“Karma Pradhaan Hai”

Swamiji says –

This world in which we live during every lifetime of ours is our ‘karmabhoomi’. Everything that we see around us is nothing but ‘mithya’ … perishable and an illusion … but we mortals have complete and absolute faith in this false, illusionary world and act at times wilfully according to the different situations that life presents us with.

We must remember that we have to face the consequences and repercussions of every action made by us … good and bad … in this and our previous births. Hence , we have to be very careful and cautious … pause, think and reflect before we act.

It is when a devotee truly repents for his mistakes and seeks forgiveness for his misdeeds that a self – realized guru can come to his rescue and relieve him of his suffering during these agonizingly painful moments, by taking upon himself his devotee’s suffering and take him towards divine light as his good ‘karma’ warrants it.

We have to adhere to the simple principle that every good act of ours will enable us to walk the Right spiritual path and gain proximity to God.

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  1. Swamiji,
    Plz keep us in yr guidance and blessings..
    plz help us in following this path.
    plz keep us reminding of this truth..
    Pranam again.

  2. Om gurudevo namaha. What a beautiful preaching. Very truly said what we do we reap. We humans really love to time in moh, Maya n mithya. Thanks for showing us the right path. We really need to get up above all these things. I will definitely follow ur taught path.n prove to b true disciple of u. Aap hi sey mera jeewan hai. Pranam Gurudev hamesha Saaath rehna. Aap love beeti

  3. Very clear message.. keep your deeds straight and rest will automatically follow… Guru is always there to guide in the right path.. capitalize his presence and cherish the essence of happiness by following his philosophy… Jai Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha..

  4. Swamiji has been taking upon himself the burden of our bad karma and ceaselessly blesses us to do good karmas in the future! Hence we list strive to do only good at our end.

    Om Swami Sri Ajay Guru Devaya Namah!

  5. Swamiji is absolutely correct in saying that this world is false n illusionary, which we take it as real. Our actions should be done with utmost care. Some people don’t agree to the karma sidhanta. They don’t believe in previous births. But if they pause for a moment n think, then they can see the reality. If it is not d case,then how can one explain that in d same hospital some kids are born rich while some born to poor parents. Some r beautiful, healthy while some others r not so beautiful and not fully grown… and so on. This example is enough to believe in karma. We can’t undo our previous actions,but with Guru’s grace, we can face d repurcussions with less pain n suffering. nd we walk in the right and pious path as per Guru’s instructions. Thus one can be relieved from the cycle of birth and death n attain moksha.
    We all must have done a great punya, that we have our Swamiji as our Guru to guide us in spiritual path.
    Om Swami Ajay Guru Devaya namaha.

  6. Swami ji, your guidance is precious and unique . Gurudev we always need Your blessings.
    Jai Gurudev

  7. Our present environment is the result of our previous karmas / choices. What we do in our present environment will shape our future environment.
    Thanks Swamiji for making me understand this.
    Swamiji Shri Ajay Gurudevaya Namah

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