‘Achcha bartaav’

Swamiji says …

” ‘Achcha ‘bartaav’ karne se swayam ko shanti milti hai!’ After all, all ‘it’ requires from us is a genuine, sparkling smile while interacting with others; saying gentle words to one and all ; sharing dutifully and cheerfully; lending a ear to one’s woes,and, helping one in distress, in the most unexpected manner. Aren’t these the simplest and easiest things to do? But man begs to differ as the weird complexes and insecurities that nest within him, make him don an armour of anger, arrogance and atrocious behaviour. At times, the self – created ‘ashanti’, negativity and despondency within him makes him respond, retaliate and react to everyday life situations in the most aggressive and antagonistic manner.”

” ‘Bura bartaav karte huey, hum yeh bhool jaate hain ki humare ‘bartaav’ mein jo ‘abhimaan’ hota hai, woh zyaada samay tak jeevit nahi rehta hai, kyunki ek na ek din, insaan ka ghamand toot ta hi hai!’ We tend to forget – ‘Pride goes before a fall !’ ‘Parantu achche bartaav mein ‘shishtachaar’, ‘bhavyta’ aur ‘divyta’ saaf jhalakti hai ! Sab ko nazar aati hai!’ One who has acquired and harboured such exceptional attributes is always admired and appreciated by others for his surreal qualities. Blessed are such people as not only are they at peace with themselves, but also make others around them aware of the importance of ‘achcha bartaav’! ‘Aise logon ki ‘achchai’ khud ko bhi shaant rakh ti hai aur doosre logon ko bhi ‘shaant’ aur ‘achcha’ bartaav karne ka ehsaas dilati hai!’ ”

” The choice is ours to make! Do we want to win over people’s hearts and minds with our heart-warming attitude and behaviour,or, rile others with our rude and temperamental demeanour? We get what we give! One nasty, impolite word; one snigger and a smile steeped in sarcasm, from us, will definitely evoke a string of acrimonious words and a hostile treatment, from the other person, and his sudden rant could leave us dumbfounded and aghast. But then perhaps we deserved it ,too, as our ‘bura bartaav’ could have instigated him to behave in an obnoxious way. Say good and do good ; and only then will good come your way.”

” Achcha ‘bartaav’ aagey ke raastey khol deta hai!’ The indelible impression that one’s ‘achcha ‘bartaav’ leaves on the minds of others, enables the creation of new opportunities for him ; as respect and admiration for his warm and honest ‘bartaav’ makes them reciprocate in an equally cordial manner. Just try being difficult, disrespectful and disdainful and see blocks and hurdles being created for you and avenues being closed on your face. At the same time, someone else’s jibes, constant needling and poking should not disturb you to such an extent, that you too begin to replicate the other person’s bad behaviour.”

” ‘Maryada Purushottam’ – Lord Ram is remembered for His ‘bartaav’ which remained the same for a ‘raja’ or ‘runk’. Not once did He waver and cross the line of ‘maryada’ that He had drawn for Himself. He remained unfazed and unaffected by His changing circumstances. Neither did He blame anyone while giving up His kingdom to His brother; nor did He hold any grudges against anyone during His long exile of fourteen years. His attitude was filled with love and goodness for all, as He knew that ‘achcha ‘bartaav’ swayam ‘sukh’ hai!’ We learn from Him that ‘achcha bartaav’ should never be a reflection of one’s state or circumstances, but, rather of one’s character.”

“ Even in the most trying times, when the mind is tired and frustrated and the heart is craving to weep, one must ensure that his behaviour remains unchanged; as good as it always was. While in such circumstances one might feel that the act of smiling, being gracious or simply saying a ‘thank you’ might seem futile and a waste of time; it is the effort put in, in ignoring one’s own suffering,and, being mindful of how others might feel because of his actions, is what makes a person grow spiritually, as only then does he begin to find happiness in the joy of others. After all, good behaviour is an honest interpretation and expression of God’s nature itself, and He will rejoice on seeing His children imbibe His virtues and ‘divyata’!”

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  1. Very true Swamiji you thought us today the most important chapter of our life’s…
    Om Shri Swamiji Ajaye Gurudevaye Namah 🙏🙏🙏💐💐💐

  2. प्रणाम गुरुदेव 🙏🏻
    धन्यवाद गुरुदेव 🙏🏻

    1. How beautiful..!!!
      “Achcha bartav hamare aage ke raste khol deta hai ”
      Let’s imbibe this teaching of Swamiji.
      How often He has benn reminding us of this.
      Pranam Swamiji

  3. Think good, speak good and do good… its easy to say but such characteristics are hard to practice and display unless there’s guidance and blessings of Guru. Jai Swami Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha…

  4. Good behaviour… This is what we want from others. How this happens is when we behave good with them. Action n reaction. Today’s divine message of Swamiji reminds us to be always good and apna acharan achcha rakhein. Thank you dear Swamiji.

