Swamiji’s Sandesh … ‘Kuch logon ko doosray ki thaali mein zyaada ghee dikhta hai …’


Swamiji says …

‘Desires … ambitions … goals are an inseparable part of Man. He is tempted and tantalized by the visions of a glorious life that he sees in his dreams. A life, which he is certain, is resplendent with happiness and one, that will be experienced by him, once he realizes his dreams, and achieves his goal – and this is what exhilarates him, keeps him going. Despite the gauntlet of challenges that these dreams and aspirations throw at him, calling out to him mockingly – ‘catch me if you can’ – he faces them readily, knowing that it is best to tackle them immediately, and realise them at the earliest, otherwise, they will unfailingly have an unsettling effect on his sense of inner peace. But he continues unabashed, and dares to dream. ‘Dream I must!’ – he says to himself.”

“It is essential to set goals and achievable targets for ourselves, as they make our lives purpose-filled, and we chase our aspirations with focus and single minded determination … ‘aur hum apne aap, apne sapno ko poora karne ka prayaas karte hain … apni mehnat se apni pehchaan banana chahte hain … aur aisa hi hona chahiye! Apne bal se apna naam banana chahiye ! ”

“We are thus motivated to dream the impossible – to reach for the stars, test our limits and are encouraged to make that one more attempt before accepting defeat. And as we strive to work diligently to realize our dreams, we must maintain the core values of life; keep life simple and straight and see for ourselves how enjoyable and rewarding it is then. The satisfaction of creating our own identity with perseverance and diligence is the most valuable possession that we can ever own, and we owe it to ourselves to ensure that nothing ever scars it. God has bestowed a lot on us, given us what is best for us and we should be grateful for His Grace. But then, are we thankful enough to Him or do the overpowering wants and needs of our bucket list make us buckle under the pressure of ‘I need some more?”

“Our downfall, however, begins when we aspire for something that we are incapable of achieving. Each one of us has a choice of making our lives either pleasurable or miserable. Dissatisfaction with one’s lifestyle and too many expectations from life make him look hither-tither, and in no time he begins enjoying what he sees on the other side of the fence. Shortly, he starts taking take great interest in other people’s accumulations and acquisitions – ‘aur tab woh ashaant rehne lagta hai !’ This restless attitude in us brings about a negative change in us- of being inquisitive in the other person’s personal wealth and possessions.”

“Our vision which could otherwise be blurred to this imperfection in us – of yearning for what belongs to others – acquires perfect clarity while looking at the other person’s platter, and we are tormented on seeing it overflow with exotica – everything imaginable and unimaginable – and more than what is needed for his plate and palate. And before we know it – ‘humari niyat doosron ke paise par lag jaati hai, aur humey doosron ki thaali mein zyaada ghee nazar aata hai…’ and from here begin our days of doom and gloom.”

“Time and energy that was earlier spent fruitfully in productive work, in earning money in an honest manner, is now ill – spent on hankering for the impossible, and planning and scheming evil designs by which one could get a hold and control on the other person’s wealth and property… ‘Kuch log doosron ki property ya paise ko hadapne ki koshish karte hain! Yeh aadat theek nahi hai! ‘ It doesn’t matter then as to whose material possessions or bank statements could be on the hit list! Parents, siblings, friends or acquaintances – everyone could be a target.”

“ In some cases relationships – the meaning and value of family ties – take a backseat once the mind is obsessed with the ‘excessive’ possessions of others – and then the worst possible thoughts begin to form in their mind… ‘ aur woh doosron ka anishtha chahane lagtey hai !’ They wish that their kith and kin meet their end soon, thus, making it viable for them to lay their hands on ‘their’ possessions as quickly as possible. ‘The earlier, the better!’ is the refrain echoed by them, at times, as they think of illegal ways and means by which they can stake ‘their’ claim on the assets of others, at the required time. Why should we allow such horrible thoughts to raise their ugly heads within us? Are we incapable of fending for ourselves and for our loved ones? Rather than wasting time by …’ parivaar ke doosre sadasyon ki dhan-sampatti par nazar rakhne ke bajaye’ – can’t we fulfil our wishes by working hard ? Is wishing ill for others the only way out ? Could anything else cause God greater sorrow than to see His creation sink to the lowest depths of inhumanity by thinking on such lines?”

