‘Manushya yoni’ ka laabh uthao ! Apni ‘atma’ ko ‘parmatma’ se jodo… ‘

Swamiji says…

” The search for the ‘Absolute Truth’ is the highest calling. Running a large corporation, heading a government department or being a celebrity ; neither of these ; nor any other vocation, come close to the joy and contentment that is experienced, while gaining proximity to God, through spirituality.
‘Adhyatma’ se oonchi koi aur line nahi hai ! ‘Adhyatmik path’ par ni:swarth chalo!’ All relationships are based on some expectation, and on seeing them materialise, we appreciate and love that person all the more and place him on a pedestal.”

“We must change ourselves aur…’Ek jagah toh aisi rakhein jis mein ‘Parmatma’ ko uttarein; unse ni:swarth, atoot prem karein !’ Our relationship with God must be one of pure love and bereft of expectation.But we digress from this belief, as we continue to give, the gross body and materialism, utmost priority. Both take precedence over the mind and soul. This makes us constantly involved with the external ‘moh maya’ ; and thus the senses and mind are constantly in a state of buzz and excitement, of highs and lows, of wants and desires, completely ignoring the main purpose of our life which is – ‘Ishwar’ ko apni ‘atma’ mein utarney ki koshish karo! Apni ‘ruh’ ko ‘parmatma’ ki oer karo ! Apni ‘atma’ ko shudhh karo ! ‘Parmatma’ aur ‘bhakti’ ko apne andar aise ramayo, jaise ‘saans’ tumhare bhitar apne aap chalti jaati hai!”

“Thousands of thoughts flood our mind on a daily basis !’Kabhi ek vichar aata hai ; doosre hi kshann doosra vichar aata hai ! ‘Mann’ ki chanchalta ko ‘sthir’ karna padega!’ From cricket matches to salary bonuses,TV serials to online food orders – the mind and senses forever seek gratification. This entanglement in ‘maya’ makes the mind fickle and unstable. Infact it is ‘maya’ that then rules over our mind.The numerous thoughts that keep bouncing in our head give rise to as many emotions, making it near impossible for us to keep calm.”

“For those on the spiritual path, a calm mind is as necessary as the sickle to a farmer; since a calm mind is a tool, that enables one to ‘see’ the ‘web of life’, and safely navigate its treacherous intricacies.”

” Hummey ‘ Bhagwan’ par, jivan ki har sthithi mein, ‘sampoorna vishwas’ karna chahiye kyunki woh jaante hain jo humare hitt ke liye hai!’ We must learn to have complete faith in Him and His plans for us! An attitude of shifting emotions towards His decisions for us; that of unconditional love for Him, on a successful day ; and a doubtful, questioning attitude, the very next; speaks volumes about our lack of faith and trust in God. When everything is hunky dory in life, we vouch by His name and worship Him faithfully,but, the moment adversities and challenges create a few speed-breakers for us, we lose faith in the Almighty, and, run to palm readers and crystal ball gazers for ‘solutions’ and ‘foresight’. So restless, weak and selfish are we ! Remember, we can have faith in Him, only when we have complete faith in ourselves ! ‘Pehle ‘swayam’ pe sampoorna bharosa karna seekho…tabhi toh ‘ Bhagwan’ ke har decision par poora bharosa karoge!’ “

” ‘Adhyatma’ mein ‘saatwik path’ par chalo aur uss mein abhiman mut lao ?” Why should one proclaim about his ‘bhakti’ and spiritual bent of mind to the entire world? Let it be known to others around you through the spiritual glow that radiates from you!”

“Yeh joh shareer mila hai hummey, jiss sey hummey ‘manushya yoni ‘ ki pranaali mili hai…jiss shareer se hum ‘kriya’ karte hain ; sab kaam karte hain …uss shareer ko ‘parmatma’ ko praapt karne ke liye bhi lagao. Jab tum shareer se aagey ki bhi sochoge ; apni ‘atma’ ko ‘parmatma’ se jodoge aur apne niyam dwaara, mann ki shanti, dhyaan dwaara apne andar utaar paogey !’ and derive great spiritual pleasure in chanting God’s name; praising His glory and realize His presence within us as…’Sab kuch humare andar hai !”

” ‘Adhyatma’ ko shareer ke aagey ki line se jodo! ‘Atma’ ko ‘parmatma’ se jodo ! Hum ‘bhakti’, ‘bhajan’, ‘satsang’, ‘dhyaan’, ‘gun-gaan’ dwaara’ ‘prabhu’ se judd sakte hain ! Joh sthaan tum chaho, wohi ‘mandir’ ‘tapovan’ bann sakti hai ! ‘Bhagwan’ kehtey hain…’Mein toh tak taki lagaye dekhta rehta hoon tumhe ! Tum kab meri oer dehkogo!’ Why can’t we simply befriend God ? Just like we know that our friends will be there for us through thick and thin, we must befriend God,too, in a manner as complete as this, and not think that He will be just a fair weather friend. He is a friend for eternity ; in all seasons and for all reasons !”

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      1. Befriend God… An eternal all weather friend for life… Wonderful thought!

        Thanku Swamiji 🙏

    1. Om Gurudevo Namaha. Such beautiful words and message given to all your disciples. We all are immensely very lucky to be born as Human beings. Yehe hamara subhgya hai ki yeh sharir kitney yoniyo baad mila hai.We should not wail our time in use less things.Shrishthi ka ekk hi Niyam hai “khali hath ayye thei sur khali hath jayengey.”So lets utilize this time in connecting with God as he is the true friend of ours.sarey Rishtey Natey our all superficial relations,but the relationship with God is the only one which is eternal.He is the only one who is present with you in all walks of life He is our true friend, who never leaves us in our bad and good times.The best way to connect with him by chanting his name, meditating on him……when we do that our life state gets uplifted and we start connecting deeper and deeper with him As a person you start growing mentally,and at every step you get connected with him.
      This is the right moment and time to attach yourselves if you have not connected with him till yet.He is the one who shows us the way and helps in growing spiritually.
      Once you connect and grow spiritually you can understand and then realize that everything in the world is superficial There is only one person in your life who is God Gifted and that only one person is your Guru who can guide you to grow spiritually and attain the state of Realization.
      Its a very deep topic which has immense meaning and is very vast.
      I would like to conclude by saying to attain Buddhahood which is the ultimate state of life we need to connect ourself with the Supreme power .
      Very enlightening message Swamiji.Aap ko koti koti pranam .

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