Our Guru!

He who has spent his entire life in a simple 4-walled room… who is unable to walk… who has happily given up whatever he earned in his life for the betterment of others, and who has smiled through all of life’s hardships… is Our guru our Lord who has always taught us by example! 

He has bestowed his unstinted grace on all his devotees without ever accepting a single grain from anyone! He has only ever given and never taken – Our extremely beloved Guru! We earnestly pray to you to let our hearts brim with love for you ceaselessly. Our ever merciful Lord – our humble Pranams at your loving feet!

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  1. Our Great Swami ji has never let us down… always provided us the light in dark phases of life
    Shat shat pranaam Swami ji

  2. Very true Babaji is living for Devotees only Some devotees did wrong with Babaji but he has forgotten we can not find Nobel Guru like Him B D Pandey

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