‘Kathni’ aur ‘karni ‘ mein bahut antar hota hai … ‘

Swamiji says …

” Mixed emotions rise within us on seeing people around us progress; do well in life and fulfill their dreams that had otherwise seemed impossible to us. Their achievements make us wonder at their abilities and caustic remarks on their amazing feat – ‘Yeh bann gaya! Woh bann gaya!’ are made by us. We question – ‘How could this person become what he is today ?’ – with a sense of astonishment and a tinge of jealousy, baffled, as to how could the other person achieve what he has managed to achieve!’ “

“Since most of us can only talk big and make meaningless promises, we fail to see the hard work, the tireless effort that has gone into bringing true the words said by him; the commitment that he feels towards words said by him, which serves as an impetus for him to leave no stone unturned in fulfilling the obligation; the promise that he had made through the words said by him. ‘Baatein toh koi bhi chhaunk lete hai !’ It doesn’t cost us anything to say anything at the spur of the moment ; to make a promise to stand by a person or to serve someone; all to be forgotten the minute we turn our back. But it is heartwarming to see that there are still a few who abide by the principle – ‘Joh ‘kehte’ hain, woh ‘karte’ hain!’ “

“The rise and success of another person, at times, makes us form a negative and disgruntled assumption, in which we fail to see the perseverance and painstaking effort that has gone into making him what he is today. Maybe, It is his way of keeping the promise that he had made to himself ! ‘Ussney jo kaha, woh kara !’ We come to a foolish, one – sided conclusion that it was child’s play for the other person to have achieved what he has been able to achieve. Do we really think that his journey in the field that he had chosen was as simple as we would like to believe! Certainly not! ‘Jo bhi insaan jis field mein unnati kar raha ho; chahey woh padhnewala saksh ho, neta ho, ek sportsperson ho; unhe mehnat karni padhti hai! Woh aise hi thodey kuch bann jatey hain! Unhe system mein aana padta hai! System mein aakar ladna padta hai! Roti ka niwala jab tak todoge nahi, toh munh mein kya dalogey!”

“A political aspirant goes to meet hundreds and thousands of people; his would be electorate …’ Ek ek ke ghar mein jaate hain! Raat din ek kar ke kaam karte hain!” and it is only after working for hours on end that his political fate is decided. If the promises that had been made by him earlier have been fulfilled by him, then nothing can stop him from winning an election… ‘Jo kaha hai uss baat ko poora karna bahut zaroori hota hai !”

“We need to remember that it is our thoughts that prompt us to say whatever it is that we say – ‘Jo hum kehte hain!’ ; followed by how serious are we in living up to the fulfillment of the final outcome of our words – ‘Jo hum karte hain !’ The test now lies in whether we are able to act upon what we had promised ourselves or others.Thus, our thoughts; our final aim; becomes our ‘karni’ and clearly reflects …’Hum soch kya rahe hain? Humhara uddesh kya hai? Hum koi bhi uddesh aise hi nahi praapt kar sakte hain ! ‘Karni’ karni padhti hai! Karni ‘shubh’ karo!’ If we have given our word of honour to someone, of untiring help and assistance, in a way most needed by him; then we must do so with a pure mind; with a strong desire to help unconditionally; without expecting anything in return. The minute we do so with a good heart and mind, then our ‘karma’ also becomes good and helps us in taking us towards the path of goodness…’ Aur hum apni manzil ke paas pahunch sakte hain aur apne karmon par ‘Bhagwan’ ka aashirwad bhi paate hain!’ “

“The true
purpose of coming to a needy person’s rescue and helping him with a genuine feeling of compassion, is completely lost, if we extend a helping hand, with a selfish and evil intent. We can only make matters worse for that person by constantly reminding him of the way we had helped him and deliberately make him feel indebted to us. ‘Karni’ mein doosre ka bura soch rahe ho aur ashubh soch rahe ho toh tumhe safalta kaise milegi ! ‘Karma’ joh karne hai, shubh soch ke saath karo ! Achchi ‘kathni’ kaho aur nek ‘karni’ karo!’ “

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  1. Jai Gurudev for opening our eyes.
    We should stick to our statement and extend our helping hands to others.

  2. Each and every word is so true. Thanks for imparting such a beautiful thought and message. 🙏🙏

  3. Have more than you show, speak less than you know.

    Thank you Swamiji for your guidance.

    Grateful as always.

  4. Om Gurudevo Namaha Thank you Swamiji for reminding us once again its such a beautiful and meaningful message which we sometimes forget in our lives. Its so easy to say but so difficult to do.?Why is it so?.when the intention is not true and pure how can one fulfill what he or she committed.In todays time I have seen and experienced people behaving in such a odd way.The love,the concern, the commitment, the compassion is missing I am shocked by seeing people’s behavior. I have thousands of doubts and concerns to ask from my Guru.that,what has happened to the world. From my childhood till date i have been very committed as i saw my parents doing so ,Then i came across Swamiji who has always taught me to do things selflessly, and to forget and forgive others.But when i see the people today behaving i feel like an alien.They have become sooo selfish and self centered. I have been trying to work on certain things but i have experienced that everyone is smarter than me or i have gone back down the ages because of this Pandemic .Its only and only Swamiji with whos grace i am surviving in today’s scenario. At the age of 52 i feel i need to learn to be smarter .people have forgotten there values and morals I am sure there will be Revolution in this world and people will realize what you say ,you must do as it is our Karmic duty
    Thankyou Swamiji for enlightening through this wonderful message. I am extremely happy to be a part of this devine family and i feel very fortunate to have Swamiji in my life.
    Om Gurudevo Namaha.

  5. Swamiji Himself is the example of doing good to others , as promised by Him , without any expectations from that person.
    He does what He says.
    Go as per the promise given to others as well as to yourself. Follow it heart and soul without any malicious intent , then you will not go wrong.
    Pranam Swamiji 🙏

  6. Don’t ever promise more than you can deliver, but always deliver more than you promise. A promise must never be broken.

    Gratitude Swamijee !

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