  5. Om Gurudevo Namaha. What an enlightening message.Your each and every message leaves a very big impact in my life
    According to my pecetion.-
    Behavior attracts more crowd than beauty.

    People get to know your inner goodness and qualities when you interact with them in a good way or show a pleasant behavior towards them.

    We as humans tend to be liked by everyone around us and to hear verses of praises being said for us. But what’s more important is to present ourselves in a good way, not for people to like us but it’s how we would be wanted to be treated by them. It’s like tit for tat. What you give that you get. More of a karma kind of thing.

    Behavior is what makes us gentle and sober and behavior is what makes us human. It’s one quality that we have developed that throws us in the good light no matter what position we hold in the society or how rich we are. It is something that is appreciated and encouraged by everyone because that’s what holds us together. When someone doesn’t show a good attitude towards you or doesn’t know how to behave properly, surely you wouldn’t like to be around such people. We don’t need people who would pull us down or treat us in anyway less than how we deserve to be treated.

    Behaviour is important as it shapes our personality and helps us in building a good character. You develop the skills of good communication and learn how to maintain the decor of the room whilst being with another hundreds or thousands of people in a room. You actually learn to present yourself in a better way for the other person to understand you and for you to be able to understand him/her.

    When we behave properly, people would actually want to be around us because that would make them feel comfortable and they would open up and share their thoughts and opinions with us. It simply gets you to be a better person.

    One who doesn’t know how to behave has no friends.
    One’s human behaviour reflects the kind the human he or she is. In order to co-exist humans need to understand each other. Their behaviour is the medium how.

    Behaviour is a part of our daily life since we are constantly reacting and interacting to things around us. By merely observing someone’s behaviour, we can know about that person. Such observing results in some information. This information may or may not be used as per subjectivity of relevance. If relevant, can be used immediately or in the long term.

    We already practice it everyday whether we’re consciously aware about it or not. We try to know about the mood of our bosses when it comes to specific issues say for asking a leave or an extension of deadline, by the way they are behaving on that particular day prior to approaching them. That would be temporary importance of their behaviour. Although he or she might not be short tempered or moody otherwise, we consider their recent behaviour to our advantage. On the other hand, say while forming an opinion about someone or maybe while considering a promotion of a subordinate, we consider their behaviour over a period of time. In terms of how much of his or her daily behaviour reflects how he or she really is.

    Intention and not behavior is what people can see. Intentions are conveyed through behaviour. Not only intentions but believes, principles, values, and what not, are all reflected tangibly only through behaviour. To be understood and to understand, behavior is the medium.

    That’s how important it

    When I meet anyone who is smart, intelligent, mature, wise and can add value to my life – I am exceptionally respectful.
    When I meet useless, pointless and directionless individuals – I keep them as far away from me as I could keep cancer from my life

    A person’s behavior decides his/her character. So, the way a person represents self, the way he/she eats, his/her personality, the way he/she speaks. Also, how a person accepts things, how he/she reacts to things, how he/she treats success and failure..

    All these small things adds up to decide his/her behavior and thus it’s very important that a person should behave accordingly in different situations, every day behavior reflects 1. your communication skills in relation to society and to which environment you mostly belong to. 2. Your personal mental capacity in relation to yourself and your abilities. E.g. are you sane or insane? How smart are you? Hence what skills can you acquire? What physical abilities you
    Human behaviour is ones interaction, Character Projection of personality. And mental status towards others, parents, people he works with.

    Behaviour also shows his/ her attitude towards Life.

    his intentions, inner make up can be predicted by behaviour.

    It may very according to Cicumstances. When pressurised may be irritable, When had a fight may be angry.

    So behaviour will vary according to given circumstances,

    But on who behaves with Equilibrium in stressed condition has nice pattern. On this Success or failure in life depends. He is evaluated by society on behaviour.
    Human behaviour means…. projecting human itself.
    How can u express urself without behaving…
    it’s the most important aspect of life in all fields n relations as friend, as family, as colleague, as boss everything… behaviour matters a lot

    It’ll help you stay peaceful, and may be a lot more.
    I earnestly pray that you keep on showering your blessings on each one of us.

    Jai Gurudev.

  6. व्यक्ति का बर्ताव उसके वयक्तित्व का परिचय देता है।
    स्वामी जी के चरणों में नमन करता हूँ।

  7. Swami ji ko koti koti Pranam,
    We are very grateful to you for your blessings through divine message. You teach us that Achha bartav brings Happiness and Bura bartav leads to troubles in our life. Further, you advise us to stay in Maryada in any case and in all circumstances in our lives. Really your guidance is key to success and peace in every aspect of our lives.
    Thanks again for your blessings as you are the only well wisher in my life .
    Charan sparsh 🙏

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