‘With great power comes great responsibility…’

Swamiji says …

” The informative pages of historical records are highlighted with the names of personalities who were very powerful. Some had the amazing ability to motivate and mobilize millions of their countrymen through the power of their speech. Some derived power from their thrones while others skilfully waged and won many a battle with either their sword or bow and arrows. History classifies these characters as heroes or villains. But how does it do this ? By looking at the manner in which these individuals wielded their power and strength. Was their approach towards their brethren human or inhuman ?”

“While some held sway over millions through their powerful oratory and were blessed with the gift of a unique ability to communicate with the hearts of the people who were addressed by them, they became leaders of great national movements and freed the teeming masses from the oppressive clutches of their ‘Masters’. At the same time, a few became despots and wielded a reign of terror in their country; ordering the massacre of thousands of innocent people. Power, strangely, has an effect so varied, so different on two individuals. “

” The festival of Lights – Diwali too reminds us of two opposing characters – on one side, the egoistical Ravan, who used his powers to kidnap Ma Sita from Shri Ram and wreak havoc on the world; and at the other end Lord Hanuman, who used his godly strength to only serve Shri Ram, and not to satisfy his personal wants and greed. It is Lord Hanuman who is worshipped reverentially for his service and devotion to Shri Ram ; and Ravan whose effigy is burnt on Dusshera.”

“Parmatma jis insaan ko joh power ; shakti dete hain…ussey achche, nek kaam mein lagana chahiye … Ussey misuse nahi karna chahiye ! Jab bhi jis insaan ko aise powers diye gaye hain, aur uss ne uss shakti ka galat istamaal kiya hai, ya misuse kiya hai, unhone vinaash aur anarth hi kiya hai!’ Absolute power corrupts ! Corrupts completely ! It corrupts the heart, mind and soul ! And this is what happens with the majority of us ! Rather than being in a state of eternal thankfulness to God for having considered us worthy and deserving enough to be bestowed with extraordinary, special powers of a particular kind, pertaining to a specific field ; the inflated ‘I’ – the insatiable ego within us, makes us heady with a false sense of superiority and one upmanship; when a dictatorial, megalomaniac attitude and the narcissistic streak in us, blurs our vision to see our imminent doom written clearly on the wall…as everything about us by then is convoluted and crooked. When the gift of this blessed power is misinterpreted and misused by us, it turns out to be nothing less than a curse, and, the end results only in destruction and devastation.”

” ‘Ishwar har ek ko aisi shakti, aise power ya talent se bless nahi kartein hain! Chand insaan hi aise hote hain jinhe bhagwan aise special powers se bless karte hain ! Apni kripa iss tarah se unpar barsaate hain ! ‘ Our Creator knows what we are made of and capable of doing ; and thus He blesses us with various abilities, skill sets and, at times, invests a few of us ; not all of us; with powers … rare, special and exclusive. With power rests greater responsibility of doing good, noble work; of harbouring a sensible mind; and it is here that caution, careful consideration and a conscious effort is needed to ensure that every action and decision taken by men of power and influence is aimed for a good cause; peace, progress and prosperity of mankind.”

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  1. Don’t abuse the power bestowed upon you… With Power comes huge responsibility and one should remember that always… Wonderful message… Thank you Swamiji🙏

  2. Use your bestowed power judiciously and for the good of others.

    Thank you Swamiji for your guidance.

    Happy Diwali to you. Grateful as always.

  3. Channeling the bestowed power for good cause is always blessed and recognized. Thank you Swamiji for enlightening us on this auspicious day… Jai Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha..

    1. Powers are bestowed upon us by God only.
      They have to be exercised with responsibility for they have been given to us with that expectation only. If not done so , the very same God can take them back also.
      Let’s remember that and act responsibly.
      There are innumerable examples of this in our scriptures.

      Pranam Swamiji 🙏

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