Swamiji says that the spiritual cord that binds a self-realized guru and a true, faithful and loyal devotee connects them for eternity… is ever-lasting. A Guru keeps dispelling darkness from His true devotee’s soul, not only in this lifetime but transcends in the after-life too. 

The purity of the divine love that exists between a ‘sachcha sant‘ and a ‘sachcha bhakt‘ is not restricted to the physical body in this lifetime alone but is eternal, spaceless and timeless. 

*** A self realized guru, akin to Lord Krishna, continues to love, watch and take care of the spiritual welfare of a ‘saccha bhakt’… who has left this world … in the same manner in which He had taken care of him while he was alive. ***

The divinity of this love is difficult to comprehend but can only be felt and experienced as it touches the soul of a ‘true’ devotee.

The divine nature of this love… the strength of this unbreakable spiritual bond… is in no way affected by the passage of time, state of the body and the nature of space. It simply exists… is there… and can be sensed and experienced only by the ‘saccha sant’ and a ‘saccha bhakt’.

What good is a guru if he doesn’t deliver at the time of a true devotee’s death…!


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  1. Pranam to lotus feet of our Beloved Swamiji and we are very grateful to swamiji for constantly guiding us in our life .

  2. I’ve been lucky to feel swamiji’s love and presence with me even when I’m miles away from him in the US. As swamiji says ** Mein pal pal tumhaare saath Hun**. This statement has passed all times of testing.

    Om Swami Sri Ajay Guru Devaya Namah!

  3. Swamiji’s love and blessings are always with us, no matter where we are. He is protecting us always like an eyelid. We love you Swamiji. Thank you for being with us always.

  4. One can feel the presence of Swami Ji always around him/her in various forms irrespective of time and distance🙏

  5. Swami Ji is always with me, His aura is magnanimous like Him, He keeps on showering blessings upon us.
    Swami ji is Sachcha Saint, can we become Sachcha bhakt …….

  6. Guru is none other than Lord Shiva in human form.
    Gu kaarasthvandhakaarascha ru karasteja vuchyate. Gu means to dispelled darkness and ru means to illuminate the soul. So, once the Guru accepts one as his bhakt, he will not leave him until the bhakt attains liberation.
    There are many many examples of Guru meeting and showing the right path and uplifting the Jeeva in his shishya and in that process liberated his bhakt.
    Swami Yogananda’s autobiography is full of such instances. Swami Sidheswarananda Bharathi, Swami Muktananda, Shirdi Sai Baba, Ramakrishna Paramahansa are a few examples.
    Once I asked Swamiji, हर जनम में आप ही को मेरे गुरु बनके आना होगा स्वामीजी… and Swamiji assured me with a smile. मुझे मांगने की आवश्यकता ही नहीं थी। लाखों,। करोड़ों में हम कितने भाग्यशाली हैं कि हमें इस जनम में सदगुरु प्राप्त हुए हैं।
    Swamiji’s assurance is enough for me to lead life peacefully.
    सदा आप के पावन चरणों में कोटि कोटि नमन स्वामीजी।

  7. Swamiji’s omniscience can be felt all the time even though we are thousands of miles apart…hope we gain all the qualities of a saccha bhakt under your guidance Swamiji..Thank you for always being there 🙏🙏🙏

  8. Love of our Gurudev for us is not merely physical. It transends the body. The love that transends the body is the real love and our Gurudev gives us that love.
    Gurudev calls it SAAT MAAON KA PYAR.
    Pranam Gurudev..

  9. Om gurudevo namaha. I have no words to describe my feelings n thoughts. U have touched both my heart n soul by saying such beautiful words.i owe my life to you priye Swsmiji. What a beautiful preaching.

  10. Very profound message. Thanks Swamiji for enlightening all of us with your divine words and blessings.

  11. Dearest Swamiji..
    What a wonderful blessing to all of us!!
    We indeed are blessed that you are promising today to be with us forever, this lifetime and ever after.
    Bless us such that we aspire to become a saccha bhakt and get the blessings protection and direction from you!!
    I love you swamiji!!

    Pranam again!!

  12. Pranaam Swamiji 🙏🏻
    Swamiji we know you are always with us, wherever we are. You never leave your devotees alone. ‘मैं हूँ न बेटे ‘ this is the biggest assurance of our life
    Thank you Swamiji for accepting us.

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