‘Humara ‘bhagya’ humare ‘karmon’ se hi banta hai …’

Swamiji says …

“It is good to dream. ‘Sapne dekhna achcha hota hai!’ – as it is our dreams that motivate us to do something creative and worthwhile in life. Dreams inspire us to conquer the impossible.Man dares to dream; to imagine; to visualise vividly what he would like to achieve; and his fertile mind responds to this fanciful requirement of his, at the slightest sign of acquiescence, by taking him on a flight of fantasy. But will he only dream and talk big about his grandiose futuristic plans; or, think of getting into work mode – at the earliest and act on the dreams dreamt by him. Mere day dreaming is not enough. Catch the dream. Hold it close to your heart and set out courageously to rewrite your ‘bhagya’!”

“‘Sirf ‘vicharon’ aur ‘khwabon’ mein khoye rehne se kuch nahi hota hai! Humey apna ‘kartavya’ aur ‘karma’ bhi toh karna chahiye!’ A detailed narrative of one’s most dramatic dream could sound good for a day or two; but, this habit of building castles in the air has to be brought to an end, and empty words must be replaced with an action plan and its immediate implementation. A determined effort has to be put in as…’Bhagya’ khud banane se banta hai! ‘Bhagya’ tumhare apne karmon se bann ta hai!’ “

“Hard work. Perseverance.The insight needed to prioritize our work and to systematically plan the task at hand will undoubtedly help us – ‘Apne ‘bhagya’ ko ujjwal banane mein…’and also enable us to see our dreams fructify ! But will an attitude of passivity and slumber ever help us in making our ‘bhagya’ better and productive? No. Never! The blame-game to which we resort, ever so conveniently, so that we are able to accuse our lacklustre ‘bhagya’ for our sorry state of affairs; the habit of holding our ‘bhagya’ responsible for every unlucky moment in our life – is abominable, and the earlier we stop doing this, the better it would be for all of us! ‘Apne ‘bhagya’ ko kosna band karo! Kewal sapney dekhna se aagey badho aur unko poorna karne ke liye ‘karma’ karo!’ “

“What we must remember here is that it is only our actions, deeds, thoughts and words that determine our ‘bhagya’. Nobody else has anything to do with it! Not for a minute should we forget that we are the sole writers of our destiny ; that we are the true masters of our destiny.”

“‘Koi bhi kukaram mat karo! Itney ‘pavitra’ aur ‘shudh’ karam karo ki ‘vidhata’ bhi, jinka likha hua koi nahi mita sakta hai ; ek baar swayam sochne par majboor ho jayein ki woh khud ka likha mita kar, tumhara ‘bhagya’ dobara likh sakhein ! “

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  1. हम अपना भाग्य स्वं बनाते हैं | नमोस्तु गुरुदेव 🙏

  2. Pranaam Gurudev 🙏🏻
    The actions done with good intentions contribute in making our destiny.
    Thank you Swamiji for guiding us continuously.🙏🏻🙏🏻

  3. Very much correct.
    It reminds me of the classic song..” tadbir se bigri hui takdir banale ”
    Make efforts and make your takdir ( bhagya)
    Pranam Swamiji 🙏

  4. Very much correct.
    It reminds me of the classic song ” tadbir se bigri hui takdir banale”
    Make efforts to improve your takdir (bhagya)
    Jai Gurudev

  5. Wonderful message
    Thank you Swami Ji for showing the right path always
    🙏🏻 Pranaam Swami Ji 🙏🏻

  6. Om Gurudevo Namaha .How fortunate we are to have a Guru like you,who is always enlightening us with wonderful knowledge, to become good and awakened human beings. I confess that I would have done some of hood Karmas in last birth,as I got place in your feet and heart.Its such a heart touching message. How true “kismet bananey sey banti hai”.It is totally on us that whether we sit ideal and dream or what we dream we get aspired and action,and become what we had dreamt of being.
    How lovely the message is ,it is so crisp as it has awakened my soul and mind.Thank you swamiji for always enlightening us time to time .I am greatful to you as an person, what I am today is all because of you.
    Dhanyawad Swamiji. Aap ko shath shath koti pranam.

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