourselves.
    With Swamiji’s both hands on his devotees’ head, we blessed to correct ourselves in every walk of life. We pray for your eternal Aashirwad Swamiji. Bless us all. And show the divine light to lead a pious life.

  11. Thank you Swamiji for reminding us the meaning of education.
    We must not hurt others by our behavior, speech or actions.
    Just think once if the same is reciprocated to us what will be our feeling?
    Truely said by Swamiji that no influence works in the court of almighty🙏🏻

  12. Education is useless if it doesn’t bring a positive change in your behaviour towards others. 🙏🏻

  13. स्वामीजी के सत्य वचन, शिक्षित होना एक बात है, किन्तु, शिक्षित होते हुए, मृदु भाषी व दयालु होना अति उत्तम है ।

  14. Om gurudevo namaha. What a beautiful n thoughtful teaching. Swsmiji always preaches n shows the way to enlightenment. I have been reading this message again and again. It really gives me goosebumps being an educator. I always give values given by Swamiji to my kids while reaching them lessons. I would like to report all of u. That my God Swamiji’s teachings are appreciated by parents as they have no time to impart values to their kids. It’s really education which reflects ur personality n behavior with others. It’s like a mirror where you can see ur real reflection that where u stand. I often discuss with Swamiji abt my nature. He is sooooo loving n affectionate n shower all his blessings on us. I am very grateful to him that he has changed my life totally. I shall always follow his preachings n bring proud to him. I must really confess that I am extremely lucky to have swamiji in my life who always takes good care of me n my family. He gives me all the strength n inspiration to move ahead in life. Om gurudevo namaha.


  16. Such a great message by Swami Ji, reflection of a human being is in the way of interaction with any other person
    Will surely

    1. will surely spread the message
      Swami ji not only thinks of his devotees, he thinks for the whole society.

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