Such is Guru’s love and love for Guru!


My humble pranams at the beloved feet of my Guru!

A very beautiful instance happened today which made me realize the purpose and significance of life. It was a very strong and over-whelming feeling more than anything!

I live in the US and am always saddened about how many earth miles away I am from my Guru and that I can’t go see Him, meet Him, and be in His physical presence more often. I came to the US  2 years ago. As against one’s (including my own) expectations, I wasn’t enveloped and carried away by the comforts and leisure of this first world country. I did not sway from my devotion for my guru. I would hate parting from him every time I visited India. Yet, I stayed in the US, as that was His command.

Today, while sitting in a café I heard the song “bas tum hi ho” playing in the background. This was the song I would sing for Swamiji in his Darbaar. My eyes brimmed with tears of love for Swamiji and at my misfortune that I’m so very far from Him. I realized in that moment that all the happiness I have ever felt in my life can never even come close to the feeling of bliss I feel at His feet. We waste our entire lives trying to build a name in this temporary world, a world of illusions where everything built is a mound of sand, blown away with passing time. Instead, we should spend this gifted birth in service of our lord. Our hearts should be overflowing with love for our Guru and not with pride for our materialistic possessions because they are nothing but temporary.

The only permanent solution to any of life’s distressing situations is surrender at the loving feet of Swamiji. Tears shed in His memory are more precious than a thousand smiles. A life lived with your Guru is like living in heaven on earth. I feel honored and proud to be worthy of Swamji’s grace. I doubt there is anyone as selfless and pure as our Swamiji. There isn’t a person who has gone empty-handed from Swamiji’s darbar, there isn’t a person whose eyes haven’t brimmed with tears of pure love by a mere look at our divine mother. To Him who protects us like the eyelids protect the eyes, I offer my humble salutations!

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  1. Wonderful quotes, ” Tears shed in memory of Swamiji is better than thousands smiles”
    Well said.

  2. Wonderfully and soulfully articulated , a true expression from the heart. It’s the true expression of ones love for our beloved Swamiji.

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