Ashubh ‘din’ nahi hote hain; ashubh hote hain humare ‘karma’ …’

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” ‘Today was a bad day !’ ‘Aaj ka din hi  kharaab tha !’ ‘ Humara samay achcha nahi chal raha hai!’ – we complain to everyone around us. Can any of us deny having said these words, during moments, when we felt we were up against a dead wall; and panicked when neither effort,nor, any action plan, succeed in awakening the unproductive, fruitless moment, from its passivity and slumber, into action mode ! How upset were we on seeing our effort and actions fail, in, yielding results that were keenly desired by us ! We tend to accuse the ‘day’ for either landing us in a mess or for making us waste precious time, unnecessarily. Why we do this , is known to none !”

“We blame and conveniently hold culprit ; the day, date and time – for everything that could possibly have gone wrong. And, It is only after the ‘bad time’; “bura , kharaab samay’ has been made a scapegoat that we breathe a sigh of relief as we know for sure, by then, that ‘din aur samay’ can be held responsible for our grievances ! After all, accountability has to be attributed to someone ; so why not cast aspersions on ‘time’ ! “

“But on serious contemplation, could a puerile attitude ; a  blame game or blind faith in the belief that ‘ humare din aur samay kharaab chal rahe hain…’ really hold ground? ‘Agar tum nek kaarya, nek ichcha aur sacche, pavitra mann se ‘karma’ karne nikle ho, toh tumhara har ‘karma’ poorna hoga aur samay bhi tumhara nat mastak karega !’ “

“We have the audacity to question the integrity, intent and inclination of time! But then why is it that we do not think twice before doing our ‘karma’? Why don’t we apply the same rule of intent and integrity to our ‘karma’? ‘ Hum kya thoda bhi soch vichar karte hain ki hum jo ‘karma’ karne jaa rahe hain , woh ‘shubh’ hai ya ‘ashubh’ ? Do we do our ‘ karma’ with a sense of responsibility; willingness to bear the consequences of our actions? Will we hold ourselves accountable in any way for the final shape, the final conclusion that our ‘karma’ takes at the end of the day? Was our intention good; was the basic nature, the essence of our ‘karma’ pure ?

” ‘Kya hum ek kshann ke liye bhi yeh sochte hain ki joh ‘karma’ hum karne jaa rahein hain uss mein ‘shubhta’ aur ‘shudhdhta’ hai ya nahi ?’ When we fail to duly understand the essential element that should govern every ‘karma’ of ours, why do we then categorize time as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ! ‘Saal ke 365 din, sab ek se hote hain ! Log keh dete hain yeh din achcha nahi hai, woh din achcha nahi hai! Tumhare khud ke karam ashubh hain! Tum shubh karoge, shubh sochoge toh ‘ashubh’ bhi ‘shubh’ ho jayega!’ “

“It defies logic, but some people refuse to step out of their homes on a day considered ‘ ashubh’, as the vocal endorsement of that particular day, as an ‘inauspicious’ day, by all and sundry, makes them tentative and wary of crossing the threshold of their homes! ‘Shubh ‘karma’ karne niklogey toh ‘ashubha’ kaise hoga?’ Believe me, your good ‘karma’ ‘ashubh’ din pe bhi ‘shubhta’ le aayega !’ “

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  1. True and faithful message Swamiji.. gratitude for enlightening us through this message.. Jai Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha..

  2. Everyday is creation of God, why blame day and time.
    Absolutely absorbing message.
    Jai Gurudev.

  3. ABSOLUTELY true!! Purity or impurity is only in one’s thoughts n actions. Eeshwar kaal swarupi hai. Then how can one attribute the ashubh to kaal, time?
    For example, corona time is very bad to some, whereas for some others it is a golden opportunity for sadhana etc. Then how can anyone say that time is good or bad?
    As our Swamiji said, our shubh karma shubh hi leke aayega!
    Pranam Swamiji for enlightening us with the golden truths of life.

  4. Definitely we can’t make time a scapegoat. Our karmas take precedence. Let’s do good karmas. They are in our control. Time is not in our control.
    I agree with Vaani. Corona is bad but good if we are able to put this time into introspection and meditation. We never had time for these activities so far. So how can Corona be bad.
    Pranam Swamiji 🙏

  5. Om Gurudevo Namaha. Its an amazing topic which most of us dont realize. It is a beautiful message which reminds me of saying “Jaisey Karni wasey Bharni” we do not realize when it comes to us.How truly and beautifully it is explained. With Swamijis grace i have been sblevto read lot of philosophical books.even our one negative thought creates a negative karma,our action comes next.It is very truly said “what you sow ,you shall reap”It is a fact and i have experienced so many times.what i think it happens to me only.Positive thinking and taking action is very important to make your life peacefully As Swamijis says no day is bad it is our first thought of the day and our action which determines our day.What ever action you do,whatever you think,be very careful and particular as it will somewhere or the other going to effect your actions. As a human being it is very difficult to practice as it needs lot of effort After all we all are humans we tend to make mistakes. But yes being in spirituality i specially dont tey to hurt someone intentionally If i hurt someone i seek for forgiveness and repent akso that why did i do.But God has been merciful that i get the punishment next day only in sone or the other form as a connectivity with God .I have immense n deep in Swamiji, for each znd everything of mine i am dependent on him as a calf is always dependent on his mother for milk to grow and get nourishment, in the same manner i am also dependent on Swamiji for gyan and love for my mental nourishment. Swamiji is the only one who is taking care of me day and night.Wohi meri zindagi ka adhar hai.It is his blessings that i am alive today and i get all my str6from him only to live everyday.He is my world and he has taken care of me like a mother always protecting, loving,making me understand, imparting knowledge and on the top of it help me grow spiritually.
    He is my life ,every breath i take is a boon of his otherwise long time back i would have died.My life is gifted by him.He is My Mother,parmeshwar, father,sister,brother.with him and him only i can talk everything and share everything to him only.
    I am blessed and i am sure it is a karmic relationship that i meet him to become a better human being and help the humanity .
    Thank you Swamiji fir always being there.
    Om Gurudevo Namaha.

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