‘Apni galtiyon se seekho!’

Swamiji says …

” ‘What ! A mistake made by me. No, no, no! It is simply not possible for me to make a mistake !’ I retort smugly; displaying a misplaced self-confidence, that the likelihood of making lapses – does not exist in a rare gem like me; but, is most definitely virulent in my foolish brethren, and I so enjoy the pleasure of seeing them goof up. ‘But I am not like them ! ‘ I reassure myself, with the right amount of conceit.”

“ It is not very difficult for most of us to visualize a scene like this in which we thought that we were better than the rest.”

“Self – opiniated that we are, we have placed ourselves on a pedestal – to which only few are worthy of being elevated to, by us – confident that we are infallible, incapable of making mistakes. Just think rationally for a second! Is it really possible for any of any of us to live a life devoid of errors ? Is it possible that we can go through life without making any blunders?”

“Mistakes and man have ages old relationship. All of us have made mistakes, and in all probability will continue making them repeatedly, if we remain blind to them. It is normal to make mistakes. Human tendency is such. But the main problem arises when we fail to acknowledge that an aberration has been made by us, and refuse to learn from it ! Our rigidity to disallow any change in us – will only lead to a futile, blind replay of our earlier foolish behaviour ! Will the fruits of such an attitude be beneficial in any way? Why should we be in a state of self-denial and not muster the courage to accept that we too make mistakes easily – without thinking twice about what we are doing or saying?”

” ‘ You have made a mistake! What you had done was not right ! You had said that ! You shouldn’t have done so.’ These words have been said to us by someone or the other, and we have been at the receiving end of these words during different phases of our life – childhood, adolescence and adulthood. But our spontaneous, instinctive reaction on being checked or corrected by others is, at times, aggressive – as we believe that we have been cornered and are unnecessarily being accused of wrong-doing. Instead of interpreting this honest criticism in a positive, gainful manner; we remain adamant and stick to our point and feebly resort to the age old and most convenient form of verbal defence – ‘I didn’t do that. I didn’t say that. There is nothing wrong in what I did ! I refuse to accept it !” – and this refusal to accept our wrong-doing is our biggest weakness.”

“We are unable to simply say, ‘I’m sorry. I made a mistake.’ These apologetic words accepting our mistakes seem to get lodged in our throat as our false sense of pride holds us back, fearful that we would feel small in acknowledging the fact that we had erred.”

” Remember – ‘To err is human’ and one who accepts his mistake and realises that he has erred – has done or said something, knowingly or unknowingly, that has hurt someone – turns it to his advantage smartly, as he learns a lesson for life from it, and is filled with determination not to repeat it. A person with intent like this will definitely progress in life, as he is able to overcome his weakness, his handicap. ‘Insaan jab apni galti ko mahsoos karta hai, aur galti ko maanta hai, tabhi woh aage badh sakta hai! ‘One’s ego should never come in the way of acknowledging- ‘Yes, I made a mistake.’

“We should in fact be grateful to those who draw our attention to our drawbacks and try to help us turn into better versions of ourselves. A change in our perception and acceptance of the fact that we are imperfect and fallible can work wonders in making us see our mistakes as life lessons. A genuine attempt should be made by us to spend some time in isolation, introspecting about ourselves – our strengths and weaknesses. Self-analysis is always helpful as, irrespective of how hard we try, we cannot turn our eyes away from what is written clearly on the wall – to be seen by all, and by us. Yes, we had made a mistake and it is normal for all of us to falter, fumble and fall , and now is the time to stop, to halt, to check and prevent ourselves from repeating our mistakes, mindlessly.”