“The large sums of money that one had whimsically taken from his near and dear ones in the form of a loan, to present a deceptively false image of himself to the world, which he needs to return to the creditors later – is conveniently forgotten by him, and he pockets it without any qualms. Promises of returning the money within a specific time period are broken repeatedly, and one lie leads to another. Greed, jealousy and craving for more lead us, at times, to a point of no return…’ Apni aadaton ko sudhaaro ! – before  you become slaves to a habit as obnoxious as this, and become repeat offenders.”

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    1. The satisfaction of creating our own identity by perseverance and diligence is the most valuable possession that we can ever own, and we owe it to ourselves to ensure that nothing ever scars it…. what a beautiful phrase… with Swamiji’s blessings and guidance, let us try to own the valuable possession and enjoy the purpose of this life.. Jai Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha

  1. The guru is both external & internal .from the exterior ,he gives push to the mind to turn it inwards .
    From the interior ,he pulls the mind towards SELF and helps queitning of the mind .


    om Swamy ajay gurudevaya namaha .

  2. In today’s materialistic world, we run for every glitter and try hard to accumulate as much as possible, however, there should be limits to aspirations.
    Jai Gurudev

    1. Om Gurudevo Namaha. Its so beautifully explained.The Grass on the other side of the court always seem to be green.It is human nature that one is never satisfied with his own belongings. In todays high technical world the lust of acquiring things what others have is a competition going .If he has why cant i have,but one does not realise the limitations of things he has .one thing the Guruji /Swamiji has taught is self realization and self contentment.How fortunate I have been to be the part of this divine darbar.I have learnt one major thing in this life time is self control,the realization that what i posses is more than enough.What i posses today is more than Required .In reciprocation to his love,teachings and personal guidance i have learnt to become more spiritual and more compassionate. I have learnt to give away what i have learnt and spread the word to human race thats not all, the sewa bhav,the concern for people and living beingsn has increased. It has totally changed my perspective of life .Which in redurn has helped to stand out from other people. I have my own identity which i already had as a teacher but know it is a different kind of identity. The identitybof being self contented person.
      I have experienced all that glitters is not gold.we are gold ourselves and our heart is also of gold we all just need to tap our potential and work on it instead of looking at others and running behind them when we do so we tend to fall in the ditch and are total failures. So it is always good to work on our instincts and potential as we have been blessed by Swamijis Devine love and grace.When we do so we always excell in life and never be disappointed and discontented .So look at your self and be happy withbwhatvyou have as Swamiji is omnipotent and is always besides us to help us to walk on the correct path.
      My heartfelt gratitude to Swamiji for such a wonderful and amazing teaching.love you Swamiji from the core of my heart you are my inspiration,my God My Guru.You mean the world to me.
      Jai Jai Gurudev .

  3. सपनों की उड़ानों के पीछे भागते भागते मनुष्य जीवन के मूल लक्ष्य से ही भटक जाता है ।
    अगर वो जीवन में उचित एक लक्ष्य बनाकर चले तो वो उसे हासिल हो जाता है ।
    स्वामीजी की जय

  4. Thank you Swamiji for such an eye opening and self awakening thought. Thank you Swamiji for showering your blessings upon all of us.

  5. Set realisable targets aligned with your abilities, work dexterously to achieve them and be satisfied with what you attain. No point in being covetous. This will only lead to misery.

    Thank you Swamiji for your guidance.

    Grateful as always.

  6. “Be thankful for what you have, you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never ever have enough.” – Oprah Winfrey.

