‘ ‘Gyan’ hi sahi marg darshata hai …’

Swamiji says…

” Insaan mein ‘gyan’ ka hona bahut zaroori hai!
Knowledge brings wisdom; and wisdom brings peace. A man without knowledge is akin to a rudderless boat ; for, it is only the knowledgeable that can distinguish right from wrong, ‘satya’ from ‘asatya’, ‘paap’ from ‘punya’.The test of life – the various decisions to be made at various junctures, the goals to be pursued and the paths to choose, can only be aced by those who are constant learners. A commoner, armed with knowledge, will live a more fulfilling life, than a wealthy, but , ignorant king. It is ‘gyan’ alone that enables us to understand who we are; the purpose of our birth; where have we come from and what is our final destination? Answers to these questions present themselves only to the learned; only to those who seek knowledge!”

“‘Gyan’ is infinite; and, once we realise the importance of acquiring knowledge; and when the willingness to gain and apply knowledge in day to day life situations sets in; we begin to appreciate the power of knowledge. Knowledge has the knack of surprising us, pleasantly and unfailingly, as long as we continue to unlock doors, that store immeasurable wealth of knowledge behind them and learn from it.”

“‘Gyan’ jeevan ko ‘sahaj’ aur ‘saral’ bana deta hai!’ – as every grain of knowledge prepares us to face the ever- changing scenario of life confidently. It could be ‘gyan’ about our ‘sanskriti’, ‘sanskar’ and ‘sabhyata’; academic knowledge for personal and professional growth, or , knowledge gained by reading scriptures, learning and chanting ‘shlokas’ and ‘mantras’ and performing rituals, which help us in developing faith in God. ‘Gyan’ enables us in understanding about a power – Supreme and divine, whose children we are; and, our faith in Him makes us accept His plans, for us, with a sense of total surrender.”

“The richness and greatness of ‘Gyan’ is incomparable, and, a class apart from everything else, as it lays the foundation of the life that we live.
‘Gyan’ sabse bada dhan bhi maana jata hai. ‘Gyan’ se ‘bhakti’ utpann hoti hai aur ‘bhakti’ se ‘shakti’ milti hai!’ ‘Gyan’ gives us a clear insight into the counter – measures that can be taken by us during unexpected, difficult times and situations.The unshakeable ‘faith’ that knowledge instills in us, also gives us the courage needed to face adversaries and also overcome challenges and obstacles boldly.”

” ‘ ‘ज्ञान” से हम दूसरों का भी उद्धार कर सकते हैँ। हम दूसरे को – क्या गलत है,क्या सही है, के बारे में बता कर भला तो कर ही सकते हैँ ! अगर हमे ज्ञान ही नही होगा तो दूसरे को हम क्या मार्ग दिखाएगें!’ Yet, the greatest knowledge is that which comes from within us.’अन्दर’ का ‘ज्ञान’ होना बहुत आवश्यक होता है, क्यूंकि यह ज्ञान सर्वोच्च है। ’Aatma’ se joh ‘gyan’ nikalta hai uss sey insaan bahut kuch seekhta hai ! Aur aisa tab hota hai jab hum ‘aatma’ ko ‘shudh’ karte hain…’nek, achche karma’ karke aur nek marg par chalke!’ The soul is indestructible and, so, is the ancient knowledge that it carries with it. It is only through ‘achche, nek ‘karma’ and cleansing of the soul that this ‘knowledge’ can be realised. It is this knowledge that we must all look to obtain, for, it is this ‘gyan’ that will enlighten us, and , lead us to our ultimate goal of merging with our Creator.”

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  1. कोटि कोटि जीव जन्तु में से केवल मनुष्य योनि को ही ईश्वर ने बुध्धि,विचार,आलोचना शक्ति प्रदान किया है । इस ज्ञान से मनुष्य सत्य से असत्य का, नित्य से अनित्य का अलग कर सकता हैं और अपना कदम ईश्वर की ओर ले जा सकता है ।
    ईश्वर ने एक सच्चे संत को सद्गुरु के रूप में हमें मार्गदर्शन करने के लिए दीया है । कितने भाग्यशाली हैं हम सब स्वामीजी को पाकर!!!
    इस भव्य जीवन को व्यर्थ न होने दें ।
    कोटि कोटि प्रणाम करती हूँ स्वामीजी के श्री चरणों में!!!

  2. Om Gurudevo Namaha. What a wonderful teaching of yours it has touched my heart and soul.Just talking big things doesnot make you a good human being.It is our karma which cleanse our soul. Action is more important, you can be humble, polite, compassionate, and spreading happiness by doing good for others only and only by learning and applying in our daily lives.In my 52 years of life i have been brought up on such a family where my parents gave me the best.In all these 52 years of my life i have been learning and imparting knowledge as a teacher by profession,but before I encountered teaching,By Gods grace you may say,or my previous Karma I encountered Swamiji who is my Guru,My Swamiji,My Life,My God ,My Supreme Power.who gave me sooo much of knowledge and examples of people, which started increasing my thirst to gain more knowledge, which arises soo many questions in my life There is soo much to express and tell by the gyan given by the devine Grace my dearest Swamiji.

  3. Thanks Swamiji for enlightening us.
    Yes Gyan gives us wisdom and wisdom gives us Shanti. Thus , step by step,we are led to self emancipation which is our goal.
    Pranam Swamiji 🙏🙏🙏

  4. कोटि कोटि प्रणाम स्वामीजी के श्री चरणों में 🌺🌺🌺🙏🙏🙏🌺🌺🌺

  5. There is nothing as pure as knowledge in this world.. thank you Swamiji for enlightening us with divine knowledge. Jai Gurudev..

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