” ‘Vicharon’ se hi ‘shabd’ bann teh hain… ‘

Swamiji says …

“‘We are what we think !’ Ancient wisdom tells us to be mindful of the thoughts we nurture,as they manifest, in various forms. Depending on their nature, they shape out in, either, a good or a bad form; illness or good health, wealth or poverty, good luck or misfortune.Yet, it is a person’s speech, a person’s words that are the earliest and a true reflection of his thoughts. Even nature teaches us this. A lion does not roar while playing with its cubs,but,does so, only when it intends to scare, or, hurt another animal.A dog growls to intimidate but barks,gleefully, when it wants to play. Speech is truly a reflection of intent. Man,thus, has the ability to control his speech, by being mindful of his thoughts ; but then the choice is completely his; whether to be careful with his words or to fire them, like a loose canon on all, within his range!”

“Allowing noble, good, positive thoughts to reign supreme in our mind, will always help us in saying words that are kind, caring and motivating.The joy in seeing a person smile and glow in the warmth of our encouraging and life-transforming words is immeasurable ! But,then,again how many of us remember that words are powerful enough to affect others in both ; a positive, as well as, a negative manner. If kind words can make a person’s day ; rude and humiliating words can ruin another person’s day completely. Our harsh attitude makes us oblivious to the fact that words once said by us can never be taken back; all the more so, when spoken in a rude vein. Hurtful words can never be erased from one’s memory and are rarely ever forgotten. It is possible that one could be forgiven for his abrasive words, but a person never stops feeling the pain of the wound caused by them.”

“Insaan ko yaad rakhna chahiye ke achchey vicharon se hi ‘karma’ bantey hain! Achchey vichar aatey hain, tabhi toh kaam banta hai! Achchey vichar, shubh vichar socho taaki humarey shabd bhi achchey hon!’ We must learn to rein in our thoughts, lest they get the better of us, and lead us to say things which will only add to our bad ‘karma’. Our outlook changes the moment we relate with the purity and divinity derived while doing good ‘karma’ ; and, simultaneously, by speaking words that can help and heal, we become humble and humane. Once habituated to doing good ‘karma’, our thoughts and words become more meaningful, ‘karma’ oriented and weightier. Uplifting thoughts and confidence-building words go a long way in ensuring a fruitful and successful day.”

“God has blessed us with the ability to think and speak.Let us do him proud by making our thoughts God-centric and offer every thought of ours to Him.In this way, our mind will resist the entry of any convoluted and crooked thought within its parameters.When we offer the fruit of every thought and word to Him, we will undoubtedly make a subtle,yet, conscious effort to think good,and, say inspirational,
positive words to one and all.”

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    1. Thank You Swamiji for enlightening us on this important aspect of life…
      Om Shri Swamiji Ajaye Gurudevaye Namah 🙏🙏💐💐

  1. Om Gurudevo Namaha Very motivating and inspiring message. Thank you Swamiji for enlightening the knowledge in us .Every time your teachings are an eye opener for us.Its soo true “What we think,determines our actions.It is the cause of Law and effect.Positive thoughts determine positive karma and negative thought determines negative karma if we think positive our actions and thoughts are also based on them.when we are in a positive mode our words and thoughts can make anyone’s day or life fir instance.For example I am a teacher any of my positive word or encouragement can help a child to determine his destiny.In the same manner if i am in a negative mode of thoughts my words can hurt his heart and he can develop a negative attitude or ridiculing attitude Its what you sow you should reap.It is very important for us to develop a positive attitude towards life.
    It is such an inspiring message
    ” So let us all have a positive attitude which will give rise to positive thinking and when we think positively our words and actions will be positive which can help on creating good fortune and set example for the society lets all put our efforts to make the society harmonious by applying the teachings of Swamiji and bringing laurel and proud to him.


  2. Noble thoughts lead to noble words. Noble words itself are noble actions /noble karmas.
    How beautifully our Gurudeva makes vedantic aphorisms so simple to understand !!!

    Jai Gurudev

  3. Our destiny begins with our thoughts. It is our thoughts that translate into words. It is our words that lead to action. We form our habits through our actions. Habits are the building blocks of our character. And, it is our character that leads us to our destiny. In other words, our destiny begins with our thoughts.
    As our beloved Swamiji said…when we offer the fruit of our every thought and word to God, we will undoubtedly make a subtle effort to think good and say good only.
    Pranam Swamiji…

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