  7. This article is extremely deep and extremely valuable.
    Can this be written in exact words of Swamiji?

    I am thirsty for the exact words and sentences of Swamiji…i want to hear His voice…it happens when it is written in those words of Hindi…those few words and sentences which you are writing it as it is..Plz ..do it more…plz keep maximum words and exact sentences in Hindi of Swamiji…it retains the sweetness…it’s simplicity…
    I don’t know if am able to express my feeling and needs here?
    The translation in English is little too complex ( with all the respect for the wonderful job being done by the guru bhai or guru bahan who is doing it)
    plz do not take my words other wise…
    Love you all..
    Love you Swamiji..

  8. Jai Gurudevo Namaha How true the grass on the other side of the court always seems to be green.We are never satisfied with what we have the lust of the things keeps on attracting us and without realizing we run after it.Why?Its because of the high norms of society and the competitive world which is running fast because of the technology. As a result we fall into the ditch of hell .Where are life codition becomes full of missery,dissatisfaction,disappointed,hopelessness and many other conditions. We are extremely fotunate to have a compassionate Guru/Swamiji what ever you call. For me he is my Saviour whobis always besides me to show me the correct path.With all his articles,gyan and siksha imparted everytime has worked as a boon for me during this period of pandemic.
    It have realized we are fools who keep on running after materialistic things.If you see todays situation what we are doing is very simple.As a child of him i have become very sensitive to certain issues,grown on spirituality and realized that what i have with me is more than my requirements. Which has really changed my perspective of life by being more generous,compassionate by the devine grace of my dearest Swamiji. I have totally changed as a human being who is satisfied with what i have.
    During this petoid i also learned to ho out of my way to help the others by sharing what ever i read related to spirituality which inturn ignites my spirit to learn all the more and be humble to nature,respect nature.
    Believe me we all are blessed as Swamiji is always showering his blessings on us.As we all are blessed by him as his children.please learn to appreciate whatever you have and be contented with it instead of comparing with others.When we learn to appreciate we are much happier .
    Never forget Swamiji is omnipotent and he is always present with all of us and keeps on guiding us time to time.He is God,my true Guru,my world whos each and every word matters to me a lot without his permission and blessings i would not like to move and do anything for me his word is the last word .

    Atlast let me put it very simply All that glitters is not gold so always be happy with what you have because if youvrun in the rat’s race you are bound to be caught and mislead.Which will result in failure and dissatisfaction in life.

    Thank you Swamiji for your humble words and beautiful teaching .its amazing i owe my gratitude to u for opening our gyananandris one more time
    With lots of love your daughter.

  9. We must achieve our goals with our honest efforts. This gives us immense peace and satisfaction.
    Thank you Swamiji for your guidance. Pranaam Gurudev 🙏🏻

  10. Comparing with others can take our valuable time and moments away. It’s a waste of time. However we may try, but we cannot change our karma to give us our karmaphala. Instead, seek the blessings of Guru and take the divine ‘naam’ that can change life. We should try to grow from within. We should just be happy for the success of others. Be motivated, not competitive.
    Asteya ( अस्तेय) is considered as one of five major vows of Hinduism and Jainism. It is the sanskrit word for ‘non-stealing’. One must not steal nor have the intent to steal other’s property through action, speech and thought.
    As real devotees of Swamiji, we all should try hard to follow each and every sandesh given by Him.
    Jai Gurudev 🙏🙏🙏

    1. Beautiful message.
      Our journey of achieving our goals should be as enjoyable as the joy of reaching the target. That will come only if our means are pure and also the targets are benign.
      Jai Gurudev

  11. Everyone is born with his own great capabilities and instead of nurturing his own capabilities, he tries to do what looks good to him in others…. which is nothing but foolishness…. he can achieve much more if he tried to grow himself than wasting time on concentrating only on what the others are achieving…. as truly said by swamyji eventually it makes the mind negative and you lose focus from your own welfare and growth. Try to change the negative things around you to positive things. It may change the negative person and make him positive too.

    Humans should have a discipline life and respect the money others have borrowed to him in need. They should not take things or people for granted. Respect people who help you in need.

    These are very beautiful preaching by swamyji that we all should learn and apply in our day to day lives.

    Thank you Swamyji… Om Swamy Ajay gurudevaya namaha

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