‘Sampatti ke saath, sanmati bhi honi chahiye’

Swamiji says ….

“Man is a dreamer! Ambitious, pushy, progressive and enterprising. But dream, he must ! In order to excel, to achieve, and to test himself beyond the limitations of his acquired intelligence and endurance levels – to achieve the impossible – to create a name for himself; to make an indelible mark in a particular field. Often, he remains wide awake as his unfulfilled dreams and aspirations deny him sleep – like that one last missing link; that one bright spark of genius; that one elusive, innovative gem of knowledge that he is unable to recapitulate; and stands as obdurately as a brick wall between him, and the attainment of his goal, that will bring him name, fame, wealth and recognition. A heady combination, indeed where affluence, appreciation and acclaim will walk along with him and be his constant companions!”

” Everything appears to be picture perfect for him so far! ‘Things certainly couldn’t get better than this!’, he says to himself, and beams with delight as he savours the sweet taste of success, and enjoys some well-deserved respite, and leisurely hours after years of perseverance. After all, he had used his intellect to reach a point in time when he could plan a life desired by him. But what needs to be closely watched now is whether ‘sampatti’ in abundance brings along with it ‘sanmati’ ? “

” And from then onwards it is totally up to him as to how sensibly and efficiently he is able to handle the materialistic blessings that are bestowed upon him by God. The situation in which he finds himself can undoubtedly be delicate in nature, as his temperament, emotions, actions and words from thence onwards, will speak loudly, and convey silently whether …’ Uss insaan mein sampati ke saath, sanmati bhi hai, ya sampati ke saath kumati aa gayi hai !’ Will the glitter of gold, the smell of fresh currency notes and sprawling acres of property; every material possession that belongs to him – blind him; make him less sensitive to the emotional and physical needs and requirements of others or will he show magnanimity, empathy and understanding towards the less fortunate ones ?”

” Henceforth, will his purpose in life only centre around ways by which he could earn more money and make profits or will he handle his money, finances and property with wisdom, a broader vision, and an equitable temperament? Will every penny be used for his personal comfort and growth, or will he also ensure that others – those who had helped him in his progress – grow along with him? Will he sip this life-changing potion of riches and wealth with grace and dignity, sharing the joy that it brings with others; or will he gulp it down greedily, all by himself, emptying the glass – fearful of sharing a drop with anyone, lest it reduces his joy ?”

” Monetary growth and material acquisitions …’ Zyada sampatti, kabhi kuch insaano mein ahankaar ki bhawna paida kar deti hai … jo achchi cheez nahi hai! Woh apne aap ko doosron se zyaada sampann samajhne lagte hain ! ‘ and very quickly develop a superiority complex – and look down on others, with disdain and distaste, as inferior beings. Do values, ethics and scruples merit the same respect that they had once awakened in us or do we compromise on them for our selfish gains? Is it easier to lie now? Is speaking the truth getting more difficult by the day? Are we willing to resort to any unfair, illegal means to get our personal or professional work done at the earliest? Money power gives us a false sense of confidence. We fall prey to its gullible nature very easily and indulge in wrong acts. Let us not make the mistake of hating our competitors, in various fields, to such an extent, that we are willing to get rid of them at any cost. Remember to share, distribute and willingly spend a part of your ‘sampati’ on pioneering work to help the aged, homeless, sick and dying.”

” ‘Yaad rakho, ‘sanmati’ ; ‘sampatti’ se bhi bada khazana hai ! “

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  1. So beautiful…
    Sanmati produces sampati. Vice versa isn’t true. Sampati produces Kumati , if it’s in excess.
    So we should always be conscious that our wealth shouldn’t go to our head.
    Let’s pray for Sanmati and sampati will follow in any case.
    Jai Gurudev.

  2. God created every being equal in all respects! Yet, if one mistakes oneself to be a separate individual – away and apart from the single, solid Reality which every one of us truly IS – one has to seek a Satsang…sache sant ka sang… which will help us release ourselves from the ‘illusion ‘ of separateness.
    We should pray God for this sanmathi only .
    Swamiji ke sri charanom me shat koti pranams!!!

    1. The greatness of man lies not in how much wealth he acquires but in his integrity and ability to positively impact those around him.

      Thank you Swamiji for your guidance.

      Grateful as always.

  3. मनुष्य के जीवन में संपत्ति होना आवश्यक है लेकिन उसके साथ सन्मति का होना अति आवश्यक है।

    Thank you Swamijee for enlightening us with pearls of wisdom !

    With Gratitude


  4. मनुष्य के जीवन में संपत्ति होना आवश्यक है लेकिन उसके साथ सन्मति का होना अति आवश्यक है।

    Thank you Swamijee for enlightening us with your pearls of wisdom.

    With Gratitude

    Puneet Vineet

  5. Om Gurudevo Namaha. Wonderful words of wisdom they mean a lot to me.Each and every word is so meaningful to me.As fish takes to water and cannot survive without it.In the same manner for me my Gurus words are life savers and eye opener.
    If we have Sanmati with the help of Guru who us always there to show us the path one can attain Sampati by using the brains properly and in the right direction.Sanmati and Sampati must go hand in hand.One should utilize everything very thoughtfully. Use your wisdom in earning in the right way and walk on the path of righteousness .Money which is earned by hard way you know how to care about it and u spend it usefully and in costructive things as one knows the value of money.but when one has excess money one needs to use the wisdom to utilize in a proper manner……. As i have been very sensitive since my childhood towards serving poor.I have seen my granny since my childhood and my mother also serving others As a part of family i was very lucky in learning values and imbibing in my life For me since i grew up servuce to others is srvice to God i have always been praying and serving the needy,as it gives me immense amount of pleasure and satisfaction in serving others and feel happy .
    To add more to my life i meet Swamiji as it was destined .After meeting him my life took a major shape. There started my human Revolution and as a person and i started learning all the more and keept on growing spiritually and more humanistic in life.All thanks to Swamiji.
    Without him i wouldn’t have ever grown in any ways.His blessings and Devine live has changed my life totally. I owe my gratitude to him
    Shath shath koti pranam.
    Om Gurudevo Namaha.

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