” We should not accept the hold that this weak habit of making mistakes has over us and acquiesce to its mastery over us. It needs to be uprooted from our system at the earliest. We need to get into correction mode immediately, and recognize and accept the ugly flaws and imperfections that were a very comfortable part of our personality till very recently. An earnest endeavour must be made by us to relate and personally identify with the consequences of the countless mistakes that have been made by us. Were people hurt in the process ? Did others have to suffer on our account ? Just try to experience fractionally – the varied reactions, responses and emotions of hurt, pain, anguish and hopelessness that our mistakes could have caused others ! What is the point in feeling like a worm, juvenile and selfish unless we firmly resolve to change ourselves, by not submitting to those unguarded moments when we end up doing as we desire, uncaring about the consequences and the impression that we form of ourselves on others. One can understand that it is not easy to learn from one’s mistakes , but believe me, your mistakes can be your greatest teachers too ! “

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  1. Thank you Swamiji for teaching us the most important lesson of life!!!!!
    Om Shri Swami Ajaye Gurudevaye Namah 🙏🙏💐💐

  2. Human being is made up of errors, but we should learn with each mistake and emphasis not to repeat this weaker attitude.
    Jai Swamiji

  3. True words… Accept your short comings, work on it, stay humble and perform good deeds to succeed in God’s vision.. Jai Swami Ajay Guru Devaya namaha..

  4. Beautiful and a very important message has been given by our Guruji which is very much true. We should accept our mistakes. Accepting and saying sorry will stop us from repeating the same mistake again ana again 🙏🙏 Jai Guruji 🙏🙏🌹🌹

  5. Har bar apki kripa bani hai.. Har bar galti karke hum phir se samhal kar agey badh payein hain..

    Apki kripa ho toh insaan sudhar sakta hai. . Apki shakti ne hi hamien atmawlokan aur atmotsah se paripurna kiya hai. .

    Apki sada jai ho..
    Apki kripa sab par bani rahe. .

    Param pita, param adarniya swamiji ko kotisha pranam. .

  6. To grow in your lives you have to make mistakes and also learn from them. You will be heading for your downfall if you aren’t receptive to the right feedback which may hint at your limitations.

    Thank you Swamiji for your guidance.

    Grateful as always.

  7. When you make a mistake, three things one must do ;
    a. Admit it
    b. Learn from it and
    c. Don’t ever repeat it

    Thanks you Swamijee for everything.
    Gratitude 🙏

  8. Om Gurudevo Namaha. What a wonderful message at this point of time.After meeting to you and constant guidance I have never ignored them .I have always taken your teachings and preachings very seriously and have always applied in my life which has really brought a tremendous change in my behaviour,attitude,personality. It reflects that I have God always walking with me and is always besides me all the moment. That god ,parbrabhma,parmeshwar,Sai.is no one else it is you my dearest and nearest Swamiji.You are always very close to my heart and soul.In these few years when ever I have done something wrong I always apologize and try to learn the lesson from the blunder I had created.you have always taught me how to come out of such situations and I have always realized and implemented in my life.Today what I am and what I was is totally different. Today I can proudly say.i have totally changed with Swamijis teachings. I have learnt lot of things from you.there is infinite things which I have learned from you and has made me different from others.
    I have learnt how to be patient,developed endurance,listening power,speaking good which is Madhur Vani ,tolerance and i dont know how many qualities to mention because of your Devine grace and blessings. I can write number of pages about your gyan,Mahima,shanti,Shakti,premium,saadbhawna and so many more.
    U r my ultimate palanhara and Rakhwara. Without you i would have been impossible as u are my source of life.
    Dhanyawad Swamiji.
    Guru kripa.jai Gurudevo Namaha

  9. When we are criticised we must pause and ponder.
    We should humbly correct if we feel we were wrong and laugh it away if we feel others are mistaken as they didn’t understand our viewpoint.
    Pranam Swamiji 🙏

  10. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s a natural part of the human condition, and no one is perfect. So, it is better to figure out how to fix the problem.
    We should pray to the Almighty God to heal us from our shortcomings. Surrender ourselves before God through heartfelt prayers and good karma. Always firmly believe we have the power to heal which is within us only. Deep prayer shall definitely bring result.
    With the blessings of our beloved Swamiji, we should try to take the right path always.

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