Give back to Society in every possible way

Swamiji says …

Once you acquire everything that you had aspired for … name , fame , wealth and position … when you have more than you need …at times in abundance … you must remember your duties and like a Good Samaritan … return and give back to the society from which you have evolved. Doesn’t your body expel the unused, extra food matter from it? Srishti ka niyam hai yeh …

At times, the sheaths of pride and arrogance that layer your eyes intoxicate you … and blinds your vision, and your complacency stalls you from performing selfless , good ‘karma’ aimed at benefiting the society.

You conveniently place the entire onus of being navigated through the ups and downs … the highs and lows of your lifetime … on your Guru … as you completely forget that the only worthy thing that you can take along with you when you leave this world … is your ‘karma’. Everything else that you consider to be yours will be left behind.

Is your present ‘karma’ for others good enough ? Does it benefit others ? Be magnanimous , large-hearted and grateful to the society of which you are an integral part and repay in abundance in any which way.

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  1. I say with full conviction and humility that Swami ji is Mother of all. He not only feed us but also teaches us to give back something to society.
    I am in bliss of your grace Swami ji. Jai ho Swami ji.

  2. My Babaji, The Swami ji always instills that ” जो हाथ देते हैं, वो ही आगे बढ़ते हैं” the giving hand always keep you ahead.
    Swami ji your indelible word are sole source of preforming good karma, we should return something to society.
    Jai Swami ji..

  3. Yes Swamiji
    Our karma is OUR responsibility.
    You are there to show us the way , to guide us a and to shower love upon us.
    Your motherly love gives us strength to perform better in life and do good karmas.
    Jai Gurudev

  4. Thank you Swamiji for guiding us for the road ahead in life. You have made a positive difference in my life.
    Pranaam Swamiji 🙏🏻

  5. Thank you Swamiji for showering your divine blessings upon all of us and enlightening our inner self through such profound and deep thoughts

  6. हमारे शास्त्रों के अनुसार हर एक मनुष्य को चार तरह के ऋण चुकाना पड़ता है।
    1. देव ऋण- जो पूजा पाठ,जप,तप जैसों से चुकाया जाता है।
    2.रिषि ऋण- जो रामायण, यहां भारत, गीता आदि महान ग्रंथों का अध्ययन करके चुकाया जाता है।
    3. पितृ ऋण-जो पितृ कार्य करके और माता पिता के सेवा से चुकाया जाता है।4.मनुष्य ऋण- जो समाज के प्रति हमारा कर्तव्य निभाने से चुकाया जाता है।
    जैसे स्वामीजी ने बताया है-we have to return n give back to the society. Swamiji gave very apt example by saying that our body expel d unused, extra food matter from it. Otherwise, the body falls ill. Likewise, if we don’t do charity, it will have very adverse effects on our soul.
    Shastras say,if you have excess money, you should give it to the society’s upliftment. And if you have not enough money, then you”have to” give it in charity. Because, with no penny in hand you will be deprived of the good karma of charity. This is the greatness of our Sanathana Dharma.
    Swamiji’s each n every weekly preaching is a precious gem in itself.
    Koti koti dhanyavad Swamiji.

  7. Life has its own wayof teaching one … when we get to be enlightened by such divine words… the joy knows no bound…How many of us, pause and think on these lines…. we need to chastended / chided and guided by a Guru – who has attained it all and is lovingly showing the others ( including us ) the way… The Divine
    Way through his Divine Grace 🙂

    Pranam Prabhu

  8. Service to man is service to God. This is essence of Swamiji’s message. Thank you Swamiji for guiding us to the path of righteousness.

  9. It’s soooo true, that we are responsible for our own deeds. What we sow we shall reap. Being disciples of Swamiji we should try to learn n engine beautiful teachings of him. How truly n simply he had put. What ever circumstances may be we should always remain happy, humble n kind. We should keep on blooming n growing spiritually as Lotus grows in a dirty water body but it never stops blooming n growing gracefully n beautifully. Thank you sooo much Swsmiji for enlightening me n help me in growing n knowing what n whom I am. Thanks for showing all ur blessings on us. U take so much pain to protect us. Om gurudevo namaha.

  10. Yes, we should remember our duty to give back to society in every possible manner….a wonderful thought which we neglect in our race to accumulate.

  11. Swamiji thank you for sharing this wisdom. These messages are helpful in this life practically and also improves are karma. Thank you for tour guidance. Humble and loving pranaams🙏🏼🌹🙏🏼🌹🙏🏼🌹

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