‘Apne bhitar ke andhere ko prakash se prajwalit karo… ‘

Swamiji says…

” The joy and happiness that we experience on lighting ‘diyas’ and lamps in our temples and places of worship, reverentially and lovingly, before God, is palpable; visible to all.The glow from the wicks – drives away the darkness that pervades the outer ‘baahri ‘ world ; illuminates and highlights the entire area with ‘prakash’ and a sight as beautiful as this is absolutely divine to behold ! So involved and immersed are we in lighting up the ‘outer’ world, that we fail to see whether our ‘inner’ being, too, the only Real thing about us – is lit up bright, bathed in divine light,or, is it still covered with dark sheaths of ignorance and impurities?”

” A minute or two without electricity, and we begin to feel uncomfortable. We immediately light a candle to dispel the surrounding darkness. So immediate is our reaction to the darkness in which we are engulfed, even if it is for a short period of time – that we hurriedly look for ways and means of lighting up that area of the external, outer world ! “Hum sab mandir mein ‘jyot’ jalate hain…Apne andar bhi toh jyot jalao ! Baahri jyot se hi kya hoga? Apne bhitar, apne hriday mein prakash, roshni, ‘parmatma’ ki jyot jalao ! Apne andar ke andhere ko bhi dur karo ! ‘Uss’ ko pehchaan ne ki koshish karo !’ I often wonder – ‘Why don’t we show the same urgency in dispelling the darkness that is within us?’ “

” The attempt made by us to kindle the flame of divinity, that is latent within us, will provide us with the required insight to discern between right and wrong ; good and bad…’ Humari soch achchi banegi ! Humare vicharon mein shudhta aur pavitrata aayegi, aur hum nek raaste par chalne ki koshish karenge! “

” The enchantment of the lights and glitter of the ephemeral material world have bewitched and blinded us so greatly that the thought …’ Hummey iss divine light ko apne andar utaarna hai aur prajwalit karna hai ! ‘ – is ,sadly, lost in its illusionary sheen and colours. ‘ Deep concentration and determination in making this divine light a part of ourselves should be our primary focus us, as, it alone, is eternal and everlasting ! When we try to do this with faith and devotion, our physical being too responds mysteriously to the call of our inner self, and assists us, by providing us with the strength to undergo this divine experience – ‘ Jab humare shareer, humari chhati mein yeh ‘ divya prakash’ andar atta hai, tab joh movement hota hai , woh hummey yeh divine ehsaas dilata hai ki paramatma humare andar utar rahe hain !’ “

” The onset of this awareness heralds the beginning of the cleansing and purification of our soul.The earlier we understand that apart from this ‘divinity’ there is nothing else that can go along with us, once we have breathed our last ; the possibility of changing our outlook towards life; the necessity of looking ‘inwards’, rather than ‘outwards’ ; takes a more definite shape.”

” We brag and boast about our friends, contacts, the who’s who we know; and do everything possible to reach out to them and vouch on our undying friendship, that we are certain, will withstand all odds. Unfortunately, many a friendship fail the test of time. But what about establishing a direct contact and connectivity with ‘Him’ …our Creator? Why don’t we make him our best friend ? ‘ Hum uparwale se direct contact kyun nahi kar rahein hain? ‘ Believe me, ‘ Woh joh taktaki lagaye hamesha humari oer dekhte rehte hain, bina mangey hi sab kuch dete rehte hain !’ – responds to every call of ours; is always ready, everwilling to be contacted by us. A genuine, small effort by us to contact Him is rewarded by Him in the form of unprecedented divine blessings.” But ‘No’ ! Most of us are not willing to do so, as it is not only pressing issues that demand our greater attention, but also, the desire to play the role of a distracted consumer ; wanting to enjoy and acquire everything that we lay our eyes on, eats into most of our time; and thus those moments to know ‘God’ and to take His name are decreasing by the day ! ‘ Insaan ko baahaar ki chamak dhamak hi dikh rahi hai… Bhed ki chaal chal rahe hain sab ! Kitna anand chahiye aaj kal ke youngsters ko? ‘ Some of us try to give a lame excuse by saying that we are too young to get involved with spiritual issues at such an early stage of our lives, and, save the ‘ aadhyatmik’ progression for a later day. Why do youngsters want to delay the most sublime and satisfying phase of their lives…’ Abhi se kyon koshish nahi karte hain apne andar paramatma ki jyot jalaane ke liye !”

” I am baffled by the attitude that is displayed by the majority of us towards God ! ‘ Iss sansaar, srishthi mein kuch ek ke alawa, baki sab cheezon ko enjoy karne mein lagey hain’ – due to which we are witnessing a sharp decline in the percentage of people who find it necessary to repose complete faith and devotion in God, and others foolishly opine that such dependency on Him is a sign of weakness. Youngsters, at times, are hesitant in acknowledging that they read scriptures and Holy Books as they are embarrassed by the strange looks that come their way for this ‘ peculiar’ habit of theirs ! And then we wonder as to why is God angry with us ? Won’t He be ; at the nonchalant, selfish attitude that we maintain towards Him and His creations?”

” There is an urgent need to understand that – ‘Parmatma ke prakash ki jyot jo hum ne apne andar utaari hai …’ is the richest resource ; the only real treasure that is worth acquiring in our lifetime ; the only valid license that will finally enable a divine merger between us and our Creator !”

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    1. Woh taktakai lagake hamari wait kar raha hai ..and we are not consious of it…what a tragedy.
      Thanks Swamiji for such a reminder.
      Pranam Swamiji 🙏

  1. What a beautiful message!!!
    The way we can’t bear outside darkness …. how come we are ok with the inside darkness.
    We exist because of what is inside us and still we are ignoring HIM !!!
    What a tragedy.
    Woh taktakai lagake hamari wait kar raha hai …and we are just not conscious of it. How foolish of us.
    Thanks Swamiji for such a reminder.
    Pranam Swamiji 🙏

  2. Swamiji ‘The Sadguru’ is the eradicator of our inside darkness.
    We are immensely blessed by His grace.
    Jai Gurudev.

  3. It’s Nandi that keeps on looking at Shiva , taktaki laga kar. That means it’s the job of a devotee to look at God ‘taktaki laga kar’
    But here it’s God Himself who is waiting for us ‘taktaki laga kar’ and we are ignoring Him..
    How foolish of us.

    Thanks Swamiji for such a beautiful reminder.
    Pranam Swamiji 🙏

  4. बलिहारी गुरु आपके गोविंद दियो मिलाए 🙏🏻 Thank you Swamiji. Pranaam Gurudev 🙏🏻

  5. The daily lamp-lighting ritual in the morning and evening symbolizes the cosmic force or Divine Light. We should perform this ritual by praying to God to dispel the ignorance (maya) within and give knowledge (gyaan).
    Knowledge removes ignorance just as light removes darkness.
    With Guru’s grace, we should be able to light the inner diyas on the path of enlightenment.

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